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Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks, but many people had not used this amazing app till now. If you are one of them, then yes, this article is for you. Have you ever thought of creating a new Facebook account or you are just curious to know about it? Maybe you have not used it and wanted to use it for marketing or your business or you are just a student who wants to be socially updated with every social media platform. In this guide, we’ll help you Facebook Sign Up or Create New Account and log in account on your computer, mobile, and apps.

Even if you are using it regularly, but want to customise your account for better use. Well, in the case of Facebook sign up, this article will help you use  like a pro and to make the most out of it by creating an account. In this article, we will show you how you can make your account step by step, even a newbie can create a new Facebook account. If you’re an IT student, you should visit Certlibrary to find free IT certification exams resources, tests and preparation material.

Facebook Sign Up - - Create Account

Opening Facebook Sign Up Page on Your PC

Opting for directly opening the website will save a lot of your time, via the website by just entering  Apart from this, there are 2 other ways with which you can open a Facebook sign up page.

  • First is signing up directly with the respective search engine like Google, Safari, etc. With this you just need to type the name “”. The results for this word will pop on your screen and by clicking on the first results in the Google search, the Facebook website with the cover page will be loaded. 
  • The second method differs from the first one. This method can be termed as ‘Facebook sign up using the URL’ in this you can directly type the address  the address should be written correctly, after clicking the enter button, then this address will directly lead you to the cover page of the Facebook. 

Opening Sign Up Facebook on Your Mobile

  • Accessing from the cell phone is one of the easiest ways ever. You can either try the above ways, such as signing in with the help of a search engine by writing the name or using the URL to quickly open the FB homepage.
  • You can also access your Facebook account on a cell phone by installing the Facebook application on your device, this can be done in just a few steps. Go to the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android), search for the application, and click on Install. 
  • There are also a few more options for the same app, which can be downloaded on a cell phone. If your phone is having a shortage of data, you can even download Facebook lite, which works the same as the FB app. It will not only save your data but also save your time and energy. 
  • Then, after getting into the application, you can log in directly through the app just by clicking on the app. You don’t even need to fill up the information every time you are logging in.

Information to be provided for creating an new Facebook account

At this step, information is to be entered, you have to fill in your main details, which include your name with your middle and last name.  

You also need to enter your date of birth; remember you should be at least 13 years old to sign up on Facebook. You also need to enter your gender. 

Then you have to secure your password. Sometimes your password does not match the security criteria, so you need to add more characters that mostly combine the upper, lower-case letters and numbers. 

Then, after this you need to click on the ‘create an account’ option. This stage is one of the most important to secure your data on Facebook. At this stage, you have to confirm your email address or phone number, for confirming the email, you must click the link which you will receive on your email, and for confirming the phone number, you must enter the code which you will receive from Facebook

When you are finally done with that, you have to click on the green button or the ‘create account’ button to proceed further. 

Steps Continues [Facebook Signup]

Main steps to be continued- 

After completing the sign-up Facebook shows you more options which are given below- 

  • Find your friends- This step is not mandatory. You can even skip this by tapping on the skip option, but if you are interested in following up with your friends, family, or any close person, then you can opt for this option. Friend requests can be sent by tapping the friend request button in front of their profile so that you get connected to them virtually.

There are mainly three ways to find friends on Facebook, you can navigate friends on the search bar (even if you don’t know the entire name of the person). The second is by searching their entire name from the search bar. The third is just by adding their relevant information such as university or location so that you can find the relevant results. 

But for the sake of privacy, you should go for safeguard privacy. When this option is turned on, it safeguards your privacy. Limiting an unknown account you don’t know or have mutual friends from contacting you.

  • Additional information- This step is not mandatory as well, but for making your profile more attractive and for creating an impression that you are the right person using the Facebook account, then you need to fill up some additional boxes. First, update where you are currently living. The current city is to be filled so that your friends can stay updated with your activities. You may want to write about where you were born, it can be the same one as the current city and can differ too, depending upon your preference.   

You also need to update where you are currently studying or if you have completed your studies, then you need to write the name of your school and university. If you are a working professional or run a business, besides this, you should also write your company name. 

After filling up all the necessary details, you might be asked to add your profile picture, you can add the picture by taking a selfie, by clicking on the take a photo button or you can just ‘upload a photo’ from your gallery. 

Final Step to complete your Facebook Signup

After you have done all the above steps, a new page will pop up on your screen which will ask you to confirm your profile and after confirming the account, there are two ways with which you can secure your data that is by confirming your email or by confirming by your phone number. 

Below are both the ways of how you can confirm your account- 

Confirming the account by phone number-  

In this, you need to fill up your phone number in the confirmation box, then you will receive a text message, this code must be written exactly in the box on the Facebook page as you just need to copy the code and just confirm the account, that’s all. 

Confirming the account by email- 

In this, you need to fill up the mail in the confirmation box, then you will receive a link, which will confirm your FB account sign up, after clicking that link your account will get confirmed with a single tap. 

Creating a Facebook profile can be a daunting and time-consuming task, but with the above-mentioned ways, you will face no issues while creating an account on Facebook. 

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How to Login Facebook

Firstly, you need to open up the browser (safari for Apple and Google for Android). 

Then, you need to enter  or the exact URL on the search box, then press enter. After this, you will be directed to the website homepage of Facebook, for opening your account, you need to enter your email and password, after clicking enter you will be directed to your Facebook profile and enjoy the features of Facebook online.

Tip: Entering your email id and password every time you log in can be a time-consuming task for sure. You can either save the password on your Google Chrome browser so that you log in without the credentials required or the ‘remember me’ option will do the job.

Facebook Homepage / Facebook Main Page

  • Every time you log in to Facebook online, you will be directed to the profile page or youcan directly click on the name to view your profile. Here, you will also find the search bar where you can make use of it and the results will be displayed on the search bar.  
  • On the topmost part of the page are the Messenger icon and the notifications button from where you see each activity, notifications or friend requests you receive on your profile.
  • FB allows users to publish content; be it images, videos or write a FB post that can be shared with the world.

Facebook Shortcuts

The left side of Facebook shows you several options:

  • First is the messenger where you can view the messages that have been sent to you. 
  • The second one is the news, where you can see the list of the publications and latest activities of your friends. 
  • The events shortcut notifies you of the dates and timings for the particular events which you have scheduled.  

Also, a point to be kept in mind is that this configuration can be different depending on your profile and can differ from device to device. 

How To Post On Facebook

How You Can Upload On Facebook-

The first and foremost step is to choose the type of post you would be sharing, that can be a status, image or video.

Once you are done uploading images or videos, select the post button so that your content is visible among your friends. There are three options: upload photo/video, webcam, or create an album.

After this, you will see a dialogue box which has a blank space and the browse button. If you are doing it on a PC, you can click on the computer’s button where your files are saved. Then, click on the post to finish the process.


This is one of the most important concerns of users, it is one of the most critical things to start with. You can do this with only a few easy steps. To view and even change the privacy policy, you need to click the arrow in the upper right corner and the privacy is shown in the sidebar menu. 

The given below options are the ones which you can opt for while choosing the best privacy settings:

  • You can keep privacy on who can see your posts- In this, you can keep privacy on your profile with which none person can view your posts without your permission. 
  • You can choose who can see and find your profile- In this, you can even decide who can see your profile, can view your emails and phone number, or even can access the profile.
  • You can even keep an eye on which ad you want to look at and which one you don’t, this can be changed in the ad settings. You can even decide whether an advertiser can use your information or not. Apart from this, you can even edit and create your interest categories so that your viewers can get much information about you. 
  • Not only for the advertisers you can even decide which information you want to show to your profile visitors and friends. This can be your hobbies, address, contact information, etc.  

Final Words

By utilizing this guide, you can create a well-optimized Facebook account for yourself. Social media is one of the most indispensable parts of our life. And Facebook is one of its milestones.  Let us know in the comments, which feature of Facebook you like the most and why?

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