2024 Passvers iPhone Unlocker Review: Best iOS Lock Wiper

Have you ever disabled your iPhone because forget the passcodes or fail to process screen unlock because the Face ID or Touch ID is big working normally? Under such conditions, the fastest and hassle-free solution is definitely by selecting a reliable iPhone unlocker to help. In this review, let’s mainly focus on the industry-leading one, Passvers iPhone Unlocker. Now, move on and preview all details about the software.

Passvers iPhone Unlocker Features

Regularly enhanced to be compatible with the latest iPhone 15 models and iOS 17 systems, Passvers iPhone Unlocker is widely known as one of the best iOS unlocking software, performing to deal with Apple’s security features and wipe them easily for you though hassle. You can access multiple functions to deal with different types of encryption locks on your devices, including screen locks, iCloud/Apple IDs, MDM profiles, and so on. Let’s grasp all unlocking functions delivered by Passvers iPhone Unlocker in advance:

#1. Password-free Screen Lock Removal

The most popular functionality of Passvers iPhone Unlocker should be its screen lock removal feature, which can be performed to deal with all types of iOS screen locks, including the 4-digit/6-digit passcodes, Touch ID, and Face ID with only one tap. No extra passwords for code verification will be required to process the decryption at all.

#2. Get Rid of iCloud Activation Lock

Another highlight of Passvers iPhone Unlocker refers to its ability in dealing with iCloud activation lock. If you get others’ devices but now get stuck at the new devices’ setup process because of iCloud activation lock without knowing Apple ID and passwords, the software offers a one-click solution to directly bypass it. Especially when you can’t contact previous owners of the devices, Passvers iPhone Unlocker’s iCloud activation lock bypasser can be an alternative solution to work it out.

#3. Break MDM Monitors from Third-parties

The newly-added MDM removal function in Passvers iPhone Unlocker also offers powerful ability to help you get rid of third-party controls as well as monitors by removing all MDM profiles added on devices. It will process the protection removal secretly, without notifying administrators while functioning to unlock MDM for you.

#4. Erase Apple ID Without A Password

When you can’t remember password of your Apple ID, it becomes a trouble as many Apple services will require identification verification with this Apple account, even removing it from your device. Hence, turn to Passvers iPhone Unlocker for help and it will erase the Apple ID for you without a password required! Simply by several clicks to remove the account, then you are able to use the new one and access all available Apple services!

#5. Unlock Screen Time Passcodes to Access All Apps

Screen time passcodes is a security features applied to limit app usage on iOS devices. If you have set such passcodes before, leading to inconvenience using certain apps, process a one-click removal with Passvers iPhone Unlocker to set free all of them at once! The operation will be simple to follow up and the decryption performance is speedy, greatly saving both of your time and effort.

#6. One-tap Remove iTunes Backup Encryption Lock

Last but not least, if you get annoyed because of iTunes backup encryption lock, also remove it easily with Passvers iPhone Unlocker. This ensures you a quicker and more convenient data backup operation in iTunes, especially when you forget about the passwords or just don’t know them while trying to back up device data with iTunes.

User Guide on How to Use Passvers iPhone Unlocker

Passvers iPhone Unlocker has been designed with intuitive functionality for every user to get started quickly. Here offers its user guide on 3 major functions (screen lock removal, iCloud activation lock bypassing, and MDM profile removal) to show you how it actually works.

How to Remove Screen Lock

STEP 1. Select “Wipe Passcode” from the startup screen when you launch Passvers iPhone Unlocker on desktop.

STEP 2. Connect iPhone/iPad with computer. Once the software detects the device, tap “Start” to install a firmware package.

STEP 3. Once the firmware package is installed, follow instructions to enter “0000”, then tap “Unlock” to decrypt screen lock protection on the device right away.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

STEP 1. In Passvers iPhone Unlocker, select the “Bypass iCloud Activation Lock” function and connect your iOS device to let it detect.

NOTE: Make sure that your iOS device is jailbroken before processing this lock removal.

STEP 2. Once the software displays device info on screen, hit the “Start Bypassing Activation” icon to start the process.

STEP 3. Wait for the bypassing process to complete by only minutes.

How to Remove MDM Profiles

Both devices that are working properly or disabled can use Passvers iPhone Unlocker to process MDM removal with ease. Here’s the guide:

On Properly-working Devices

STEP 1. Connect your iOS device with computer, then in Passvers iPhone Unlocker, select “Remove MDM” > “Work Properly” and tap “Start Removing”.

STEP 2. Click “Start” and follow instructions to turn off Find My on your iOS device.

STEP 3. Once the connection is built, hit “Start” to remove MDM profiles immediate.

On Disabled Devices

STEP 1. For disabled devices, connect with USB and after selecting the “Remove MDM” function, you need to choose “Disabled” and tap “Start Removing”.

STEP 2. Instead, you need to follow on-screen instructions to put your iOS device into “Recovery Mode”.

STEP 3. After authorizing 0000 and continue to check device info, tap “Start” to install firmware package.STEP 4. Once completed, hit “Device Activated” and Passvers iPhone Unlocker will process MDM profiles removal for you right away.

Why Passvers iPhone Unlocker Stands Out?

Generally speaking, Passvers iPhone Unlocker has developed multiple core strengths, making itself outstanding. Here are three main advantages of the software:

Great Security Ensure

Passvers iPhone Unlocker is developed with advanced encryption system to protect all user data, without causing any hidden dangers leading to privacy disclosures. It also strictly prevents any viruses or malware from attacking the devices, ensuring a 100% secure in-app environment to you.

Efficiency and Stability 

The core decoding algorithms applied by Passvers iPhone Unlocker can stably perform processing Apple security lock decoding, helping you to process a successful iOS lock removal operation in smooth ways. Its acceleration teches applied also guarantee efficient performance, working at quick speed to save your time.

Best Success Rate

Passvers iPhone Unlocker has kept enhancing the best performance to process iOS lock decryption services. Now it has improved its core functionality to gain greater stability, which will face nearly no failures in processing all iOS troubles related to iOS locks.

Pricing Plans of Passvers iPhone Unlocker

For the pricing of Passvers iPhone Unlocker, it is a pity that the software doesn’t offer a free version to access its unlocking services. You are able to process free device scanning, but to further confirm iOS lock removal, you will need subscription.

The 3 optional pricing plans delivered by Passvers iPhone Unlocker include the following ones:

One-Month Subscription: US$35.95

One-Year Subscription: US$45.95

Lifetime License: US$65.95

Passvers iPhone Unlocker is equipped with a Refund Policy to guarantee all user rights. You’d better check it before making a purchase to prevent unexpected loss.

Final Verdict: Pros and Cons

Overall, Passvers iPhone Unlocker’s pros and cons can be concluded as the following ones:


  • Available to deal with different types of iOS encryptions;
  • Speedy device scanning and decoding ability;
  • Highly secured to protect data safety;
  • Intuitive interface ensures easy operations even for beginners;
  • Responsive customer support team to help deal with all problems instantly.


  • Services are not offered for free, but require subscription.

To conclude, Passvers iPhone Unlocker offers reliable and efficient service to help remove iOS locks by taps. Although it is a piece of pay-for software, it definitely deserves the cost.

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