How Do You Win Big on Dancing Drums Slot Machines?

Dancing Drums has become one of the most popular online slots of recent years, and the chance to win a big prize is one of the main reasons for this.

It’s a simple-looking slot filled with golden symbols, so how do you win at it? There’s more than one way of winning on Dancing Drums, so you’ll want to know how to do so before you start.

The Basic Gameplay

Dancing Drums is an entertaining slot based on a land machine by SG Digital that can pay out big wins when the player hits the highest-paying symbol or lands a progressive jackpot. As with any slot, the basic gameplay is about getting a set of matching symbols for a win. The paying symbols in this game include golden objects such as coins, boats, and drums. The highest-paying object in the base game is the gold dragon, and the most you can win is if you get five of them together.

A wild symbol with Chinese writing on it can also be extremely helpful, as it replaces any regular paying symbol to complete a winning line where possible. There are also free spins and in this case, it’s the drum symbol that triggers, with at least three of the images needed on the screen. Most of your wins will come in these ways, but there’s also a chance to get bigger prizes thanks to the presence of four progressive jackpots. You can visit Hoop Casino blog to find out more.

The Progressive Jackpots

There are four progressive jackpots listed on the Dancing Drums paytable and that can be won on any spin. These prizes are labeled as Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini in order of size. As you’d expect, the biggest win that you can claim in this slot is the Grand progressive jackpot. There’s no set figure for it though, as each of these jackpots grows with each spin that all the game’s players make, until someone finally wins it.

You get the chance to grab one of these four jackpots when you have a Fu Babies symbol on the screen. If a jackpot is available, you’ll be taken to a screen that’s filled with coins. You need to select coins until you reach the point where you have three of the same coins. At this point, you win the jackpot that’s listed on those coins.

Tips and Strategies

Since slots are a game of chance with a random outcome on each spin, there’s no need for a playing strategy on any of them and there are no tips that improve your chances of winning a prize. It’s simply a question of hitting the spin button and hoping for the best each time. The big jackpot wins fall on a random basis and there’s nothing you can do to make it fall more quickly.

However, it’s definitely worth considering how you want to manage your playing budget to make the most of this slot. For example, you should work out how long you want to play for and calculate how much to wager on each spin so that you can do this. The amount of your bet doesn’t have any impact on your chances of winning a normal prize or the jackpot.

As with all slots, it’s a game where the biggest wins appear unexpectedly, as there’s no way of knowing when it will pay a prize. This means that some players prefer the strategy of playing with smaller stakes, so that they can have as many chances of winning as possible. Others prefer to use larger bets so that their wins on the standard paying symbols are higher, but this means that they may end up playing with fewer spins.

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