10 Must-have Xiaomi Mi 11 Tricks

The Xiaomi Mi 11 is the Chinese company’s top phone for the first half of the year. A team that has many ballots to become one of the most interesting premium smartphones on the market during 2021, thanks to features such as its attractive design or a curved SuperAMOLED screen, the first level to enjoy all kinds of content. To get more out of this, we have prepared this list of the best Xiaomi Mi 11 tricks and tips to use this smartphone effectively, and know many hidden settings and features.

If you are thinking of buying this model or you already have it and want to know first hand the most interesting Xiaomi Mi 11 tricks, we bring you a selection of ten of them to improve the performance and possibilities of this terminal.

List of the best tricks for the Xiaomi Mi 11

As always in these cases, mobile is like a Swiss army knife of which we usually only use a small part of all its possibilities. Either because we do not like to tinker in its settings or because we have not noticed, it is common that we miss many features that are not visible to the naked eye.

This Xiaomi Mi phone has many simple tricks and shortcuts that can help us to further improve its performance. We have made a selection of some of the ones that we find most powerful to make your experience with the mobile 11.

List of best Xiaomi Mi 11 Tricks

1. Find the Macro Sensor

This is something I can’t explain. The macro sensor is one of those that make up the main camera of the Xiaomi Mi 11, but for some reason, it has not been given much importance. In fact, it may go unnoticed. The logical thing is that it would be within the camera modes, but it is neither in the main nor the More menu.

In fact, to access it you can only find it if you are inside Photo mode and clicking on the menu of the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner. In any other mode, it disappears completely, and I find it an interesting feature for taking detailed shots. It’s also not one of the options that are automatically activated in AI smart mode, so you’re left with just activating it manually.

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2. Organize the Camera Modes of the Xiaomi Mi 11 to Your Liking

If the previous point did not please me at all, I find this one really useful. This is the option to sort and choose the camera modes that will appear on the main screen of the app. Just go to the More tab and then click on the square button at the top. Once in the Customize menu we click Feature Design and choose the modes we are going to use the most. A trick of the Xiaomi Mi 11 simple that may go unnoticed at first.

This menu is also reached via the icon with three horizontal stripes, Settings, Customize, and Function Design.

3. Play With the Display Options of the Xiaomi Mi 11

The Xiaomi Mi 11 has what is one of the best displays on the market today. With SuperAMOLED technology for deeper blacks and more vibrant colors and a resolution up to WQHD+, the enjoyment in movies, series, and games is multiplied. Of course, by default, you will not enjoy all its possibilities. To save battery, there are some settings that are not activated and others that do not work at full capacity.

To access these settings of the Xiaomi Mi 11, simply open the Settings panel and then the Display panel. The first setting that interests us is the screen resolution. By default, you’re going to find it at Full HD+, but you can raise it to WQHD+ (double the resolution). You will enjoy a higher level of detail on the panel, although with its size the change is hardly noticeable. What you will notice a lot is the difference between the 60 Hz and 120 Hz panel refresh rate. With the second level, you will enjoy much smoother animations when moving through menus, in the gallery, in games that are compatible…

Be careful, the big downside of these modes is that they will drain the battery of the Xiaomi Mi 11 (which is already quite fair in my opinion).

4. Activate the Screen Always on

This is another of those functions that if you do not tinker with the phone you run the risk of going unnoticed. It is a mode similar to what we have, for example, in Samsung, and allows you to have basic information when the screen of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is off as the time or the battery status and the latest notifications, plus some cool backgrounds.

This mode does not spend a lot of battery (although you have to count on losing a few minutes of use) and will give you a game because with a simple press on the screen when it is off you can see the content. Above all, it will prevent you from constantly turning on the phone to check if you have received a new message from WhatsApp or another app.

To activate it, go to Settings and Always On Screen and Lock Screen. You have to activate the first option.

5. Disable the Animation of the Notifications on the Xiaomi Mi 11

By default, when you receive a notification on the Xiaomi Mi 11 the screen lights up on the edges with a very cool effect. Personally, I really like it, but if you are one of those people who receive many messages throughout the day this animation can cause you to lose battery quite faster than desired.

To disable this animation you have to go to the same menu of the previous trick (Settings – Always-on screen and Lock screen) and look at the second option that says When notifications ll… By default, you will see that it is marked Show notifications. Click on that option and you can choose None so that it does not suck energy or change the animation available.

6. Be Careful With the Wifi Access Point

It may seem silly, but in my use with this mobile has happened to me. If you want to give other devices a connection, such as if you take a laptop with you on a trip, you can easily turn on the WiFi hotspot.

The problem is that there is a feature that is usually enabled by default and in this case, it is not, which is to automatically turn off the WiFi hotspot if some time passes without you being connected to the network.

It has happened to me that when you are getting to the end of the trip you turn off the computer but you do not remember to turn off the WiFi point manually, so it keeps wasting the battery of the computer without you realizing it. To enable this feature go to Settings, Mobile Hotspot, and Turn Hotspot Off Automatically.

7. Shows Notification Icons in the Status Bar

There are two features of the Xiaomi Mi 11 that I find useful and that are not active by default, relating to the same Control Bar menu. This is the top bar where you can see the time, Bluetooth, or WiFi connection. The two features I say are accessed through the Settings menu, Notifications, and Control Center and Status Bar.

The first is to enable the Show Notification Icons option. This way you can see at a glance where new messages or other notifications have reached you without having to scroll down the Notifications panel. The second can help you to know the real speed at which your mobile is downloading content and have a clearer idea of the coverage. This is the option Show connection speed.

8. Bring the QR Scanner and Shazam (if You Use It) Icons to the Foreground

In this day and age, QR icons have suddenly become a regular companion when going to bars, restaurants, or even events. A simple way that we can see the menu of the local or data directly from the website of the business, without having to rummage on the Internet. It seems unbelievable, as until recently they were a very secondary resource, but the coronavirus has changed many things.

Xiaomi has a very useful option which is an icon to directly open the QR scanner through the notifications panel. That yes, it is not within those that appear by default. To add it you have to deploy the notifications panel, slide on the icons until you reach the one that says “Edit” and then bring from the bottom up the one that says “Scan”.

The same can be said of Shazam, but in this case, if you hear a song on the radio or anywhere that you really like but you do not remember the name and you want to know as soon as possible.

9. Find Out What Permissions You Are Using the Apps on Your Xiaomi Mi 11

It’s worth taking a walk from time to time through the Privacy Protection menu on your Xiaomi Mi 11, within the settings. The key is that at a first glance you will see the most compromised permissions and the number of apps that are using them: location, contacts, call log, and microphone, above all.

Sometimes, we can sneak some app to which we have given permission without realizing it to our location or call log (more than once it has happened that a calculator app has requested these permissions, to give an example).

This panel is really useful and easy to use.

10. One Press to Open the Alarm

And we end this article with another trick of the Xiaomi Mi 11 simple but very useful. In this case, it is quick access to the alarm that can easily go unnoticed. This one is placed at the time when the notification panel is displayed. If you click on the time at the top left (just above the date) will open the alarm of the Xiaomi Mi 11. Much faster than having to look for the app in the Tools drawer of the mobile screen.

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