10+ Best Disk Defragmenter Software For Windows [2020]

First, it is essential to understand what defragmenting a hard drive is concerned, well, it is based on a process by which access or reading a file, in particular, becomes faster. This, because all the small pieces that constitute a single file, are closer to each other. That’s where you need disk defragmenter software and tools, and we’ll help you with the best ones.

Thus, it is an essential part of regular maintenance of the hard disk, since it allows you to optimize the functions of your computer when it decreases its speed to load a document or is immersed in similar situations.

On the other hand, defragmenting a data storage device able to improve dramatically, the performance of the operating system to make reading more efficient. In addition, it allows you to free up disk space on your system, which can increase the amount of usable space on it. But, depending on how the files are saved on that disk.

Now, as for the time that this process can take, an exact duration is not known, since it is subjected to the hardware and processor that you use. Thus, if you use a high-quality program, defragmentation can take only 90 minutes or less. Thus, in order to obtain the result as quickly as possible, it is necessary to inform yourself about the most optimal programs to carry it out on the hard disk in Windows, which we present below.

List of the best tools and applications to defragment your hard drive in Windows

We will review which are the most decisive software to perform this task for W OS and what are its advantages and disadvantages so that you can decide for yourself which is the best to choose and start using it to improve the performance of your computer.

1# Disk speedup

It is one of the most recommended tools for defragmentation in Windows, taking into account that it takes up minimal space on the system. In addition, it manages to carry out this process in just a few clicks, so it turns out to be fast and it has alternatives that allow you to organize the fragmented files consecutively.

Additionally, it is a secure software when checking whether the new data has been written correctly or not, before overwriting the old data. It also has a function that manages to pause and stop the defragmentation process at any time, avoiding losing data. Finally, it gives you the ease of knowing for sure, the state of your hard drive by accessing the information that is housed there and that may experience wear and tear.

2# O&O Defrag

It is an excellent solution when it comes to defragmenting your computer’s hard disk drive, since it can be easily controlled thanks to all the configurations and processes that the same program emits. In addition, it has the ability to inspect if the said unit has severe errors, in a few minutes and manages to increase the speed of the computer to read files.

In addition, O & O Defrag allows you to define the exact moment to carry out the defragmentation process whenever you want, that is, you can specify the specific dates and times to execute it. Which looks very practical when other important processes are being carried out, such as backups that are also scheduled.

3# Defraggler

This program uses the same techniques as Windows to read and write files, therefore there will never be damaged on your computer. Plus, you can speed up your device by adjusting fragmented documents and organizing them more efficiently. As if that were not enough, Defraggler promises you to free up more space on your entire PC hard drive and thus, helps prevent fragmentation before it happens.

On the other hand, it exhibits in its interface a default configuration, where you will not have to do absolutely anything, thanks to the efficiency of the hardware. However, if you prefer to have the monitoring and control of the folders, drives, and fragment files yourself, this gives you absolutely flexible full customization.

4# Smart Defrag

It is a free tool and compatible with all versions of Windows, which establishes a very effective defragmentation technology from which you will be able to optimize the access speed completely. Regarding its operation, Smart Defrag cleverly defragments the disk by using the file rationalization system based on its use.

For its part, it adds the alternative of defragmenting the native Windows applications, it has a defragmentation action scheduler and frees up space available on the device before the process, in order to increase the system performance much more.

#5 UltraDefrag

It is a special hard disk defragmenter for Windows that supports more than 60 languages and is simple to use without the requirement of making complicated scripts or a considerable amount of configuration adjustments. UltraDefrag shows the ability to section and filter executed files by fragment number, size, name, and file path. This, in order to exclude certain files from monitoring.

If you wish, in this program you can conclude the process prematurely, just by specifying a compliance time limit. It also gives you the option to preview the results and is available in 32-bit and 64-bit.

#6 Puran Defrag

It is a free solution with native 64-bit Windows support, it manages to improve your system in simple steps by defragmenting the hard disk very easily. Since it only gathers the files and moves them according to their frequency of use. In this way, it is able to increase the general speed of your computer and decrease the wear and tear of the hard disk, thereby increasing its useful life.

Among other features, its interface is simple, graphical and supports command line, Puran Defrag offers the option of automatic defragmentation, deletes temporary files on the system and allows to include tasks such as restarting or shutting down the computer after fragmentation.

7# WinContig

Another recommended tool to defragment the hard disk in Windows is WinContig, which performs the analysis quickly if they are very localized files or directories. It also gives you the alternative of specifying the files or folders you want to defragment, in case you know well which are the files that worry you the most and you want to avoid waiting.

WinContig delivers reports that show the analyzes it performs and specifies the clusters that each file occupies and the number of fragments. On the other hand, this program does not require any installation process or additional DLLs. So to start it, all you have to do is extract the content of the ZIP file into any folder on the computer you want and then run it.

8# Diskeeper

This hard disk defragmenter available for Windows manages to speed up the system and improve the productivity of the computer in no way, thanks to the fact that it suppresses small writes that steal the performance of these drives. Thus, it exhibits the competence of proactively eliminating the fragmentation that is consuming the device’s performance.

For its part, Diskeeper shows a very easy to use interface and is one of the best-rated programs on the market today.

9# Auslogics Disk Defrag

This ideal software for Windows is considered a defragmentation tool with extremely beneficial functions. First of all, it is responsible for carrying out this action in a short time, making the data on your PC’s hard drive more compact and accessible after that.

In addition, the program shows multiple configuration alternatives, offers a portable version, exhibits a completely intuitive and simple to use interface, improves file systems, and supports the programming of defragmentation tasks whenever you want. It also consolidates free space and effectively checks for drive errors, correcting them immediately.

10# MyDefrag

It refers to a free software disk defragmentation utility, which adds the possibility of programming the defragmentation tasks to be performed. It features ease of use, multiple scripts to do each task, and is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

For its part, MyDefrag works without any problem with the main objective of optimizing the hard drive of the computer and well, not only makes it faster but can postpone the lifetime of the disk, so after defragmentation, will present much less wear.

11# WinUtilities Disk Defrag

To finish, we recommend this free program that you can install in 32-bit and 64-bit versions in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 9, and Windows 10. It is a platform that works in order to optimize and improve the performance of a computer, by defragmenting its hard drive.

Additionally, WinUtilities Disk Defrag offers around 10 different actions that you can configure for further system improvement. In addition, the speed of this program can be adjusted perfectly so that other apps work correctly on the computer, during the fragmentation process. It also gives the option to customize files and folders so that they can be excluded from being moved or defragmented, and it shows a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

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