TunesKit iOS System Recovery — All in One System Recovery Tool

Dedicated applications and recovery programs play one major role that is- to allow users to retrieve their lost data and files. Users that stick to the iOS ecosystem should switch to a tool that’s designed to solve specific issues related to the same. Here, the role of the TunesKit iOS system recovery tool comes into the picture. 

The TunesKit iOS System Recovery is a type of powerhouse tool that’s all-inclusive and fully functional. Its design allows users to tackle several issues related to iOS devices easily and quickly.

iOS users suffer several issues, like black screens, devices that are hung in recovery mode, and some of the common issues and glitches that can eventually lead to data loss. Keep reading on to know the features, pros and cons, and ways to use this tool. 

TunesKit iOS System Recovery is an intuitive and robust tool that allows users to solve the above-mentioned problems. More importantly, users can use this tool even if they aren’t software-oriented or tech-savvy.

Features of TunesKit

If you’re staring at your iPad or iPhone helplessly or whether you want to use your iOS devices, seamlessly, keep scrolling to learn about the features of TunesKit iOS System Recovery.

  • If you’re an iOS user looking forward to entering or exiting the ‘Recovery Mode’- all you’ll have to do is click once.
  • The iOS System Repair tool’s integrated features can help in the recovery of devices and bring them to a normal state
  • The tool helps users to fix specific issues pertaining to their devices in a safe and secure manner- while minimizing the chances of data loss
  • tvOS and iOS device owners are capable of recovering their system or retaining their important data.
  • Provides adequate support to almost all sorts of iOS devices.
  • Offers quick fix for iOS update failure, boot loop screen, or in case of disabled or frozen display
  • Provides instant fixes for errors arising due to disrupted iTunes connection
  • Easy and convenient to use event without any technical know-how. If any issues are experienced, customers can get access to 24/7 customer support. 
  • Users can take advantage of a simplified user interface. Users benefit from simple, easy-to-use interfaces that remove all distractions.

What are the types of issues solved by the TunesKit iOS system recovery tool?

TunesKit iOS system recovery tool is a versatile software that can fix almost all types of iOS problems. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the issues that this tool can fix:

iPhone stuck in DFU mode or recovery mode 

It is an incredible software that is helpful in retrieving the iPhone from DFU mode or recovery mode by following a few fundamental steps. Apart from being easy to use, the program is a major lifesaver.

iPhone unresponsive or frozen

If your iPhone is unable to respond in real-time or has become frozen, a TunesKit iOS System Recovery tool will help you instantly. The program can effectively fix different types of software problems on iPods or iPhones. 

iPhone can’t be switched on

Can’t turn on your iPhone? Fret not- this tool can be of great help. The program’s design can fix different types of power issues arising within iPads and iPhones. 

iTunes can’t restore this device as it can’t be found

If this message pops up whenever you’re trying to restore the iPad or iPhone- the program has your back. The program aims to fix bugs related to iTunes. 

Devices stuck in boot loops

If your iPhones or iPads keep restarting time and again, the recovery tool can switch it to normal. The program can fix all types of boot loop problems. 

Unable to connect to the iTunes Store

If you’re encountering troubles when staying connected to an iTunes store, the tool is the best bet. The program can resolve any kind of connection issues arising within the iTunes store. 

Undergone water damage

If your iOS device such as iPad or iPhone has suffered damage due to water, you can rely on the TunesKit iOS System Recovery tool. The program’s design can solve all issues related to water damage.

Steps to use TunesKit iOS system recovery tool to fix issues

Step 1: Download the tool from its official website. Next, install the tool on a computer.

Step 2: Start TunesKit. Next, connect the iOS device to the computer.

Step 3: Upon connection with your device, TunesKit will detect it immediately. Tap on the ‘start’ button to get started. 

Step 4: Now, click on the repair mode. It’s highly recommended for you to use the standard mode, as it can prevent any loss of data. We recommend the use of advanced mode in case of Standard Mode’s failure to fix this issue.

Step 5: Next, Tuneskit will help you to download the specific iOS firmware file as per the device’s requirement. 

Step 6: Wait until the download is finished. Once completed, select the repair button to get started with the process.

Step 7: TunesKit will help you to solve common issues like boot loop issues, iOS devices stuck on recovery mode or other issues. 

If you want to learn the process in detail, watch the below tutorial video:

TunesKit: Pros and Cons of iOS System Recovery


  • Can fix an array of iOS problems
  • The issues can be fixed by anyone- irrespective of their technical know-how or expertise
  • Comes with an easy to operate and user-friendly interface
  • Can restore devices to their original state


  • Although the price is a bit high but it’s worth it


If you encountering issues related to your iOS devices such as iPad, iPod, or iPhone- the TunesKit iOS system recovery program is the best bet for you. Its convenient and easy-to-use features are capable of fixing a wide array of problems. The software can be installed by anyone without any technical experience. Ergo, this program is perfect for everyone.

Apart from the TunesKit iOS system recovery, you can choose other products as well. For example, you should take a look at the iPhone Unlocker software and iPhone Data Recovery software. These tools allow you to get the most out of your iOS devices. 

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