5 Best Alternatives To Todoist In 2021

Everyone else needs tools and techniques to stay on top of their jobs. The simple yet powerful Todoist productivity and organization app lets you track all of your important tasks and projects across 15+ platforms and in 20 different languages.

With Todoist, you can manage tasks and collaborate on shared projects on the web, your mobile device (iOS & Android), your desktop (Windows & Mac), in your inbox (Gmail & Outlook), and your web browser ( Google Chrome, Firefox, & Safari). Your data is synchronized in real-time across all platforms, even when you are offline.

In this article, we invite you to discover the best alternatives to Todoist, to find or try new productivity solutions, and to better organize your tasks without breaking the bank!

1. Microsoft To Do

This is certainly the most obvious solution: indeed, the development of Microsoft To Do was largely inspired by Wunderlist. We, therefore, find a similar interface and a very similar operation. The main advantage of Microsoft To Do, apart from its excellent management of the tasks to be done, is its excellent integration within Microsoft services (such as the Office suite).

Other benefits of Microsoft To Do include the automated creation of a daily to-do list as well as the synchronization of information between multiple devices, whether they are computers, smartphones, or tablets. If you want to discover Microsoft To Do, know that the software is completely free and available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

2. Taskade

Taskade is also a great solution for managing tasks and projects. The software offers an interface reminiscent of a mailbox with a sidebar that allows you to see the tasks that must be done in the long term and in the short term. Also, the interface is rather pleasant which is not to displease us.

Being one of the best Todoist alternative options, Taskade also allows you to classify the added tasks: personal, professional, very important… in order to be able to manage both your professional life and everyday things. If needed, you can also send tasks to coworkers or family members to split the to-do list. A free Taskade version exists and allows you to work with your friends and co-workers.

3. is another well-known task manager in the market. In addition to offering a modern and user-friendly interface, its main strength is its presence on a large number of operating systems and devices. It’s simple, will follow you on computers, smartphones, tablets, connected watches but also on connected speakers or on your favorite browser. will find its place in both your private and professional life with its support for calendars and reminders. Another popular feature is the shopping list feature which allows you to add and categorize the items you need to purchase. Small bonus: allows you to import its data from some other tools.

4. Things

If you exclusively use Apple operating systems, you can turn to Things. It is a complete task manager that has been regularly promoted by Apple. It is a great solution to organize your tasks and your time very easily. Things highlight several categories of items according to your preferences: urgent tasks, things to do today…

The only downside of Things compared to the other solutions in this article is that it’s paid (although a trial version exists on macOS).

5. Zenkit To Do

Simply called Zenkit To Do, the software offers everything that one is entitled to expect from this type of program: complete management of tasks, a categorization allowing to manage several projects, and also collaboration with other people.

Zenkit To Do offers a generous free offer with the possibility of having 8 free users, a storage space of 500 MB, the creation of 100 lists, and 10,000 tasks. Enough to get an idea for several months before choosing whether it is necessary to opt for a subscription to the tool.

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