Why opt for React JS development services? Examples of Facebook and Netflix

The easiest way to choose a tech stack for your project is to follow the example of already successful companies. In this article, we’ll take a look at well-known websites that once turned to React JS development services and do not regret their decision.


The leading online social media platform is the original creator of the ReactJS library. It began in 2011, when their code required a quick update due to their rapid development. Their extraordinary solution was React, a technology that allows you to instantly update various content on the page following user actions. The creators claimed that React could respond to these actions in less than milliseconds.

At the time of this writing React is used partially in web and mobile applications. For example, the home page, Facebook ad manager, and mobile app are built with React and React Native. It provides high-speed rendering for 2.2 billion users worldwide, providing convenient access to their news feeds even with a low Internet connection.


This daily used social media giant is another example of a high-traffic website using React. It provides free instant messaging services to 1.5 billion users in 180 countries around the world. WhatsApp uses some of the most popular engines, such as Velocity.JS and Underscore.JS, to ensure maximum efficiency. As Facebook mentioned above, its new web app also uses React to provide a better user experience.

Although there were several beta versions before the official launch, the WhatsApp team decided to use React to create user interfaces. The advanced features of this library helped them create a sample of end-to-end encrypted communication.


The platform pays great attention to detail and high performance. When they decided to take their platform to the next level in 2015, the existing technology stack needed to be replaced.

As the Netflix engineers stated on their blog: “Several factors influenced our decision to adopt React:

  • startup speed;
  • runtime performance;
  • modularity.”

React helped them refine the UI architecture and upgrade the capabilities of TVs and game consoles. But it is most actively used on the Gibbon platform. Its ability to tweak settings for low-end TVs helps speed up loading and improve performance, which is exactly what React.js is great for.

Yahoo! Mail

Excellent reliability and performance are the most needed for such a popular email client. When it came to redesigning Yahoo as the next-generation email platform, the engineers behind it had to make a lot of upgrades. They compared many technologies, including Angular JS and Ember JS, and their choice fell on React.

There were several reasons behind this, as they explain on Tumblr:

  • one-way reactive data stream;
  • virtual DOM that allows the client and server-side rendering;
  • simple debugging;
  • JavaScript code;
  • independently deployable components;
  • predictable flow;
  • growing and active community.

Thanks to React, this service has become more streamlined in terms of architecture.

To conclude, the many benefits of React JS led many web giants to adopt the technology. Its improved performance and development efficiency can help create the perfect interface and user experience that is essential for any business.

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