How Technology is Changing Dating

The world is quickly evolving towards the use of technology in all aspects of human life. Technology comes with its Pros and Cons but you would agree with me that so far, the good aspects take the greater percentage.

Humans are adapting to technology and have unconsciously relied on it for survival. For instance, if someone wants to do research, the first instinct is google. If someone wants to connect with people, the first thought is social media and this is done unconsciously. This shows how much we’re adapting to the use of technology in our daily lives.

Technology in the dating aspect is a rather fast one with massive progress. The influence of technology on relationships cannot be overemphasized. Technology has not only changed the dating structure but also the mind set of the people involved.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how technology is changing dating, this will cut across both the good and bad aspects of this influence.

Technology and Dating

Before the intervention of technology, dating was all about meeting someone, developing affection for a person then planning the future with him or her. Dating was more about commitment and with the main aim of getting married.

With technology, dating is a whole new game. Technology brought about social media platforms, dating apps and lots more. These technology trends have influenced the nature of dating both positively and negatively.

Let’s take a look at how the different technology trends have affected dating in their own unique ways. 

Influence of Dating Apps

There have been the introduction of numerous dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, eHarmony, OkCupid and many others. These apps can be installed into smartphones and can also be deleted, you can delete your eHarmony account. These apps have influenced dating in different ways such as;

Positive Influence of Dating Apps

These are the positive changes caused by dating apps;

Easy to Start Out

Unlike meeting a person physically which will require a lot of mental work, dating sites have made it easy to meet people and converse with ease. There is no need for much mental work, just the right words to use .

Expand your Horizon

Dating apps help people meet different people from various countries and races. Before technology was used, dating was mostly done within one’s environment and meeting people from other regions was rare except being connected by a relative or friend.

But today such a thing is no longer in existence as dating apps can connect two people from a totally different background and this helps to expand one’s horizon in different aspects. 

Increases Perfect Match

Unlike the pre-technology age where people used trial and error methods in finding a perfect match but with the help of technology, finding your perfect match is not difficult. 

Dating Apps have made provision for personal data which helps in pairing or making suggestions of possible perfect matches which helps reduce the stress of getting to know a person before deciding if the person is your perfect match.

Negative Influence of Dating Apps

The negative Influence of technology on dating includes;


These people are not meeting physically, there is every possibility of meeting someone with a fake identity. Most people fake their identity and status on dating apps just to make an impression, this act has misled lots of people.

Exposure to Scammers

Some people are usually not conscious of the fact that scammers are everywhere. Most people have been scammed on various dating sites using different means.

Some people are just there to extort money from others and the naive ones usually fall victim to such circumstances. The level of credibility on dating apps is low. 

Different Choices, More Confusion

Due to the large number of people on dating apps with similar interests, making the right choice is extremely difficult as everyone looks good and perfect. People get confused with choice of partners and needs to be very careful in order not to make a mistake.

Physical Contact is Difficult

With the use of dating apps, physical contact is extremely difficult due to distance and the comfort of chatting online. People feel reluctant to meet, especially when they have good communication on dating sites.

Influence of Social Media

Social media is another technology that has a huge effect on dating. Everything is possible on social media; meeting new people, staying connected to old friend, getting sexual satisfaction and lots more. With the increasing number of social media platforms, let’s see how much effect it has on dating and these include its Pros and Cons.

Positive Influence of Social Media

The Pros of social media in dating includes;

Better Communication

With the help of social media, there is better communication in a relationship, this works for new and already existing relationships. Some people feel communication is for long distance relationships and this thought has destroyed so many good relationships.

Every relationship needs good communication and social media is there to provide a good communicating avenue. Partners who are active on social media tend to communicate more. 

More Connections

Social Media creates more connections with people thereby improving dating. Numerous couples are as a result of social media platforms, this helps connect like minds and help grow their relationship. It also connects people from different angles of life. 

Makes Replacement Possible

With social media platforms, replacement is possible in a relationship. This helps reduce depression. New partners can be connected with and no one really has to be heartbroken.

When a partner is conscious of the fact that he/she can be easily replaced, the relationship will be taken more seriously because the fastest place to get new partners is social media.

Negative Influence

The Cons of social media in dating includes;

Limited Physical Connection

With the presence of social media, physical connection becomes reduced. Nothing can be compared to physical connection, the vibes are just different and this connection is absolutely necessary. Social media does not encourage such connections as everyone is comfortable with the online space. 

No Serious Commitment

People who connect on social media rarely have a serious commitment due to the numerous options online. People tend to be distracted due to constant increase of engagement on social media platforms and sticking to one person is very difficult especially with partners who haven’t met physically before.

Increased Jealousy

Partners tend to be jealous of each other especially when one person spends more time on social media connecting with other people. This usually happens if the couples are living together, jealousy generated from social media has destroyed a lot of serious relationships.


Technology has changed dating and will continue to evolve the dating aspect in so many ways. Dating has been restructured by the use of technology and the positivity of technology in dating has greatly outweighed the negativity of it.

Dating has become more interesting with technology, communication has improved and relationships are getting better. Technology is changing dating and making great evolutions.

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