QR Digital Menu— The New Technology For Bars And Restaurants

We are facing a real digital revolution and a large part of our professional and private activity is developed through technology, acquiring fundamental importance. Digital transformation is already a reality and the hospitality sector cannot be left behind.

New technologies bring with them new and more secure ways of communication in the hospitality industry and come to help the sector through this crisis. The new digital QR codes and mobile ordering system solve part of the local-customer communication and lay the first foundations of what the customer will demand in the future. Restaurants need to reinvest in drive thru intercom systems to remain competitive with mobile ordering trends.

The digital QR code solves part of the problem

With a QR code digital menu, any hospitality establishment can display its price list and menu to its customers with a QR code without the need for a physical menu. Directly on the customer’s mobile with a PWA.

The QR code technology and the digital menu prevent customers from coming into physical contact with the menus, making it the most hygienic solution for restaurants, hotels, and all types of venues in this day and age.

The digital menus are the reflection of our traditional paper menu taken to digital format, being an extension of our local in the hands of our customers, but what extra benefits do these new QR digital menus bring us compared to traditional printed menus?

These are the 5 advantages of digital letters:

1. Hygiene

Perhaps the most immediate benefit now that all kinds of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues are back to the new normal. Every customer who enters the premises will be able to consult at the moment all our menu of products and services from his mobile phone without touching a paper menu, thus avoiding contact with a possible area of infection.

Digital menus with scannable QR codes offer a much more hygienic and secure way to access the contents of our menu.

2. Economical

Another great advantage of digital menus overprinted menus is the possibility of changing, adding, or deleting – at no cost – our menu. Paper menus tend to become obsolete too often or even several versions of the menu are necessary to meet the needs of the local offer depending on seasons or even schedules.

The QR digital menu can be modified over and over again at no cost and remain up to date with your needs or the demand of your customers.

3. More information

The demand for information from customers is increasing. We need to meet those needs and satisfy all kinds of queries in our letter. Unfortunately, physical letters have a limited size and we cannot always put everything we would like to put in them.

One of the advantages of digital codes is that they allow you to publish all the information you consider appropriate in the cards of your products, to meet the demand of your customers: photos, videos, allergens, ingredients, recipes, stories…. all the information you need to sell your product better.

4. Fast and practical

In a world as competitive as the hospitality industry, speed is of the essence. Don’t wait days for the new season’s printed menus to arrive, offer your customers all the new items on your menu at the moment.

From the personalized manager, you will be able to introduce new dishes in your menu at the moment and from any device so that your menus reflect the last minute of your establishment.

5. Improve the image of your restaurant

Our menus adapt like a glove to the image of your restaurant. One of the advantages of digital menus is that they provide a technological and hygienic extra compared to your competition, and improve the image of your local.

Customers, more and more selective, will demand from now on this type of services and will discriminate negatively those premises that do not comply with the new social protocols.


In short, providing our restaurant with an electronic menu system or digital menu QR will generate in our customer a more positive and hygienic perception of our local.

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