Can I Fix a Blacklisted IP, or Is It Too Late?

When an IP address is blacklisted, the reply from the destination mail server will state that the originating server’s IP address is also blacklisted. Also, the notification often includes a link to the procedures for removing the IP address from the blacklist.

What Causes IP Addresses To Be Blacklisted?

An IP address blacklist is a list of IP addresses reported as sending spam. When users report a message as spam or filters see patterns in a message that have occurred in recognized spam, the message’s originating IP address may be added to a number of blacklists on the Internet.

Also, a mail server subscribing to those blacklists will decline to deliver a message from a server with that IP address.

IP addresses may be ”blacklisted” for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Spam email transmissions.
  • Virus activity or external assaults.
  • Operating from the IP address is an infected website.
  • Nefarious action.

How Do You Tell Whether Your IP Address Is on a Blacklist?

You can quickly check blacklist IP if your IP address or email address has been banned for certainty.

MXToolBox is a popular utility for determining if your IP address or ”email address” is blacklisted. Your email address and IP are checked by this tool against more than 100 blocklists to assess whether they are included.

If your address appears on any of them, you may seek removal from the blacklist by first fixing the problem that led to the blocklisting of your IP address. MXToolBox also offers a helpful manual chock full of advice on how to be delisted.

Taking Your IP Address off a Blacklist

You may actively remove yourself from blacklists without worrying after you’ve verified for malware and hacked email addresses.

Also, the blacklist databases where your IP is listed should be included in your IP blocklist report. You can request removal by visiting each website on the blacklist; however, each blacklist’s removal procedure will be different. The top six IP blacklists and how they delist are shown below:


Spamhaus runs several blocklists; therefore, to find out which list you are on and how to get off it, enter your IP address in the Blocklist Removal Center.


Barracuda requires your IP address, email, phone number, and justification for the removal. However, if you provide a good rationale, they usually look into it and handle removal requests within 12 hours of filing.


Operationally, Spamcop differs somewhat. Therefore, your IP address will remain on the blacklist as long as it receives spam complaints from your networks since it automatically manages to block and unblock.

However, removal from the blocklist is automatic if there are no fresh ”spam complaints” for 24 hours.


If your IP address or domain is within a range that Invaluement considers spammers, they will put you on their blacklist. Also, if you are on the blacklist due to someone else hacking your account, you must demonstrate that you have not transmitted spam from your IP address.


If your IP address attempts to email one of their spam trap email addresses, Lashback will include you on their blocklist. However, every 30 days, you are allowed one free mistake, but any more mistakes may cost you money.


For its blacklist entries, PSBL employs spam traps, and since it is a passive system, removal requests are simple. Your IP address automatically expires from the list after a few weeks, even if you don’t request removal.

Tips To Prevent Blacklisting

The following tips may help you to avoid getting put on a blacklist:

  • Make sure all of your email subscribers have double-opted in.
  • Include a link to unsubscribe.
  • Keep your email lists clean.
  • Enhance the content of your emails.
  • Protect your server.
  • Keep your database from having manual email entries.


Online threats are a major problem that may have financial implications for businesses across the Glob e. Therefore, cybersecurity firms and MSPs are growing more stringent and brutal each year in battling attackers and hackers effectively.

However, this strong approach that maintains a secure environment for end-user presents certain issues to email marketers. Being on the blacklist may be inevitable; however, to minimize the consequences of being put on the blacklist, you should check IP blacklisting routinely and move promptly to resolve errors immediately.

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