How to download League of Legends (LOL) on PC, Android, iPhone

League Of Legends, regularly abbreviated as LoL, is one of the most popular free MOBA games on the market. In this online battlefield, two teams of five players compete and the goal of each team is to take down the opposing structure called the Nexus. MOBA is an acronym that identifies multiplayer online battle games. Here, we have this guide to help you download League of Legends (LOL) on PC, Android, iPhone, and other devices.

League Of Legends has three main game modes. League Of Legends is a great success, the cartoon atmosphere and the magical effects of each character are of quality and will surprise you during the fights. The soundtrack is also of a high quality, which combined with its high playability and intuitive interface, make this game one of the most downloaded in the world. You can also buy Elo boosting accounts to take help from professional gamers in order to get higher ranks in the game and improve your gaming skills.

Next, we will show you all the download options for League Of Legends. It is available to download on any PC, with Windows or iOS operating system. On mobile devices with Android system and iOS system, you will have versions of the game with fewer resources and applications for game tracking, games, and news.

Download League of Legends (LOL) for PC

League Of Legends combines several styles of play: action, real-time strategy (RTS), team competition, and a small dose of role-playing (RPG). It is very competitive and addictive, being ideal for beginners and professional players.

In League of Legends, before the start of each game, choose one of the champions at your disposal and then try to fight your enemies. The way you play changes depending on the hero chosen, but each offers an exciting and varied gaming experience.

League of Legends is available for Windows 7+ and for MacOS 10.7+. But it also requires certain features on your computer so you don’t have development problems in the game. Let’s see the minimum requirements.

To download League of Legends on Windows, you need the following:

  • Windows 7.0+.
  • 10 GB free on your hard drive.
  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • 2 GHz processor.
  • Shader 2.0 compatible video card.
  • DirectX 9.0+ compatibility.

To download League of Legends on Mac, you need the following:

  • MacOS 10.7+
  • 8 GB free on your hard drive.
  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT.

If your machine meets these requirements, you can register on the following page, so that it will give you the download option, either for Windows or for Mac.

Download League of Legends (LOL) for Android

There are League of Legends applications for Android, but only for monitoring and to keep up with the news of this fascinating game. But you will not be able to play directly on your mobile.

By downloading this application, you will be able to link it to your League of Legends account and you will receive updated news, check your friends’ game history, find out about new game updates, and discover new champions.

This application has been downloaded more than 5 million times, showing that it is an important part of the League of Legends world. The application is quite light, very easy to view and does not take up a lot of space on your Android device. Requires Android 4.1+.

The version Wild Rift from League of Legends will allow you to play on a mobile and no longer on a PC. This legendary game will be accessible in an Android environment, in a short version of the PC game, with 40 champions available for 5v5 battles on a map called Wild Rift.

It has not yet been released, but the application is already available on Google Play for you to download and get ahead of the events. Here we leave you the link.

Download League of Legends (LOL) .APK

And if you want to download this Wild Rift application from League of Legends, to be forewarned when the mobile version comes out, but you don’t want to download it on Google Play, you have the option to download the.APK from the site of As in Google Play, to download it asks for a pre-registration.

Download League of Legends (LOL) for iOS

Although many are waiting for Riot Games to finally develop a version for iOS devices, it has yet to materialize. Only the follow-up version of League of Legends is available and you can find it in the App Store.

This application has the same characteristics of updates and follow-ups of the game that will allow you to be up to date. But you will not be able to play directly on your mobile. Requires iOS 10.0+ and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Here we leave you the link.

Other Platforms

League of Legends has focused on maintaining its hegemony on PC, although it is already trying to penetrate the world of mobile platforms with Android and its Wild Rift version. However, Riot Games has no plans to cover any other platform for its game.

What we should note is that Riot Games itself promoted a documentary of the game that is on Netflix. Your name: League of Legends Origins and is already available on this platform and you can view it whenever you want..

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