7 Best Archivers For Android

One of the most common file types we have to deal with is archive files. Files in zip, rar, 7z, and many other formats are quite handy and versatile tools for exchanging information. The point of using archives is not only to put a lot of files in one place but also that the algorithms of archives allow us to compress the files, which, first, reduces the space occupied by them and, second, allows us to waste less traffic on file transfers. In this article, we will find out how to work with them correctly.

1. ZArchiver

Application with a clear interface without unnecessary elements. Will help you work with folders and archives. ZArchiver supports ZIP, 7Z, XZ, RAR, TAR, MTZ, APK, EGG, and many other formats. The program is capable of performing partial and multi-threaded unpacking with multiple files simultaneously.

ZArchiver can create and unpack multivolume archives, add and delete documents inside archives, and download files for viewing directly from a packed directory. The tool is also useful for viewing attached folders in emails.

Another useful feature of the application is working with encryption and password protection of archives. According to the developers, ZArchiver is not connected to the network and cannot transfer important data to third parties.

2. AZIP Master

AZIP Master works as an archiver and a file manager. It can decompress RAR, ZIP, ZIPX, JAR, 7Z, GZ, TGZ, and many other formats. The application is able to pack in ZIP- and 7Z-archives.

The tool allows you to extract and archive multiple folders simultaneously in parallel streams. After compression, you can check the files for integrity. The program also allows you to split documents into multivolume archives and password-protect packed directories.

In the Pro version, for 790 rubles for a one-time payment or for 500 rubles per year, you can link the archiver to the cloud storage Google Drive, as well as disable advertising. AZIP Master has a menu for transferring files to other devices via Wi-Fi.

3. RAR

One of the most popular archivers in the world can decompress RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, XZ, 7Z, ISO, BZ2, and ARJ formats. When creating a new compressed directory, you can choose RAR or ZIP. The application is able to split archives into parts, check file integrity and recover damaged documents.

RAR is also able to perform device performance testing, decompress and pack several files at once. Archives can be encrypted and additionally protected with a password.

The program not only helps you work with archives but also offers basic file manager functions: renaming, copying, moving, deleting, and creating folders, which can be helpful for essay writers. Documents can be viewed directly from the compressed packages.

4. ALZip.

ALZip comes in handy for compressing and uncompressing archives, as well as copying, moving, and deleting files. The application can pack documents in ZIP, EGG, and ALZ. Splitting into multivolume directories is also available for these formats.

The extraction list is much longer: ZIP, RAR, 7Z, ALZ, TAR, EGG, TBZ, TGZ, JAR, BZ, and LHA. You can decompress files larger than 4GB. Images are easy to view directly from the compressed folders.

The program allows you to quickly send documents to an archive with a simple drag and drop or copy if necessary. Important files can be added to the quick access list by marking them with a star.

5. 7Zipper

The application is suitable for creating 7Z archives as well as unpacking ZIP, RAR, ALZ, EGG, TAR, GZ, JAR, and LZH. You can extract documents from split ZIP folders. 7Zipper knows how to work with files on FTP and HTTP servers. In addition, it has the ability to view images and texts without third-party programs.

A favorites list is provided for important documents. You can use the application to transfer files to other devices via a Wi-Fi connection.

6. 7Zip

Another application for working with 7Z archives. You can use it as a file manager and open ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP, XZ, JAR, and APK files. The same formats can be used to create new compressed packages.

7Zip can protect archives with encryption and password protection. The program is able to pack or extract files in the background multithreading mode. If necessary, you can quickly create a new folder, copy files or rename them.

7. WinZip

One of the most popular archivers supports ZIP, 7Z, RAR, and CBZ. You can create archives in ZIP and ZIPX. However, the latter option is only available with a paid subscription. For $10 a year, the developers also offer synchronization with Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, getting rid of ads, fast emailing of packages, and strong file encryption.

Inside WinZip without third-party programs, you can view images of popular formats, various text documents, comic strips, APK archives, and HTML pages. There is a Favorites section for the most important documents. In addition to popular cloud services, the application allows you to connect to remote servers to view and copy files.

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