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Microsoft has changed the name of Hotmail to outlook in 2013, but we can still Hotmail sign up through the new website. And the users who have old accounts can enter their mail through new To log in, they’ll just need to enter their email address and password. In this tutorial, we will help you with Hotmail Login and sign up steps, and access your account.

Outlook email, earlier known as also known as MSN Hotmail is one of the most popular email services. This service is a part of Microsoft’s products, so having an Outlook account or Hotmail account will provide access to various other services provided by the company.  Hotmail login allows us access to the Hotmail inbox with which we can send, receive and manage emails. Hotmail sign in allows us to access Microsoft services, one drive, skype etc. Hotmail login is now upgraded and is now known as Outlook mail. You can log in to Hotmail email from any source like smart TV, tabs, desktop, smartphones etc.

Creating an account in Hotmail is a very simple task provided you have certain details like your phone number, personal data, a password and a secondary number or email for recovery information. Here you go, below is a detailed guide about how to create a Hotmail account.

Sign up Hotmail Account
Sign up Hotmail Account guide

A Step by step guide to create a Hotmail Account:

We all know the main means of accessing Hotmail is the one which works through the web by accessing to the official page but the great thing is that you can access it through mobile phones and PC with Windows, Linux, macOS as well, you can follow the same steps for creating your account on your android, IOS or any other system.

  1. Visit the official page: that is which will redirect you to the Outlook login page. Select “Create free account” and fill in the details.
  2. Select account name: put in your email address. There are multiple email addresses you can choose from, it can be either, or Do keep in mind that the email address with which you are trying to sign up should not be taken by someone else. If you choose the email address which is already taken, you won’t be able to continue the process. It will recommend you to choose a different username or email address, in this case, use a new username.
  3. Choose a password: we all know the importance of creating a secure password to prevent account login from hackers, choose a password that will be difficult to guess by others. Make the password unique by using the combination of letters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase, symbols in your password. If you’re someone who has a hard time remembering their password, you can use password manager which is an application used to get all your passwords saved on one application to access it anytime.
  4. After entering your password, enter your first and last name then proceed further
  5. Fill in the remaining details like your birth date. There will be a captcha to verify that you are a real person, select the elements which you’ll be asked to identify.

That’s it! Hotmail account is successfully created now you’ll be directed to the outlook inbox.

Learn how to Login Hotmail and access your email account

How to Login Hotmail?

There are many services out of which you can log in to the Hotmail email page like it can be your phone, computer, android and IOS. However, the web browser is the most commonly used way to log in to Hotmail email.

Let’s see to the step-by-step guide for how to access your Hotmail inbox or the new

  1. Login to and press the login button or you can directly access the login page through the old site which is
  2. Fill in the required details that are your name, email or phone and proceed further. Enter the password to access your account and then press the blue login button.
  3. If the entered data is accurate, you’ll be taken to your Hotmail email inbox.

Access Hotmail inbox

To access your outlook or Hotmail email inbox, login to the service then you’ll be taken to the list of emails received which is also known as “inbox”.

  1. To login to your Hotmail account, you will have to log in to this link
  2. Then enter your email address, proceed further, enter your password and press the “Login” button. Then you will be directed to the inbox of your Outlook email.

Below the inbox option, there are other various buttons too, let’s know about them as well:

  • Junk Mail– Hotmail: Its main purpose is to detect SPAM messages. It will stop all unwanted messages, advertisements for which you haven’t signed in. Any unknown email sent to you will be shown in the junk mail. This makes it easier for the user to distinguish the spam mails.
  • Drafts – The emails which you leave halfway without sending it or the incomplete email will be saved in drafts. You can access these incomplete emails here in the drafts section and can continue writing or delete them if you don’t want them anymore. We have all been in a hurry to even complete our mails sometimes, so the drafts section is quite helpful to get back from where we had left the mail. It not only saves our time but also helps in continuing the message.
  • Sent Items – The emails sent by you to your contacts will be shown in the sent items. You can look through all the emails sent by you in one list, you may delete it permanently but that won’t get deleted from the recipient’s inbox. To get a clear view of how many and to whom you have mailed recently, you can easily keep a track of your emails in the sent items section.
  • Deleted Items – The emails that you delete gets stored here in this section, so when you delete something by mistake, you can look into this section to restore your email. When we delete certain emails, then later on we regret doing so. But this feature is so helpful when you can look through your deleted emails and analyse if you want to restore certain mails, you can access it in the deleted items section.

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Log in into Hotmail account with mobile application

Microsoft has designed a specific application to access mails, which we can install on our device be it android or IOS. Let’s see how to go about it:

  1. Go to google play store and download Microsoft Outlook onto your phone.
  2. Get started and log in with your email address and password.
  3. Sign in to access your inbox.

This is a straightforward way of accessing the Hotmail service. Another option is that you access it directly through the web page as mentioned below.

To access the hot mail service through your phone, first, we need to open chrome on your android phone. Then type the web address of Hotmail that is into the URL bar, we can also use the new website that is both will redirect to the same page. Further select sign in and enter your email address followed by your password. You’ll be directed to your Hotmail inbox and now you can manage your emails through your phone

Benefits of Hotmail application

  • It’s free of cost and easily accessible.
  • It provides windows navigation facilities
  • Instant communication with friends and family.
  • 15 GB of data upload available on OneDrive.
  • You can add items to OneDrive–where you can add your files when you don’t have internet data and later on when you have data the download of the added files will resume.
  • One can view new messages with no data or WIFI since it is updated on your cell phone
  • You’ll be notified on your cell phone whenever you add something new in the entry box
  • You can create your personal to-do list and organise your contacts by accessing the Outlook calendar
  • You can read, write and type messages offline.
  • Free access to all Microsoft tools.

Access Hotmail with a third-party mail provider

If you want to access your Hotmail account on a third-party client developer like Apple Mail or Thunderbird, if you face difficulty while signing in, then try to manually arrange the mailbox by using the following IMAP parameters.

  • Server Name:
  • IMAP Port: 993
  • IMAP Encryption Method: TLS
  • Server Name:
  • Animal:587
  • Encryption Method: STARTTLS

Visit the Microsoft website for a more detailed explanation.

Hotmail Login Issues

There may be many issues faced while logging in. Usually, a problem occurs when you forget your password or your email address, there is a way to recover it if you had assigned recovery information while creating your account. Let’s look into some of the most common issues faced by people:

  • Logging in on another device: helps in detecting suspicious login activity if one tries to log in from another device.
  • You can’t get the security code: if you don’t remember any details for verifying your identity, go to reset the password, enter your email address and then click on the option “I do not have any of these tests”. Then follow the steps to recover your account.
  • Profile blocked: Outlook blocks have compromised usage guidelines. You’ll need to follow the verification steps by SMS to regain access.
  • Forget everything: If you don’t remember your account details and can no longer open your account then reach out to Microsoft through this link:
  • Account locked for a 30-day period: In case Microsoft detects your account was compromised, it will ask you to change the security and recovery information of the account. After this, a security period of 30 days will initiate before you log in again.
  • Forgot password or email: If you have a problem like a password error when you try to access your account, you can simply apply to reset your password by accessing the link after which you will need to mention recovery information.

Hotmail Security Advices

We all are well aware of how serious the problem of accounts getting hacked by some evil hackers is, but we should be cautious about our login information and especially the password of the account. To prevent such situations, let’s have a look at some advice that may help us keep our account safe and secure.

  • Update your password regularly.
  • When you are accessing your account on someone else’s device or a public device, make sure that you close the tab once done with your work or else someone else can see through your emails without your consent.
  • Always keep your antivirus active and updated as it may help in detecting malicious programs that collect sensitive information like passwords.
  • Make sure that the page where you enter your data is the official one: Microsoft’s email service can be accessed only through their official addresses which are:,,,, If you are using any webpage other than these mentioned ones, then maybe you’re on the wrong site.

These were some pieces of advice that can help you keep your account secure, enjoy the service that Microsoft provides us free of cost.

Benefits of Creating a Hotmail account

We have many options when it comes to creating a Hotmail account, while each alternative has its own benefits to offer like yahoo, google etc. While Google offers some additional benefits while creating a Gmail account, similarly Outlook also has its own benefits to offer, let’s look at them in brief:

  • Provides complimentary accounts to its users.
  • Excellent spam filtering software application.
  • User interface is easy to understand.
  • Users can create personal folders which offer detailed management.
  • 15 GB of free storage on OneDrive which is Microsoft’s cloud storage.
  • Easy access to windows store, if you have windows phone or windows 10 then you can download programs by logging in with your new Outlook email account.
  • You can access Microsoft’s online office suite which helps in editing your documents as we do it with desktop programs like Excel, Word etc.


Hoping you got a better understanding of the Hotmail account creating process. Always remember to keep your account safe as discussed above and take advantage of the service provided by Microsoft. The guide was for people who have no knowledge about how to create an account, why to create an account and how it would benefit them. All these questions and more are being discussed in this article to make the entire process of creating an account easier for you. 

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