Diesel Watches With Masculine, Solid, And Industrial Aesthetics

When we talk about Diesel, we talk about elegance, style, and fashion; their watches are a classy accessory for both gentlemen and ladies because they make up a high range of original and unique designs with an optimal level of quality.

If you are in search of the best Diesel watch and don’t know which one to choose or where to look, we have created for you this ranking of the best Diesel watches of 2022 where you can make a choice based on solid and comprehensive criteria.

Ranking Diesel watches with masculine, solid, and industrial aesthetics, the best of 2022!

1. Diesel Mega Chief watch

To start this list of the best Diesel watches we have to talk about the Mega Chief model, an ultra-sleek gold-colored design, whose presence makes it a good fashion accessory.

The mega Chief watch is a stainless steel bracelet design connected to a round gold colored case.

The time display of this watch is available in 24-hour format but also in 12-hour format. Overall this watch weighs 204g and has a diameter of 59mm, also has a 10 ATM water pressure resistance.

In this watch a chronograph is added to the list of functions, but, it does not have the integrated alarm.

2. Diesel Men’s Double Down S44 Watch

The Diesel Men’s Double Down S44 watch is an elegant model in terms of design, size, and color. It has a weight of 58g, a 24 mm strap and a width of 13 x 13 x 13 cm.

The design features a black strap with a SILICONE RESISTANT MATERIAL, it also comes in a white color presentation.

The accessory has a completely black dial just like the white version. In addition, they have a reduced visibility that makes a contrast with the numbers.

This DIESEL WATCH can be used during a surface swimming session or in the rain, given its water resistance.

3. Diesel Chronograph Watch DZ4318

This model DIESEL DZ4318 is a WATCH with an exclusive model only for men with a fine and elegant design. The watch supports the alarm function which also serves as a reminder.

The watch has an ANALOG FORMAT that fits a black dial with blue hands and indications. It is very lightweight, weighing 204g and its black strap measures 26mm.

Compared to other Diesel watches on this list, the functions present on this watch are not numerous, it has only two: a calendar that displays the date and a chronograph whose counter lasts 60 seconds.

Buying Criteria: Diesel watch

When choosing one of the best DIESEL WATCHES, you have to take into account its main functions, but also its design, quality and material.

Design: Diesel watches have leather, silicone, and stainless steel bracelets. Each material has its preference and use for each occasion: for example, leather is elegant, but not ideal when it comes in contact with water. Silicone, on the other hand, is not elegant, but is very water resistant.

Water resistance: a water-resistant watch from Diesel is very useful as it can be worn at any time of the year. This feature gives you full assurance that the accessory will not suffer any damage.

Compatible functions: some Diesel models are digital and have apps with multiple options to choose from. Although you may be tempted to buy other simpler models, these may not integrate calendar, alarm, or chronograph, but in high-end Diesel watches these functions are present.

Weight of the watch: in most cases, it is important that the watch you wear on your wrist all day, has an intermediate weight to not feel any discomfort.

To sum up…

You have just seen the most important criteria to consider when selecting one of the BEST DIESEL WATCHES from our list. With these premises, you can now make a safe purchase either for your own consumption or for a gift.

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