Kooler RGB Laptop Cooling Base Keeps Your Notebook Cool And Stylish

Are you looking to make your Notebook more stylish while it stays cool, then Krom Kooler RGB Laptop Cooling Base is just for you. Here’s everything that you need to know about Kooler RGB Laptop Cooling Base.

Those users who have a gaming laptop are well aware of the heat and noise they generate when we are playing, as it is one of the disadvantages of the vast majority of these teams. And now that the summer heat is approaching, it is more advisable than ever to get a good cooling base to keep the temperature at bay, which is why just today the manufacturer Krom has presented its new Kooler cooling base, which with this curious play on words (kooler = cooler) promises to provide us with much more than any other cooling base on the market.

As a general rule, a “normal” cooler base consists only of one or more fans that are connected via USB to cool the laptop underneath, but beyond that, they don’t give us much more. In contrast, the Krom Kooler not only integrates six cooling fans but also gives us full control of their speed and noise, with the added bonus of integrating RGB lighting, an LCD screen, and even an extendable stand to keep the smartphone always visible while we play, anyone gives more?

Krom Kooler, the ultimate cooling base for gaming laptops

The Krom Kooler aims to be the cooling base that has it all, but without forgetting the fundamental function of this type of device: to keep the temperature of gaming laptops at bay. To this end, the base integrates a total of six fans (three 110 mm and three 70 mm) located in the key areas where gaming laptops have their vents. These fans are speed configurable in six levels (and with an LCD screen that shows their status at all times) and emit a maximum of 26 dBA of noise, so this will not be an impediment when gaming.

Krom Kooler, the ultimate cooling base for gaming laptops

Of course, this Krom Kooler cooling base only needs a single USB connector to work and, in fact, provides at the same time a hub with two USB 2.0 ports to connect other devices such as a mouse or a keyboard if you do not want to use those of the laptop. It supports laptops from 10 to 19 inches and has hinged stops at the bottom so that it does not go down.

And this is important because this cooling base also has ergonomic options as it is reclining, so you can always place the laptop with the height and inclination that best suits you depending on the use you give it, a very interesting plus in this type of device that not many really incorporate. And for those, who play games on desktop, there are plenty of RGB fans available to upgrade their existing hardware for a better gaming experience. To find a perfect one for your PC, you can to browse the list of best RGB fans available in the market.

Krom Kooler stand

Another very interesting extra, and more in the times in which we live, is that this cooling base has on its left side a removable smartphone holder, so that when you want you can place your mobile device next to the laptop to have it insight, and when you do not use it you can “hide” it so that it does not bother (in essence it pulls up, so you can mount the piece on the outside to hold the smartphone or inside when you do not want to use it).

Here are its full features in a table we have prepared for this purpose:

Krom Kooler
Supported laptop size10 to 19 “
Fans6 fans
Noise level21-26 dBA
Speed ​​regulationYes, six speed levels
illuminationRGB with 10 modes
InclinationYes, configurable
Additional featuresExtendable smartphone holder, USB hub, LCD display
Dimensions415 x 300 x 33 mm
Weight1150 grams
Krom Kooler features

Price and availability

The manufacturer Krom has announced today the launch of this cooler base, announcing its availability for the middle of this same month of May 2021 and at a recommended retail price of 34.90 euros, quite reasonable considering everything it offers in return. You will be able to find it in the main stores where Krom sells its products, including its partner VS Gamers.

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