11 Best Samsung Galaxy A32 Ticks

Are you new to your Samsung Galaxy A32? If you’ve already taken a look at the settings and features offered by One UI, you’ll find that there are plenty of details that you can customize to suit your needs. Therefore, we have this list of some of the best Samsung Galaxy A32 tips and tricks to get the most out of this smartphone.

But there are also hidden settings and some tricks you can apply to get the most out of your Samsung. Don’t know where to start? Check out this series of tricks that will save you time and help you discover new features on your phone.

1. Answer Your Calls While Still Interacting on Your Phone

Most calls are inconvenient. And if we are working on the mobile or in some work chat, endless calls can be a headache. So that this does not become a problem, Samsung allows us to use a mini floating window of the call.

This way, you can move the mini window anywhere on the screen while you have the call active, and without stopping interacting on the mobile. And of course, it will also be useful if you have to look for information to provide it in the call.

This is not an option that is configured by default, so you will have to choose this mini pop-pup for your next calls. To do this, open the Phone app and go to Settings >> Call settings >> Call display when using apps >> Mini pop-up.

Of course, you can always change the call window settings to suit your needs.

2. Convert Your Notes to PDF Files, Images, and More

While there are plenty of apps and web services that allow you to convert any document into PDF, PowerPoint, images, and more, we don’t always have them handy on our mobile.

But if you have a Samsung you are in luck, since one of its tools allows you to convert a note in different formats with a simple touch. The only requirement is that your notes are in Samsung Notes, one of the apps that come preinstalled on the mobile.

So once you create a note in the app (text, drawings, images, etc.) select it and choose the “Share” option. There you will find different options, like converting it into a PDF file, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, image, etc.

You will see that it automatically converts your note into the format you choose, and then gives you the option to share the file with your contacts.

3. Watch Youtube in Floating Window While Scrolling Through Apps

If you can’t tear yourself away from YouTube videos but need to perform other tasks on your mobile, you can apply this little trick.

It will allow you to have YouTube in a floating window that can be moved anywhere on the screen while you continue in other applications or sections of the mobile. To do this, you just have to open the YouTube app and then activate multitasking.

When you perform this action, click on the YouTube icon and choose “Open in pop-up view” as you see in the image. That’s it, you have your YouTube floating window. You will see that you can shrink it, enlarge it and move it around the screen.

That way, you can chat, browse the web, or scroll through Instagram while watching YouTube videos.

4. Custom Watermark Your Photos

If you share your photos on Instagram or any social network, you will know that it is very easy for an image to end up in different publications without recognition or credit to the author. That’s why many users opt to create a watermark using different applications.

But with your Samsung, you can implement the watermark automatically just by going through a simple camera setting. To do this, open the Camera app, go to Settings, and tap on the “Watermark” option.

Once you activate it, you can write the message you want to appear as a watermark… it can be your name, nickname, brand, phrase, etc. And you can even add emoticons if you wish.

5. Open Samsung Apps on Your Windows PC

If you don’t want to divide your attention between PC and mobile when you are working, you can implement a small dynamic that will help you keep your focus on one device.

While there are plenty of ways to connect an Android phone to a Windows PC, Samsung makes the process even easier by adding this option to the settings. You’ll find it under Settings >> Advanced features >> Connect to Windows.

While this process requires several steps, as you will see in the article we share below, you will only lose a few minutes in the initial setup.

Once you finish the setup process between the Samsung and your Windows computer, you will see that it gives you a number of options. Among them, run the apps you have installed on the mobile directly on the PC screen.

6. Improve the Performance of the Samsung Galaxy A32 With This Simple Action

If you notice that the mobile is slow or the battery is consumed faster than normal, and you do not know what to do to fix it, use this option.

With so many configurations on the mobile, it is normal to lose sight of what is affecting the performance of the mobile. Is it too many apps installed? Maybe the games? A bad configuration? A quick action you can take to optimize your phone without complication is to follow these steps: Go to Settings >> Battery and device care>> Optimize now or fix now button.

Once you click on “Optimize now” or “Fix Now”, the device will perform a series of checks to improve performance. Some actions are activated automatically and others are provided as suggestions.

This way, you can quickly fix the performance problem until you spend more time investigating the cause if the problem persists on your device.

7. Create a Separate Contact List for Secondary Social Accounts

While most social networks allow us to switch between one account and another from the same app, we don’t always find that dynamic practical. Especially if you are distracted and end up confusing your personal account with your work account.

But don’t worry, your Samsung Galaxy A32 gives you a little help with this problem, as it allows you to have two accounts independently. And for this, you just have to use the “Dual Messaging” function that you will find in Settings >> Advanced features.

This feature allows you to create a duplicate of the app of your choice (WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc) to log in with another username or account. And to complement this dynamic of additional accounts, Samsung also allows you to create a separate contact list that will only be used for duplicate apps.

To use this option just enable “Use separate contact list” within the Dual Messaging settings.

8. Hide Apps You Want to Keep Private

Prefer to keep some of your installed apps away from prying eyes? You know, those friends who take the phone without permission or the little ones in the house who take advantage of any distraction to play games.

If that’s your case, you can easily solve it with this trick. Press a few seconds on the home screen and choose “Settings” to take you to the screen settings. Once in that section choose “Hide apps”. Samsung will show you a list of all the apps installed on your phone, so just choose the ones you want to hide and that’s it.

You will see that the hidden app’s icon will no longer appear in the app drawer. And to find them you just have to use the app finder.

9. Use Timers for Applications

Having trouble taking your eyes off YouTube?’Or does 10 minutes on Instagram turn into hours? If you want to control the time you spend on some of the apps you have on your mobile and have become your weakness, you can resort to a little help.

Just go to the “Digital Wellbeing and parental controls” section within Settings and select the “App timers” option. You will see that it shows you a list of all the apps for you to choose those on which you want to set a timer.

When the display time of that app runs out, Samsung will show you a warning in the style of “App usage timeout”. Of course, you can change the timer to give yourself more time, but the idea is that you meet your goal.

And for you to monitor your progress, it will show you a series of statistics of your viewing time, both daily and weekly, for each application.

10. Adapting the Screen Size of the Samsung A32 to Fit Your Hand

Do you find it difficult to operate your phone with one hand? It has a very simple solution that you can improvise by taking a look at the settings.

To do this go to Settings >> Advanced Features >> One Hand Mode. This function allows you to reduce the size of the screen so that you can interact with the phone using only one hand.

You can place this mini screen on either side, as you find it more comfortable, and scroll through all sections of the mobile without problems. Of course, it is an option to use temporarily, so you can return to the normal screen at any time.

11. Activate These Hidden Options to Edit Screenshots

If you do not want to waste time going to Gallery to edit your screenshots, do not forget this trick.

Just go to Settings >> Advanced Features >> Screenshots & Call Recording >> Screenshots Toolbar. Once you activate this toolbar you will see that it appears as soon as you take a screenshot.

So before the image disappears you will be able to crop it, write, draw or point out some element using the pencils and strokes offered by this tool. And you can also share the image directly from this toolbar.

This dynamic will save you time and having to resort to other applications.

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