LOL World Cup 2021 Predictor Challenge: Dates and how to bet at Worlds

Viewers will be able to bet on their favourite League of Legends teams, fight for rewards and compete against friends and celebrities on Worlds Predictor.

Riot Games has unveiled news about the LOL Worlds 2021 predictor on Monday (27). Players will be able to make their predictions during the tournament, compete against friends and other celebrities from the League of Legends (LOL) scene, and accumulate points to rank high and earn rewards such as Blue Essences and icons. This year, in order to improve the experience of the participants, some new features have also been added, such as the crystal ball, currency and history. Here’s how to take part in the Worlds 2021 sweepstakes, the dates and more details about the new features.

What’s new for 2021

The Crystal Ball has arrived on this year’s predictor and will give players the opportunity to take a chance on which team will be World Champions before the tournament even starts. If you get it right, you’ll receive an extra 20 points, which can be a huge boost to your final placing and the best rewards. The Crystal Ball selection was released last Saturday (25) and will be available until 5 October at 3am EST. To access it (also enter the sweepstake when it is already working), just visit the portal (, look for the tab “Sweepstakes” and access your account Riot Games.

The Coin is also new for Worlds 2021 and will be of great help for those who have not had time or forgot to make their guesses. With it, random picks will be made automatically and the player will have to rely even more on luck to succeed. It is worth mentioning that you will receive fewer points if your guess was made by Coin. Finally, this year’s sweepstake will have a history feature where you can follow a timeline of all your picks.

Dates: LoL 2021 World Cup Predictor Challenge

The LoL 2021 World Cup Predictor Challenge will officially start one day before the group stage and will run until the final stage of the competition. See below for the dates so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your predictions:

Group Stage

  • Start – 10 October, 3am
  • Ending – 11 October, 3am


  • Kick-off – 20 October, 3am
  • Ends – 22 October, 3am


  • Kick-off – 27 October, 3am
  • Ending – 30th October, 3am

Grand Final

  • Beginning – 2nd November, 3am
  • Ends – November 6, 3am


The phases will have their respective ways of distributing points to players. In the group phase, there will be two points for every team that has qualified for the final phase and three extra points if the order is correct. The correct order of the final teams will also earn two extra points. Should the group be all correct on your guess, you will receive a maximum score of 16 points.

In the knockout phase, each correct pick in the quarter-finals is worth five points, while in the semi-finals it is worth ten points. If you get the teams in the Grand Final right, you will receive 20 extra points. Please note that if the correct picks were made by Coin, the points will be reduced.

This year’s Predictor also features the “Perfect School”. If a player gets all their guesses right from start to finish, with the exception of the Crystal Ball, they will receive the top prize. It includes the Pulsefire Ezreal, Udyr Spiritual Guardian, DJ Sona, Lux Elementalist, Miss Fortune Exocosmic Avenger and Seraphine K/DA ALL OUT skins. If you already have any of these skins, you can turn them into essence.


In League of Legends, there will also be some quests available that will reward you with Blue Essence, Capsules, among others. Check out the quests below and the dates they will be available:

Crystal Ball Predictor (September 25 to October 5)

  • Confirm your Crystal Ball picks
  • Reward: 300 EA

Group Stage Predictor (10-11 October)

  • Confirm your Group Stage picks
  • Reward: 500 EA

Knockout Stage Predictor (20 October – 6 November)

  • Confirm your knockout stage picks
  • Reward: 1,000 EA + Hextec Key and Chest

Professional Predictor (7 November)

  • Tier C: Score at least 18 points on Predictor
  • Reward: Esports Capsule

Tier B: make at least 34 points on the Predictor

  • Reward: Esports Capsule + Summoner Icon
  • Tier A: make at least 50 points on the Predictor

Reward: 3 Esports Capsules + Summoner Icon + 100 AE

  • Tier S: make at least 66 points on the Predictor
  • Reward: 3 Esports Capsules + Summoner Icon + Capsule

With information from LoL Esports.

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