8 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way We Travel Today

Technology has positively affected many things in our lives, including how we travel. This means everything related to visiting a new place or country, communicating with people, moving to a different city, or even how we commute daily.

We can also connect with people from all different locations or attend important meetings in the middle of our vacations. We can also pay quickly, go cashless, and take care of the environment in many ways.

So, how has technology changed the way we travel now? Let’s find out!

1. There Are Environmentally Friendly Options to Travel

Thanks to many of the earlier technologies, the world faces the consequences of environmental pollution. But technology isn’t all bad, especially the modern ones.

Now, there are environment-friendly travel options, whether for a short distance or for miles away. Take bullet trains, for example. They reduce many carbon emissions and use much less energy than other types of trains.

Then there are hybrid cars and electric cars. Hybrid cars use less fuel, whereas electric cars run on electricity.

People are increasingly using bikes to travel as well! You can try different types of bikes, such as an e-bike. Companies such as Specialized are selling these bikes. Their line of e-bikes is diverse, meaning you can find your perfect e-bike here.

2. Technology Helps Us Travel More Efficiently

Thanks to the Wright brothers, we have airplanes! Otherwise, can you imagine how long it would take for us to travel from one continent to another by sea? And how much we would lose our efficiency in this fast-moving world?

We can carry out our important tasks while flying and read e-books on our devices instead of stuffing our handbags with paperback books. Technology also allows us to have faster, hybrid bikes. You can also hold your phone on them with your map open, allowing you to see your routes without stopping.

Reading maps from a big piece of paper was a job that needed skill. But now we have maps on our devices, showing us bus and train routes and how far we are from our destination. You can also find restaurants and cafes near your location, saving us valuable time. Another extremely useful move thanks to technology is to be able to book an instant bag storage facility like luggage storage in Los Angeles virtually. This saves a lot of time and effort of having to physically scouting and then queuing up at conventional luggage lockers.

3. It Has Changed the Way We Book Our Tickets

Previously, we had to go to airports or train stations to book our tickets in advance or wait in long lines to buy our tickets. But technology has changed that. Now, we can book our tickets ahead of time using our phones and laptops through dedicated websites.

This now helps us to save a lot of valuable time. All you need to do is visit websites of travel agencies that help you to book tickets and hotels, allowing you to select your seats according to your comfort.

There are chatbots as well that can help you address your concerns. They can find out any information you’re confused about, allowing you to save time on research.

4. We Can Now Plan Ahead Using Technology

Before the internet and websites, planning for trips was troublesome. You had to either phone hotels to book rooms or travel companies to book cars for you in advance. But now, thanks to websites and travel agencies, we can book everything in advance.

It’s not just traveling. Technology has improved how we relocate alone or with family. We can research online to know what’s around. We can even book moving trucks.

5. We Can Get Help From a Virtual Travel Assistant

Remember the time when people used to plan their trips manually by either asking for information from people or using some special books? Now that’s not a hassle anymore. You can get help from a virtual travel assistant to plan everything for you.

What do virtual travel assistants do? They basically take care of all your travel arrangements virtually, from booking flights and hotels to taking calls for you regarding your travel. This helps save a lot of time for you to focus on other important tasks in the meantime.

6. We Can Connect Better With Other Cultures Through Technology

Sometimes, communicating with others can become difficult when we travel to a country that doesn’t speak English as their first or second language or relocate to such a country. But thanks to technology, language barriers are slimming down.

Some apps can translate your sentences for you or help you understand what the locals are saying. Remember how it used to be with just books, and you wouldn’t understand the pronunciation unless you got a CD or a cassette? You can now learn new languages on your phone with pronunciations and grammar, with opportunities to practice.

You can also look up that culture’s festivities, practices, and beliefs. It’ll help you blend with them effortlessly and not disrespect them unknowingly.

7. We Can Now Pay Using E-payments

Carrying cash or transferring payments from one place to another, collecting that cash from the new location, and then paying with them, doesn’t that sound like a hassle? But technology has made payments easier for us through e-payments, cards, and ATMs.

You have to research the cashless payment facilities in the place you’re traveling to. Cards, especially international credit cards, have made it easier for us to pay and withdraw money wherever we go, as we have ATMs always at our disposal.

And if you don’t feel safe carrying cards or don’t want to wait in line to withdraw from the ATM, e-payments are there to make your work easy. You don’t have to worry about losing cash, credit card fraud, or other related problems, as e-payments are cashless, much safer, and more convenient.

8. We Can Stay Connected and Work Remotely

It’s easier for us now to connect with our work teams and clients from wherever we are, thanks to technology. You don’t need to travel to the other side of the world in a few hours just to attend an hour of meeting. Everything is now a video call and screen-sharing away.

You can also chat with your teams and share files in a few seconds instead of wasting precious time traveling long distances. Imagine how much valuable time you’re saving this way, allowing you to increase your efficiency.


Although some debate that technology has made us lazy and we have everything in our hands easily, it also positively affects us. We can save a lot of time and carry out our important tasks on time, whether it’s our office work or household chores.

We hope you find this article informative and learn how technology is advantageous for us. You can even get some ideas to make your next travel more efficient!

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