10 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Samsung Galaxy M10/M20

Generating Slow Motion Videos simply means capturing video at a higher frame rate to standard frame rate and then play the video back to its normal speed. Slow motion videos have become a trend in today’s generation as it shows you the perfect moment’s captured in a video. In this list, we have gathered some of the best slow motion video apps for Samsung Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 smartphones.

The slow-motion video apps are becoming more appealing. They facilitate different features to create good quality slow motion videos right from their mobile phone. There are many camera apps and video editing tools that allow users to capture or convert normal videos to slow-mo videos. Based on different criteria like popularity, features, and reliability, we have gathered these apps.

In the meanwhile, we recommend you to check out our troubleshooting guide for this smartphone. You’re most welcome to share your thoughts and views. Now, we should get started with our list of best slow-mo video apps for Samsung Galaxy M20 smartphone.

10 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Samsung Galaxy M20

1. Slow Motion Video FX:

Slow Motion Video FX

Create slow motion video in your way by installing this app on your Samsung Galaxy M20 /M10. The App also features magic fast motion video and the output video can be unloadable into YouTube and Instagram as well with your selected speed. Make your videos fun by recording your voice and put it into slow motion mode.

Also, you can turn your videos into fast motion that will make your voice sounds like cartoon and funny to listen. Some other features of this app are adding recorded sounds of falling objects like table, spoon, seeds, and nuts, etc.

You can download this app from here.

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2. AndroVid – Video Editor:

AndroVid - Video Editor

AndroVid – Video Editor is a tiny video editing App and one of the best Slow Motion Apps for Android that comes with various types of features. The video editor is very simple and easy to operate that perfectly edits videos in your own way. Some of the unique key features of the App are video trimmer which helps you to remove all the unwanted parts of the video.

To create a magic video go for the video reverse functions. You can also easily convert any of the video files into audio files i.e. Mp3 format. The video editor app is also rich with its effects like fading, slow motion, vintage, sepia, and vignette.

You can download this app from here.

3. Film Maker Pro – free movie editor :

Film Maker Pro - free movie editor

With the increase of modern technology, the developers of the application have come up with powerful apps like Slow Motion Video Editor Maker. Edit the time of your video and turn your videos into slow motion using this powerful slow motion app for Samsung phone.

The key features of the app are you can choose any of the videos and turn the videos into slow motion speed. At the same time, you can go for the highest speed or slow motion edit functions. Share the saved videos by the Slow Motion Video Editor Maker into social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

You can download this app from here.

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4. Slow Motion Camera:

Slow Motion Camera

As you might have eye witnessed all the time in movies or music videos that the slow-motion clips are amazing. This App is packed with lots of exciting features where you can set your video and voice slow down in slow motion.

The Slow motion App is consists of simple interface and very easy to use. Using the ideas mode of the slow motion camera, you can toss and turned around the water.

You can download this app from here.

5. Videoshop – Video Editor:

Videoshop - Video Editor

Videoshop- Video Editor brings to you trim facilities using it you can remove any unpleasant portion of the video.

In the edited slow motion video also music can be added from your music library. Pick any of the sound effects offered by the Video editor app like animal farts, explosions, and vine quotes to make the video more fun to watch.

You can download this app from here.

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6. Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool:

Fast and Slow Motion Video Tool

Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool is a unique and a top Slow Motion app with the help of which you can edit videos both in fast and slow motion. It comes with impressive key features such as you can set up the speed of the video clips from 1/8x and 8x to its original video’s speed.

Such facility offers the video editor to set the speed in their own way. You can convert the videos using the Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool into any kind of format you want.

You can download this app from here.

7. Video Speed Slow Motion & Fast:

Video Speed Slow Motion & Fast

Video Speed Slow Motion & Fast helps you to create Multiple Fast Motions and Slow Motion in one video clips. It is one of the best apps to capture your sports moments if you are a player of games such as badminton, swimmer, and footballer.

Figure out your moves by setting up the video in slow motion and improve the mistakes in your next practice or sports. It comes with facilities like you will be able to create Multiple Segments by trimming to work into a particular video and much more.

You can download this app from here.

8. Motion Camera Free:

Slow Motion Camera Free

This is an amazing app developed for Android devices, and using it, you can take high-quality videos in slow motion mode. It does not make sense which device you are using as the app will support it.

This amazing app will let you capture any of the moments in slow motion and make brilliant videos. Key features of this app include you will be able to choose the speed of videos ranging from fast to slow. The app lets you choose multiple selections for making slow motion video clips.

You can download this app from here.

9. Video Dieter 2 – Trim & Edit:

Video Dieter 2 - trim and edit

Capture all of your beautiful moments in small file size by installing Video Dieter 2 – Trim & Edit into your Android device. The full length edited video can be shared on different social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Set the qualities of the recorded video and also the resolution of the output video in a unique way. The video editor app offers to you video dieter, which helps to compress your video files without any kind of interruption into the quality of the video.

You can download this app from here.

10. Efectum Slow Motion Video App:

Efectum slow motion app

Get Efectum Slow Motion Video App on your Samsung Galaxy M20 and M10 and start shooting video, edit and share them with your friends. It is one of the cool slow or fast motion video editing tools apps available. It offers to you features like Slow Motion Video FX without the interruption of the watermark into the video.

The video editor is provided with a total of six speeds i.e. three fast and there slow. Now you can edit videos in your own way may it be in fast motion or slow motion.

You can download this app from here.

Visit the Google Play Store and download any of the Slow Motion Video makers, from the lists of the 10 best Slow Motion Video App that are mentioned above which are for free. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this list in the comment section below.

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