What Do You Need to Know to Win at a Casino If You Are a Beginner?

Every year thousands of people walk into casinos for the first time with a strong intention to win. Some of them get a taste of winning at the first try, while others lose money there. One must agree that the majority of gamblers walk out with nothing.

Gambling at KiwiDads casinos can be fun, exciting, and nerve-wracking when you know which casino games have odds in your favor and which ones you should avoid in order to have a really good experience.

But at the same time, gambling at top online casinos in New Zealand can turn out to be quite worrisome for beginners. Their pockets can become empty in the blink of an eye. Needless to say, nobody is happy to see that their money drains away in such a rapid manner.

However, casinos go above and beyond to attract newcomers. So, we’ve got 10 things to know for a beginner to get the most out of the first-time gaming experience on popular gambling websites.

1. Don’t lose track of time

Casinos aren’t beginner-friendly in this matter. According to, they are concerned about their profit only.

There are plenty of bells and whistles that distract players’ attention from the passing time. Once the roulette wheel starts spinning, time stops. When people finally break away from the games, they discover that at least a couple of hours have gone.

In order to avoid this trap created by a casino, it would be better to set an alarm on your phone.

2. How casinos distract players’ attention

All the flashes and sound tracks are designed to make an impression on players, especially on newbies. They stare at the sparking titles, all the bells and whistles that pop up here and there. The thing is that the main purpose of the design of virtual casinos is to distract players.

The more it distracts a player, the less thoroughly they learn the rules of the games and less thoughtfully they make the bets. It means that you do not need to start playing in a rush and disperse your attention.

3. New players opt for slot machines

Beginners hesitate to play card games on online gambling NZ websites because they aren’t sure in their skills. More often than not, this fear leads them straight to the slot machines. The slot machines seem to be a good choice to get comfortable. But many novice players don’t realize that slots aren’t the best option for them.

The house edge on slots is ranging from about 2% right up to 15%. On the contrary, games like baccarat, blackjack and craps have a house edge below 2%. It’s easy to understand why casino websites push players toward the slot machines.

So, it makes sense to learn how to play beginners-friendly table games.

4. Look for alternatives

Table games, slot machines and video poker look alike for a beginner. But the odds are quite different. The house edge of an average slot machine at NZ gambling sites is around 7%, while the house edge for video poker is 2-3%. If you are the first-time player, find the right games with the lowest house edge and play with the right strategy. It would be wise to play video poker with a house edge of 0.5%.

5. Define your budget for gambling online

It would be better for you to define the amount of money you can afford to lose painlessly. When it’s over, the time has come to stop playing whether from your smartphone or tablet.

Oftentimes, beginners run into trouble because they can’t stop betting and, therefore, lose more money than expected. Don’t go beyond the budget and never play for credit money! Know the lowest stakes to make your funds last as long as you intend to play casino online games.

6. Start from playing free games

Free games are some of the best ways to gain gambling skills without risking your money. Many newbies are overwhelmed with huge jackpots, gambling promotions and lucrative rewards. That is what blunts the vigilance of them. This is why they start playing real games at once.

However, there is a great option to try free games! Not only do they allow you to master the game but also let you keep your money safe. So, before you dive into the depths of online casinos, try free games. It’s an excellent way to start.

7. Games to avoid costs at all

You probably know that the house has the edge in odds nearly always. But there are games with minimal house advantage. We don’t tell you to preserve your bankroll. Once you see one of the games from the list below, walk right on by:

  • Three-Card Poker
  • Craps
  • Red Dog
  • Roulette
  • Big Six Wheel
  • Keno

8. Don’t make cocktail from alcohol and gambling

One of the ways land-based casinos intend to distract players is by providing them with complimentary booze. There is nothing wrong with having a couple of drinks there. It will save you some cash.

But we are talking about New Zealand online casino sites. So, you should remember that drinking while playing can make you forget all your plans and eventually lose money. At high doses, alcohol blurs the line between responsible gambling and destructive behavior. We can’t say all Aussies play casino games responsively. But doing so is in your own interest!

9. Manage your money at a casino

Beginners could save themselves a lot of trouble by learning about bankroll management. There is no area of gambling that’s more essential for a gambler’s success.

So, you’d better take some time to find out how to take care of your money properly. Otherwise, just like the majority of beginners, you will lose more than you expected in the top rated casino, and pretty fast as well.

10. Don’t be greedy

Why did we save one of the most important rules of gambling for last? Let us explain! The truth is that when a newbie is greedy for wins at the best casino online, it will surely lead to losing money much faster. Instead of aiming to achieve big wins, be sure to read the advice of more experienced players and follow them. Knowledge is a great investment that will help you win more in the long run.

Final Thoughts

We hope these 10 tips have grabbed your attention and encouraged you to review your approach to gambling.

Becoming a successful punter should be your primary concern. Both success and failures begin and end with you! 

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