What Are the Top Sports Apps for Android Devices?

In recent years, the demand for sports has reached new highs. In 2021, 57.5 million viewers in the United States watched digital live sports at least once per month, so the US market has a huge role to play in the growth. Not only is the content essential, but so is the sports app sector. The UK might have the lion’s share of the world’s largest sports app market, but other parts of the world are catching up. If you have an Android device and like to follow sports, these are the applications you can’t go wrong with.


The SofaScore app is renowned for its analysis of several sports. Overall, there are 22 to choose from, so users are spoilt for choice. These include well-known games like football (both kinds), cricket, basketball and baseball, as well as Nascar and Formula One, darts and badminton. What sets it apart is the level of analytical insight that people receive.  

For example, you get reports on the outcomes of events across all the verticals. So, if you want to keep up to date with the NBA or English Premier League, the app will highlight everything from team and player statistics so that you have the latest information on franchises and individuals. There aren’t many apps that cover this many bases and do it as effectively.  


Who hasn’t heard of ESPN? The broadcaster is one of the biggest media channels in the world, so it’s unsurprising it has transitioned into the world of mobile applications. Part of what makes the app special is the ESPN brand. ESPN offers a level of value that’s hard to replicate thanks to backstage passes, exclusive interviews, and live streams. ESPN+ is no different, meaning you don’t need a Chromecast to start watching content on a big screen.  

However, where it goes the extra mile is the blog content, which is updated daily with news from around the sporting industry. Whether it’s basic news stories, rumor pieces, or opinion articles, you’ll find what you need on the app. Plus, it is equipped with a fantasy sports platform that enables you to tap into the in-demand fantasy sports market. There’s a fee, but it’s low considering the number of features.  


If you download a sports app, the odds are high that you’re searching for betting markets. Since 2018, US sports gambling has quadrupled in size, highlighting the demand for the activity. Although it’s a British brand, Bet365 has branched into multiple markets, including India, the USA, and Australia. As a result, its range of verticals is eclectic. Soccer is popular, but so are the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Aussie Rules is another sportsbook with tons of options.   

Combined, these four can offer hundreds of odds at a given time for upcoming matches, in-play betting, or outright markets. Cricket is another huge sport for the operator, which is why the odds are considered some of the most competitive. Of course, customers want more, so there are localized bonuses (depending on your location), live feeds for streaming, and various payment forms. Due to this, any respected bet365 review will note how impressive the app is because it’s licensed in multiple regions, offers streaming services, and has an excellent choice of cricket odds. To put it into perspective, Bet365 often provides up to 40 markets for a single Test match between Australia and India or an IPL game.  


If in doubt, head to YouTube. The great thing about having more than two billion active users is that businesses can’t afford to ignore you, including media companies and franchises. They all have YouTube accounts, and more and more of them are uploading highlights within hours of the events finishing. From the Premier League to the NFL and Sky Sports, you can catch up on the latest sports action by logging into your YouTube account.

The number of live streaming services isn’t great, but it’s getting better. For example, NBA TV has partnered with ABC, ESPN and TNT to bring you live basketball games on YouTube. During the playoffs, this is ideal since most series are exclusive to these channels, meaning you shouldn’t miss any of the action. YouTube has also invested in eSports, and Call of Duty League, the Overwatch League, and Hearthstone Esports all call YouTube home. Considering the industry is snapping at the heels of traditional sports, it’s another string in the social media platform’s bow.

Our advice is simple – don’t just pick one service. The great thing about apps is that they are mostly free; for instance, YouTube and SofaScore. Technically, you don’t have to pay to download Bet365, either. Plus, different apps have different areas of expertise. By keeping a selection on your device, you can pick and choose which one to use based on the event. Seeing as smartphones have so much storage nowadays, it’s not a problem to download all four!

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