Interested in Shipping? Here’s How to Make Cash From Deliveries

It’s clear that shipping and door-to-door deliveries are hitting an all-time high at present. After the pandemic the general population is shopping online more than ever and supply chains are stretched from the intensity of the purchasing frenzy across the world. All this means that shipping is a growth sector, with plenty of jobs and high wages being offered for both full-time truckers and flexible last-mile delivery agents alike. If you’re interested in joining the shipping party, this article will show you how to do so.

Your Vehicle

The size and stature of your vehicle will have a large impact on the kind of shipping work that you can do. If you’re deriving a family saloon, you shouldn’t expect to be delivering anything substantial – perhaps small packages of clothing or electronics from Amazon. If you have a van or truck, you’ll be better placed to fill out your truck with a variety of deliveries, once you’ve learned the ropes of how to drum up business.

Make sure that your vehicle is kept clean and in good condition when you’re deciding to get into shipping. You should vet commercial truck maintenance software for the maintenance purpose of your vehicles. One failed delivery due to a mechanical error can have a significant impact on how you’re viewed as a professional delivery driver – losing you business and tarring your image. Keep things maintained in order to avoid this stress.

Your Work

Finding work as a newcomer to shipping and deliveries can be a challenge. It takes time to drum up the kind of interest and contacts needed to make this a consistent source of income. One option when you’re setting out as a delivery driver is to partner with a company, delivering exclusively for them. Another is to be hired as a full-time trucker or delivery driver.

There’s a third option, though, that might be preferable for those who are interested in shipping work, but don’t wish to work full-time straight away. If you head over to you will be able to find a list of shipping jobs and truck loads that you can choose from to fill your vehicle and start delivering on an ad hoc, flexible basis. This suits people who are choosing to deliver around other commitments.

Your Brand

As you gather more customers and impress more clients, you’ll build a personal brand for yourself. You’ll become known as a reliable driver who always hits deadlines and pleases their delivery partners. You may even be inundated by so many delivery requests that you’re forced to hire a second driver.

At this stage, you’re well on your way to beginning a fleet of vehicles that could one day become large enough for you to sit back, stop delivering yourself, and merely manage the truck loads that you’re asked to deliver from place to place. If that’s something that interests you, do make approaches to other drivers to see if they’re likely to team up to create a fleet.

These tips will help you start a career in shipping and delivery services, which can become highly lucrative if you amass enough clients and interest.

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