What is Viber Out, and How to Use the Service

The popular Viber messenger not only provides a fast and convenient exchange of messages and media files but also allows you to make calls through the application. In addition, neither party pays for the telephone – only the Internet is paid for. In this article, we’ll learn what is Viber Out and how we can use this service to make Internation calls on-the-go.

And relatively recently, the messenger offered its users a new service called Viber Out. You can use it to call any landline or mobile number, not just your Viber contacts. Unlike other messenger features, this option is already offered on a paid basis.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the difference between regular calls in “Viber” and through Viber Out. We will tell you how to connect and use this service.

How to use Viber Out service

The new option is located in the tab with a list of contacts. You can even call subscribers who do not use Viber. In addition, you can even make international calls and phone numbers from other countries. For example, there will be no problems calling from India to Germany or any other country in the world.

What is Viber Out, and How to Use the Service

In general, communication via Viber Out is cheaper than regular phone calls, which makes the use of the new option the best way to communicate. The difference in the cost of international calls is especially noticeable. For example, buying an Unlimited rate for calls to mobile and landline numbers in the United States will cost $ 1.99 per month. Approximately the same prices apply to other countries in Europe and the world.

You do not have to configure, connect, and activate anything – the service is as simple as possible:

  • Open the contacts section.
  • Find in the phone book the subscriber with whom you would like to contact (it does not matter whether he has Viber installed or not).
  • Click on the “Call Viber Out” button.
  • If there is enough money in the account, you can easily call any subscriber.

Your caller does not have to pay extra for the call, no matter what communication device he uses.

The main advantages of “Viber Out”:

  • all contacts are already in the list of your device;
  • connection speed and high quality of communication (Internet telephony is used);
  • tariffs are lower than for mobile operators and fixed-line providers;
  • you do not need to think about how best to call the interlocutor who does not have modern messengers and applications for communication.

If the caller’s number is not in the phonebook of your smartphone, you can dial it from the keypad. If you call a landline number or a subscriber who does not have Viber installed, the connection will be made automatically via Viber Out.

You can only call if you have enough funds in your account to pay for the connection.

Viber Out: call rates

The cost of calls is calculated according to the established tariffs. For example, the most popular unlimited call rate in 50 countries at the time of writing is $ 5.99 per month. In addition, the first week the operator provides the customer free of charge. Before using international or any other connection available in the service, you should read the prices for services.

As tariffs may change, you can always find out the current cost of calls via Viber Out on the official page of the application.

To connect the desired Viber Out tariff, select the country you most often need to call, read the operator’s offers, and make a purchase on the website from your phone.

Promotions are a great way to save on communication. Be sure to use the special offers if you are going to actively use international communication in the near future.

Messenger is a partner of other services, which you can find in the section “free applications”. If you download one or more of them, you will receive money in a virtual account, which can be used to pay for calls in Viber Out. Another way to save money is to invite your friends to sign up for the app. As soon as one of them replenishes the account, and an invited friend and you get $3 each.

All calls – incoming and outgoing – will be reflected in the application menu. To see the balance and your expenses, open “Additional settings“, select the Viber Out section, then Payment History, and specify the period for which you want to receive information about expenses.

How to top up Viber Out

If there are not enough funds in the account, go to the menu (swipe right on the screen), select Viber Out, specify the amount of replenishment, and put the money in the account. You can also choose a tariff and pay it.

You can transfer funds to the Viber Out account in any way convenient for you – the service offers various payment methods – directly by bank card, via Google Play, from the account of the mobile operator.

If for some reason it is inconvenient for you to top up your account from your phone, do it on the official Viber website. If you do not have an account on this resource, do so – it will take a few minutes. Then in the account replenishment section, select the payment method, and then follow the suggested instructions. You can pay with a bank card or using electronic payment systems.

How to Disable Viber Out

If you have to turn off Viber Out, you will have to deactivate the account (removing the program from the phone will not be enough).

Proceed as follows:

  • Go to the application settings.
  • Open the “Privacy” section.
  • Check “Sign out”.

If you have important information left in your chats, back up your correspondence before deleting your account, as the content will become inaccessible.

Please note that disabling Viber Out completely deprives you of access to Viber – you will not be able to correspond or call using this messenger.

Viber Out is a convenient and relatively inexpensive service for calls within the country and anywhere in the world. The service offers high-quality communication, fast connection, a wide range of tariffs.

At the same time, Viber Out users still have all the basic features of the messenger – messaging, photos, music, and video files.

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