How to Fix Something Went Wrong Error in Spotify Web Player

Spotify is the world’s one of the most premium music streaming services. It always provides a better way to experience music and podcast. The developers of Spotify are constantly testing new feature optimizes for new devices to expand their library. And might have experienced an error saying Something went wrong on the Spotify web player, for that, we have come up with this tutorial that explains different methods to fix Something went wrong error on the Spotify web player. So, you can enjoy your music without interruptions.

In the same ways, Spotify recently launched its desktop version- Spotify Web Player. Spotify web player is easy to use, clean design with more controls. Spotify web player is globally and available for both Windows and Mac.

Although, the popular streaming service also has a bug in it. As per the Spotify community, many users reported that they got error messages frequently “Something went wrong. Check your internet connection and try again” or “An error occurred. Something went wrong. Try reloading the page.” The problem occurs when you open Spotify web player in your browser or desktop app for Windows or Mac. As per some reports, the error occurs in mobile devices also. Here are some fixes for the error in the Spotify web player.

Fix Something Went Wrong Error in Spotify Web Player

How to Fix Something Went Wrong Error in Spotify Web Player

However, if you are also facing with “Something went wrong” error, then check out all these methods that help you to fix the issue simultaneously.

Method 1 – Update the Browser

Update Browser

The outdated browser can impact your web experience as some of the websites are not working properly, especially media streaming sites. So make sure you are updating from time to time so that the browser supports all content on the website. Every browser has an updated section on its setting. You can also download the updated version of the browser from their official website.

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Method 2 – Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

Clear Cookies and Cache

This method is basic troubleshooting by few clicks on your browser as well as in your system. You can clear the cache and cookie within no time. In contrast, the primary function of cache is to boost the speed of the following software of website, but as in recent time every dev working on updating the content and the website to provide the best experience to the user. Here’s a catch, yes you hear it right! There is a mixup of cache with old to new that makes glitch on the website or app.

Method 3- Log In And Log Out Spotify Web Player Account

Here is another quick fix for the error on Spotify. A fresh login will keep your account in sync with the Spotify server. The steps are:

  • open Spotify and navigate to profile.
  • Click on Log out.
  • Again log in by inserting your credential.

Check if the issue gets disappeared or not. If not, move to the next method.

Method 4 -VPN


VPN also one of the reasons behind the “something went wrong” error. Try to disable the VPN temporarily and do login and logout once to fix the issue. Sometimes account info and region do match, so that it may cause some error.

Method 5 – Reinstall and Update Spotify Web Player App

This method is for desktop and mobile devices. Sometimes an update or fresh install will fix the error. The steps are as follow:

For Desktop/Laptop:

  • Uninstall the previous Spotify App from the desktop by going to program and features.
  • Navigate to Spotify. After that, click on uninstall.

For Mobile:

  • Go to setting.
  • Navigate to the app section.
  • Select Spotify and uninstall it.

You can also check on the app store of computer or mobile for any new update. And always download Apps from genuine and from the official website.

Method 6 – Log Out From Old Devices

If any user login more than one device, it also sowing “Please try error again.” To get rid of this issue, you can remove the old device from your Profile, and if you are a premium user, Spotify will give you access to up to five devices. To perform this task, use these steps:

  1. Open Spotify from one of the logged-in devices and click on your Profile.
  2. From the opened drop-down menu, select the Account option.
  3. Locate and click on the Offline devices option.
  4. Now, remove one are all the devices and log out of Spotify.

Bottom Line

We hope these methods will help you fix the “Something went wrong ” error from Spotify Web Player. It’s very irritating when our favorite music service has any error. However, Spotify already knows the issue and tries to fix them in the upcoming update. If you have any queries regarding the above topic, share them in the comment section.

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