10 Best Tips and Tricks on Poco X3 NFC

The Poco X3 is the latest smartphone presented by the Asian firm. Beyond the technical specifications that we all know, the truth is that the phone inherits some of the functions of Xiaomi’s high-end range. To this, we must add that it has Android 10 under MIUI 12, so it has the latest manufacturer options. On this occasion, we have made a compilation of best tips and tricks of the Poco X3 NFC to get the most out of this mobile phone.

1. Use Your Poco X3 NFC As An External Battery

No, unfortunately, the Poco X3 NFC does not have reversible wireless charging to charge other devices without cables. What you probably did not know is that you can transform your phone into an external battery by means of a USB type C adapter. At Amazon, these types of adapters are around 5 and 10 euros.

We must bear in mind that the phone is not designed to constantly charge other devices.

2. Duplicate The Applications Of The Poco X3 To Use Two Accounts At The Same Time

A feature inherited from applications like Parallel Space. In summary, this function allows us to double the stay of any compatible application. In this way, we can make use of two independent rooms of WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook, ideal if our phone has two SIM cards.

In MIUI, this feature is called Dual Apps. We can access through the Applications section in the system settings. Once inside, we will be shown a list of all the applications compatible with Dual Applications. We can also duplicate game instances, although the number of titles is rather limited.

3. Use Songs As Ringtones On The Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC

Like any third layer of personalization, MIUI 12 offers the possibility of using files stored in the phone’s memory as notification tones, whether they are songs or tones downloaded from the Internet.

What we will have to do in this case is to refer to the Sounds and vibration section within the Android settings. Next, we will click on the Phone ringtone option if we want to change the ringtone of the calls or on the Default notification sound if what we want is to change the tone of the general MIUI notifications. To select a song or tone saved in memory, click on Choose a local ringtone or on File manager.

4. Lock Poco X3 Applications With Password

MIUI 12 allows us to block access to any application with an alphanumeric password or with the fingerprint or face unlock that we have previously configured in the system. The way to proceed is very simple, just access the Applications section in Settings. Then, click on the Applications Blocking section.

Finally, we will select all those applications whose access we want to block. WhatsApp, Telegram, Tinder, Instagram… The last step will be to configure a protection method to access the content of the applications.

5. Connect The Poco X3 NFC To A Tv Without Cables

Did you know that you can duplicate the screen of your Xiaomi Poco X3 without resorting to cables of any kind? If our TV has an intelligent operating system (Android TV, WebOS, Tizen OS…) or we have an external device (Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Xiaomi TV Box…), we can use the Cast function to duplicate the image of the phone.

To take advantage of this function we will have to go first to the MIUI settings. Then, we will click on the Connection and share section and finally on the Cast option. The application will automatically start searching for compatible televisions or systems connected to the same WiFi network as the phone. Finally, the mobile screen will be broadcast directly on television.

6. Activate The Hidden Options Of The Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC

Did you know that MIUI has hidden functions and options that can only be accessed through third-party applications? So is. Thanks to Hidden Settings for MIUI we can play with some of the advanced functions of the system. For example, we can connect to a private DNS, test the different components of the device (speaker, touch screen, charging port…) to detect possible failures, optimize the use of the battery or even view the history of Android notifications. The range of possibilities in this regard is quite extensive.

Once inside the application, we can play with the different options that the interface presents us, as can be seen in the upper screenshot.

7. Improve The Performance Of The Poco X3 In Games With This Trick

There is no magic formula to increase phone performance. What we can do is resort to Game Turbo, an application that Xiaomi included in MIUI 11, and that allows us to improve the performance of games. What this system does is to focus all the attention of the components of the phone in the execution of the games, for example, limiting processes in the background, increasing the frequencies of the processor, or eliminating push services.

To make use of this application we will refer to the Special functions section in the system settings (we can also access it from the Tools application). Then, the tool will show us a list of all the titles that we have installed on the phone. From Settings, we can play with the different parameters of the application.

8. Accelerate The Animations Of The Poco X3 To Improve Its Speed

One of the most popular Android tricks to improve phone performance has to do with accelerating animations within the system. These animations are executed when playing with the different system menus when closing applications, moving between multitasking or enabling pop-up menus

To speed up the MIUI animations we will have to previously activate what is known as Development Settings. In MIUI 12 we will have to go to the About the phone section in the system settings. Within this section, we will click a total of seven times on the MIUI version section or on Build number (depending on the MIUI version).

Then, the system will enable the Development Settings, which we can access through the Additional Settings section. Finally, we will scroll through the functions present in the menu until the following options:

  • Window animation level
  • Animation level of transitions
  • Animation duration level

It is advisable to speed up the animations of the phone is to set the figure at.5x in each of the options mentioned above. We can also choose to completely disable the animations.

9. Improve The Quality Of Photos With Gcam (Google Camera)

We have already talked at length about the advantages of the Google camera, also known as GCam or Google Camera. Although there is still no stable version of the application for the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC, we can make use of certain compatible versions, such as this one hosted on the website.

The good thing about this version is that it does not require an XML profile to obtain good results. Of course, the video recording of the front camera does not work correctly, so we will have to resort to the native camera application to record videos.

10. Change The Functionality Of The Physical Buttons Of The Poco X3 NFC

Until recently, changing the functionality of the phone’s physical buttons required to root or third-party applications. With MIUI 12 we can perform this same process without relying on complex methods.

To access this function we will have to go to the Android settings, more specifically to the Additional Settings section, in Button shortcuts. Within this menu, we will be shown different actions that we can configure to our liking, as we can see in the upper screenshot.

For example, we can turn on the flashlight by pressing twice on the power button, open the camera application by pressing and holding the volume button up, open the split screen by pressing the power buttons or start the Google Assistant by pressing twice on the button. volume down. The options in this regard are as disparate as they are varied.

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