Download MC PEDI Addons for Minecraft free on Android: MC PEDI 2023

Download MC PEDI Addons for Minecraft on Android: become a superhero, meet beautiful girls, get unique abilities, and much more!

Best MC PEDI Addons for Minecraft PE

Developers create addons so that Minecraft players get new opportunities in the game world. With these MC PEDI mods they can meet new characters, fight enemies with unique weapons and much more.


This superhero named Peter Parker is familiar to all fans of the Marvel universe. This MC PEDI addon will add not only a friendly neighbor to Minecraft PE, but also other comic book characters. For example, Iron Man, Thor, and others.

After downloading the mod, users can not only meet new friends, but also gain superpowers to fight enemies.



In Minecraft, players do not have the opportunity to turn into animals, but many users dream about this feature. This mod allows the character to transform into different mobs and even take their abilities.

For example, MC PEDI addon users can make Steve look like a cow or a pig. The addon will help to remain unnoticed when it is necessary.



This MC PEDI addon will be useful for those who are looking for a girlfriend in Minecraft PE. Steve can get married using a diamond ring. After that, the wife will follow the hero everywhere, carry his things and much more.

A funny feature of the mod is that the player can ride his wife.



Minecraft players can become real ninjas, download this MC PEDI addon. A cool hero weapon will appear in the game world, with which Steve can overcome any mobs.

The developer has replaced some inhabitants of the biomes with characters corresponding to the theme.



To give players more opportunities, the developers have created this MC PEDI addon. With its help, it is possible to fly in Minecraft PE, overcoming long distances in seconds.

Players can try on magic boots, as well as choose their wings. Those who want to master a new transport should pick an airplane.



The world of Minecraft will be completely transformed after downloading the Skyrim addon. MC PEDI mod is created for those who want to create the atmosphere of their favorite game and add dragons.

Players are also provided with weapons to fight monsters and cool helmets to protect the character.


Damage indicator

Since the Minecraft PE player is constantly fighting aggressive mobs, this MC PEDI addon will be useful to everyone. The indicator appears only when the player hits the creature.

The scale changes color all the time depending on the damage done. New information appears without any action on the part of the player. In order for the addon to work, users need to activate the experimental mode.


Education Edition

This MC PEDI addon will change the interaction of Minecraft users with game items by adding the creation of chemical formulas. First, the player must create a new crafting table, and then be able to use new recipes.

Thus, players will be able to add a bit of real life to the game world and get unique combinations.


Tinkers Construct

A similar mod has long existed for the Java version. The developer managed to create his own MC PEDI addon, and users will get a lot of interesting things with it. Minecraft PE players can not only create structures using unique tools, but also repair items.

It is also possible to obtain advanced weapons with the help of a forge of tools.Download:

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