Video Formats for Social Media: How to Choose Right One?

Starting your journey as a video marketing specialist, be prepared to learn many aspects and intricacies of this profession. Now video content prevails over all other types of content, as it attracts more attention, can present any kind of information in a concise form and performs many functions from entertainment to education.

In this regard, every business that wants to effectively capture the attention of a huge number of users must effectively communicate with clients. Being visible on social sites is one method to fulfill this problem.

Users’ needs can be met through video creation. However, you cannot simply post any video to your company’s corporate account since each platform has its own set of standards that you must properly know.

We will discuss the challenges you will face while dealing with video material, as well as the video criteria you must consider when sharing on multiple social media platforms.

The basics

When you first start working with this type of coverage, you should be aware that clips come in a variety of formats. There are several formats, and once you find out when to use one or the other, you will no longer be a regular user.

First and foremost, you must recognize that each format has distinct properties. The biggest distinction is the file size. Whenever you publish media files to online platforms, the file’s weight is important since the larger the file, the longer it will take to upload.

In order not to face the fact that when uploading a video to Facebook, Instagram to see that this format is not suitable, you should learn how to use a video converter that can convert one video format to the one you need. Click here to download one of the best video format changer tools.

In addition, the video includes many different parts like an introduction, which you can make with the aid of Intro Maker, then process in a free video editor or video editing software to combine into the final product. We’re talking about elements like the body, music, voice-over, captions, and so on. To see the final draft of your film, you’ll need a video player that supports many media formats. GOM Player is one of the global ones.

Things to consider


Every year, users watch an increasing amount of video material. This social site provides a plethora of video-posting choices. Each sort of footage must be in MP4 or MOV format only.

It provides many types of clips that can be used to develop efficient ad campaigns. When constructing them, you may employ new innovative technologies in advertising to attain your aims in the least amount of time.

Duration should not exceed the following indicators:

  • Shared Post, In-Feed Video, Carousel Video – 4 hours;
  • Instant Experience Video and Stories – 2 minutes;
  • 360 Video – half an hour;
  • Collection Video Ads – 2 hours;
  • Slideshow Video Ad – 15 seconds.


This social network’s users were given the option to share movies with their subscribers 9 years ago, and today, more than 38 million active authors share their creations. Various organizations and brands were given the chance to sell on Instagram and run advertising 7 years ago, and many have remarked the exceptional efficacy of employing this networking site since then. In this context, multimedia publications are a wise investment.

In Feed Video Ad, Carousel Video Ad, and Stories are all options. Instagram Reels is a fantastic and incredibly useful tool for creating short films. Aside from that, IGTV is ideal for publishing extended content. In addition to the established editing options, many users make use of free templates to make their clips stand out.

Like Facebook, it is suggested to use MP4 and MOV. The sole requirement is that IGTV movies be in MP4. Furthermore, clips must not be longer than the following maximum length:

  • Ads – 1 minute;
  • Instagram Stories – 2 minutes;
  • Instagram Reels – 30 seconds;
  • IGTV – 15 minutes.


Initially, this platform became a place where everyone could become an author who could create videos about anything, launch trends, and share amazing moments from their lives. A little later, businesses realized that this could be a great place for social media prospecting. Now you can already see how various companies organically fit into the flow of authors who create incredible videos about their companies, products, and services.

You can post TikTok Organic Videos and TikTok Feed Ads here. The first version of the video must be in MP4 or MOV format, and the second one can be in MP4, MOV, MPEG, 3GP, or AVI format. The maximum length of the first video option can be 15 seconds, or one minute if you’re creating a video in the app. If you download it from other sources, then it may be longer. The commercial might last up to one minute. In reality, however, the optimal maximum time is 15 seconds so that consumers do not swipe to watch other film clips.


YouTube, this platform is great if you want to make lengthier films that will both enlighten and delight your visitors. Therefore, if you want to make reviews, tutorials, talk about items or give customer reviews, don’t pass up the chance. Using video templates, authors create unique content that sets them apart from the rest.

You may make standard films in MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, or WebM. The platform has the most insignificant restrictions on duration. You have a chance to create videos that will last more than 10 hours but everyone should realize that no one would watch such movies all the way through.

In addition, you have the chance to produce 3 types of commercials. Some can be skipped by clicking a button, other users must watch to the end. The third one appears during the movie watching, and the fourth one appears before the clip starts. They should follow the same format as the conventional ones, although, their length has some limitations.

  • Skippable – 6 minutes;
  • Non-skippable – 10 -20 seconds;
  • The ones that appear during the clip have a minimum duration limit. They should be no less than half a minute.
  • Bumper – 5-6 seconds.


Audiovisual content is important not only on web pages where you offer products and services. Wishing to consistently grow your audience and stay in contact with them, your best bet is to show up on as many platforms as possible.

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