When will Huawei P50 release, what will be interesting and how much will it cost?

As usual, long before the release of a new smartphone, we know a lot about it. Often even price and detailed specifications. For this, thanks to everyone: Insiders, developers, and even the management of companies who want to whet the public’s interest a little. The fact remains that there are too many leaks and now we even know what the new Huawei P50 will be like, and this is the most controversial smartphone of recent times. 

It is difficult to know something for sure about him, because even the company itself cannot be completely sure of what it is doing, what sanctions will be imposed on it, and which, on the contrary, will be lifted. Nevertheless, the information looks quite plausible, and it was clearly not without internal sources. Let’s remember what was said and check it in practice in a few months.

New Huawei models

Huawei’s growth has slowed under the pressure it experienced in 2020. However, the Chinese manufacturer has big plans for 2021. While US sanctions against the company show no signs of easing, the company is poised to launch the Huawei P50 series, the brand’s flagship smartphone family. It always comes out at the beginning of the year. Such launches are also called early launches.

Like the Huawei P40 line and previous versions of the P series, we expect the P50 series to have excellent camera performance and great battery life. But this is all “on the surface” and too easy to predict. What else can we see? The information below has been compiled from various sources and has been confirmed many times by others.

Huawei P50 with stylus
Huawei P50 with stylus

When will Huawei P50 be released?

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S21, there is little controversy over what Huawei will call this flagship. In the case of the South Koreans, the options boil down to continuing the name with round numbers (Galaxy S30) or equating the model to the year of release (Galaxy S21). I have repeatedly advocated the second option since it is more logical. This is unobtrusive and it will not be necessary to remember in what year this or that model came out, gradually turning them over in the brain in the opposite direction relatively relevant.

Huawei has already confidently set a course for models with round numbers and this year will be no exception. There will be three smartphones in the Huawei P50 line: the regular version, Pro, and Pro Plus.

There is no exact release date yet. Even the company itself may not yet know this, because there are still several months ahead. However, given that the P20, P30, and P40 came out at the end of March, we can assume that this time everything will be exactly the same. Last time, the launch date was different during the Huawei P10 – it came out in February.

On the other hand, given that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will be released earlier than usual this year, it makes no sense for the Chinese company to delay the launch too long. Of course, if she has time to do everything.

Huawei P50 with kirin9000 processor
Kirin9000 Processor

Specifications Huawei P50

US sanctions can still be a problem for Huawei, but it is unlikely to stop the company from releasing a really cool device. In October 2020, the company was allowed to purchase some key components. These include camera sensors from Sony and Omnivision, as well as screens from Samsung Display. Reports say Huawei is now allowed to resume purchasing some of the chips but has already refused some of them.

Huawei’s latest P series model usually has the same basic internals as the previous Mate series. In this regard, it is interesting to know what kind of processor it will have. Of course, the company may still have stocks of Kirin 9000, but they are unlikely to last long. Let me remind you that since September they are no longer produced. This is a cool 5nm chipset that has stepped forward a lot over the Kirin 990 and surpasses the latest Snapdragon 888 in some respects.

In terms of storage and RAM, the base Huawei P40 comes in 8/128 GB versions. It should not decrease, but it is not known whether it will increase or not.

Will Huawei work on Android

In September 2020, Huawei confirmed that the HarmonyOS operating system will be available on smartphones in 2021. While the company is currently using EMUI 11 on its Android devices, this may end with the next major launch, which will be the Huawei P50.

According to a report from China’s Sina Tech, the Huawei P50 series will be “officially equipped” with Harmony OS. Huawei recently unveiled the beta version of Harmony OS 2.0 and listed the Huawei P40 in the list of supported devices, which means there will be newer models in the lineup.

One thing is clear for sure. The likelihood of Google services appearing in Huawei P50 is slightly lower than meeting Sergey Brin in Pyaterochka near the house. That is, zero. Even if one day the sanctions are lifted, it will certainly not be so soon, and Huawei may fundamentally abandon Google if the sanctions are lifted. This addiction costs her too much.

Google Huawei
Google Huawei

How much will the Huawei P50 cost

Huawei is committed to serving its home market first, especially in recent years. Those who are in Europe or other regions may see the smartphone with a long delay.

Although Huawei launched the P40 series at the end of March, the phone was only available in the Chinese and Western markets on June 6 and 25, respectively. We can see something similar with the P50 series. It’s too early to talk about it with certainty, but this is exactly what is going on.

In terms of pricing, we can make some encouraging predictions based on the P-Series track record. Huawei has kept the P40 and P30 pricing similar. The base models P30 and P40 were priced at 799 euros , while the base models P30 Pro and P40 Pro started at 999 euros. Regardless, the P40 Pro also received double the storage capacity of its predecessor.

Given Huawei’s efforts to maintain its global market share, we expect the company to maintain this pricing structure again. It might even lower those prices a little, making the P50 series a more attractive proposition than the competition.

It is difficult to say anything else about the new smartphone without switching to fantasies. We will still return to this topic, and in order not to miss the news, subscribe to our news channel on Telegram.

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