Largest Advantages To Moissanite Over Diamonds


Moissanite is known for its beautiful sparkle and brilliance. To maximize these benefits, it is important that your moissanite gemstone is properly cut. It’s easy to get a cut that shows the stunning sparkle of moissanite, which is the good news because it is such an exceptional gemstone that can be found or made.

It is because moissanite has a lighter weight than similar-sized diamonds that it is often measured in millimeters instead of carats. A 6.5mm round diamond of the same size would weigh approximately 1 carat. Moissanite of the same dimensions would weigh around about 10% less than a diamond of equal size. Click here to find out more about the differences between moissanite and diamonds. You can also find glamorous gemstone collections at

Larger moissanite gemstones can have a carat weight of around 10.46, which is slightly lower than a similar-sized diamond. Different cuts have different carat weights. A 10.5mm moissanite gem that is both round and brilliant is 4.20ct by comparison. Additionally, if you had an 11mm gem weighing 4.75ct, this would be proportional to an 11.5mm that would be a gem of 5.37ct.


The Refractive Index (RI) shows that moissanite shines brighter than any other popular gemstone, and that includes any comparison to a standard diamond. Moissanite emits a more rainbow-colored sparkle than the diamond, which tends to have a white type of glow. Some feel that moissanite is an imitation of diamonds.


Moissanite can often be distinguished from diamonds by the naked eye. You can find them in a variety of colors now, although this was not always the case. The “classic” moissanite is yellow-brown in color and works well with rose-gold rings or even yellow-gold as well.

Moissanite, like the diamond, can be found in the “Near Colorless” or may even be categorized as completely “Colorless” according to the Gemological Institute of America’s scale which is used for grading the color of gemstones.


The diamond is still the hardest gemstone, but moissanite is a close second. Moh’s Hardness Scale gives the diamond a 10. Moh’s hardness scale gives moissanite a 9.5. It is more durable than any other gemstone, making it a very good choice. Moissanite has a mineral makeup that resists dirt and oil much better than a diamond and is less susceptible to breaking or chipping.


Moissanite’s price is one of its greatest advantages. Moissanite costs approximately one-tenth of the price of a typical diamond. When determining the cost of a diamond, a diamond’s worth can fluctuate based on its clarity and cut, plus it only has a limited range in terms of size and type. This is why younger couples are increasingly choosing moissanite for their engagement rings due to its similarities and the low cost when compared to diamonds.

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