4 Reasons to Continue Using Laravel in 2022

As you probably already know, Laravel is one of the most popular and extremely efficient PHP frameworks used for web development all over the globe. There are many reasons why developers love to work with this free and open-source framework.

Still, in the tech world, one thing that is more important than whether or not something is popular at the moment is whether or not it will stand the test of time. We often hear about MVC support, object-oriented libraries, Laravel server, templating engine, and other aspects that may sound complicated, but the essential thing is to view it as a tool that brings many advantages.

That is why here we will see four practical reasons why Laravel is still the best choice in 2022. Let’s start.

MVC Architectural Pattern

We all know that it is more than beneficial to have a website for your business in today’s modern world, and Laravel will help you immensely in creating one. And one of the things that separates this framework from all others is the Model-View-Controller-based software that makes Laravel so popular among developers.

The ability to create clarity between the Model and the View through the Controller makes better readability of documentation, among other things, which delivers an outstanding overall performance. Because of the MVC architecture, Laravel provides developers with an efficient way to create large and small-scale business apps that are unconventional, therefore, unique. Developers can write clear and simple code that is more than beneficial to the process, especially when a project has large volumes of code writing and it can be pretty complex. The MVC pattern has various built-in functions, and some of the best ones are pagination, authentication system, database streamlined migration, and Eloquent ORM.

Even if you work on a large software project, MVC provides finding files in a quick way in the logical directories. Therefore, a software engineer has the advantage to have control over how the web app presents itself for the users, and they can make it better accordingly.

Laravel Routing

Another important reason why you should continue using Laravel in 2022 is that the Laravel routing is impressive. In essence, when a server receives a request, routing is the process of the specific action that is triggered to handle that request.

The Laravel code for routing is clean and straightforward, which can be seen best if you compare it to the code in other PHP frameworks. It can be initiated in the app with a significant level of both control and flexibility to match the URL. Having this fantastic advantage, a developer gets a better insight into the simplicity and the expressiveness of how routes are defined since the goal of Laravel is to make everything effective and simple at the same time. 

Furthermore, you can also name group routes or bind route models to inject model instances automatically, create resources for CRUD pages, request parameters, or attach filters as well. And even when you have to add additional layers to the HTTP route, this impressive framework supports HTTP middleware. And by using it, you can optimize the communication between the PHP app and the web server by having the ability to use other third-party tools.

Security Is Always Important

One of the most important aspects of a developer building something is security, and every developer has to make sure that his creation is entirely secure and safe. The good thing about Laravel is that it provides security inside the framework since it has a salted and hashed password that refers to the password as something that won’t be saved as plain text in the database.

Laravel has the Bcrypt hashing algorithm that has the ability to create an encrypted demonstration of the password, and it uses prepared SQL statements to make the injection attacks inconceivable. In addition, this PHP framework shows an easy way to avoid the user input to evade user injection of the <script> tag. Some of the security features that Laravel has are encryption, password reminders and reset, storing passwords, protecting routes, configuration, authenticating users, authentication drivers, and manual logging in users.

Laravel’s Object-Oriented Libraries

Last but not least, Laravel provides structuring code according to MVC, but it also has an impressive and expressive syntax that makes this framework object-oriented.

Developers that use the Laravel framework are provided with more than 20 pre-installed object-oriented and modular libraries but also with secondary tools for creating strong web apps. Because of this essential advantage, the developers can use the most up-to-date principles to make a modular and responsive web application development. Once again, some Laravel modules are so authentic that they are not available in most of the other PHP frameworks you know today. For example, the authentication library gives you the ability to ensure security to databases with CSRF protection or encryption.

And since code can be easily maintained and modified, Laravel remains one of the most powerful PHP frameworks in 2022, and it will most likely continue to be valuable in years to come as well. Therefore, using Laravel or hiring some Laravel experts is more than beneficial for you and your business!

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