How to download free and legal Mp3 Music on iPhone

Downloading free and legal mp3 songs and music on iPhone can be quite a complicated procedure, especially because Apple takes into account the security and legality that can represent every action that users perform on each of their devices, so we see that things work a little differently than they do on Android.

If you are an iPhone user right now you can surely say “this is not possible” and to some extent, you may be right, however, we have done a lot of research on how to achieve this and the truth is that there are alternatives that somehow allow us to have mp3 music legally on mobile with iOS, so we will explain it to you.

Snaptube: the best app to have mp3 songs/music downloaded on iPhone
Snaptube for iPhone

Snaptube: the best app to have mp3 songs/music downloaded on iPhone

We start by talking about this controversial application because it has always had some reputation for being a service that goes a bit beyond the law, but the truth is that it is available for download directly from the App Store, so at least Apple considers it safe and legal to use.

You can download content from YouTube and then listen to it as an offline mp3, plus you can search different websites which we’ll talk about later, so you can have a wide variety of songs available to listen to locally on your iPhone, especially when you don’t want to use mobile data or simply don’t have a signal to access it.

SnapTube’s features are quite extensive, in fact, it allows you to download content from different platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, and then watch it locally, as we mentioned before.

You can start a search and ask for it to be downloaded offline, and once it is ready, the application itself will let you know that the title is already available so that you can listen to it locally on your mobile.

This app has many advantages because you can add a sleep timer, in which you can set time lapses between 10 and 90 minutes to turn off automatically after the time has elapsed, it even has a function within this same section that will let you play that last song you listen to before turning off, once the set time has elapsed.

Snaptube is free, but it also has a premium version with plans ranging from one week to one year, however with the free option you can download your music without any problems and have most of the basic functions you need, especially that it sends you notifications on the screen when your songs are ready to listen offline.

So what’s the point of paying for that service if it offers the same thing? The answer is that if you pay you won’t see ads, instead, if you have the free version you will be able to listen to music, but you will also get a lot of ads. There is a feature that allows you to get a couple of hours without ads if you voluntarily watch a video ad.

Download Snaptube from here.

MusicBed App for iPhone
MusicBed App for iPhone


Before we move on to the free and legal mp3 download websites, which also link to SnapTube, we also want to include a second alternative for listening to offline music on iPhone and that is MusicBed.

This application works like most music streaming apps, you can search, make playlists and have offline downloads, i.e. listen to mp3 locally. What sets this platform apart from other options is that the songs that are available in its library are royalty-free and you can use them however you want.

On this platform, you will not get anything from very popular artists, nor the latest hits, but it has plenty of music to relax, study, work and in general to have a musical thread at home if you want, the best thing is that you can previously download what you want and so you will not have to use your data to consume them while you use it.

Initially, this platform was designed as a site where creators and filmmakers could get royalty-free music for their content, but then it expanded its alternatives and today it is an ideal option for you to have pleasant and relaxing music at different times of the day, not necessarily to be used as music for a film.

MusicBed has a paid version and a free version, the difference (as in most platforms) is in the ads that may or may not interrupt your music session.

Download MusicBed app here.

Free Music Public Domain
Free Music Public Domain

Free Music Public Domain

Now let’s go to the websites that have royalty-free music and are totally legal, we start with Free Music Public Domain, which has all kinds of songs that you can use in commercials, Instagram videos, in Reels posts, statuses, and much more.

Also, if you like you can have that music locally in mp3 to listen to it on your iPhone whenever you want.

This platform has an extensive catalog that is classified according to the type of music you may be looking for, from cartoon music, alternative rock, ballads, blues, children’s music, Christian music, Christmas music, classical music, country, comedy, electronic music, female vocals, instrumental, jazz, new age and many other options from which you can choose the track you want and download it.

The content available on this platform is in the public domain and they don’t charge a single euro to download it, however, they do have a button so you can make donations and contribute to the upkeep of the site itself.

As you know if you have an iPhone, you can’t just download music to your phone and that’s it, you need to have a computer with iTunes and then transfer it from there to your mobile, or have an app that manages the offline content and that’s where the relationship between this site and SnapTube begins.

You will see that when you try to download a song it suggests you go to Snaptube to do so and offers you an option to do so, so we recommend you take it and manage the songs you want from there.

Visit Free Music Public Domain here.

Free Music Archive
Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

Moving on to another alternative that can be very useful for downloading mp3 music for your iPhone. This option could also be used in combination with Snaptube if you want to have the music directly on your phone without having to go through iTunes and your computer.

It has a wide catalog of alternatives that you can consider using for an afternoon at work, to relax, or simply because you need the perfect accompaniment for a video.

They have a library divided into popular genres and options ranging from Blues, classical, country, international, soul, pop, instrumental, folk, hip-hop and many other alternatives.

You will also see an additional menu where options proposed by different music curators of the platform are available, where you can choose music for content, or you can simply enjoy it offline on your iPhone.

Like the previous alternative, all the content that is available on this platform is free, but you can also make donations for the maintenance of the music archive and the maintenance of the website.

With these alternatives, you can download free and legal mp3 on your iPhone, either because you want to listen to it offline through Snaptube or because you download it to your computer and then upload it directly to your phone from iTunes.

Visit Free Music Archive here.

Thus, we have different methods to download MP3 songs and music on Apple iPhone smartphones, and iPads. We hope that our readers would find this guide helpful.

Now, we would like to hear from you! What’s your favorite one? Drop your comments below!

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