How to Reverse Image Search on Mobile /Desktop/ Tablet

Reverse image search has become quite popular these days, not only among the marketers and internet business owners but among normal internet users also.

It’s quite useful and reduces your work, it’s not the videos or text that we search for on the internet, images counts as well.

What is Reverse Image Search?

Reverse image search is a technique that can help you find similar images on the internet by uploading a picture you have on your mobile, tablet or desktop.

You don’t have to type any text or give a voice command, just upload the picture you have on your device and you will get the closest guesses that what the picture is all about, and some similar images also. Using a reverse image search, you are simply searching for an image using an image.

Why Reverse Photo Search?

The simple answer is it becomes easier to find similar images if you know nothing about it. Let’s suppose you have an image of Tom Cruise on your phone but you don’t know about him, now, if the saved is saved by the name tom-cruise.jpp, then you will know who he is but what if the image is saved by a name something like “image225683.jpg”.

Now what? You are clueless, you know nothing but want to know who he is. You have 2 options now, either ask someone if they know him or be smart and use reverse image search, since he is a popular personality, so you will get the answer immediately.

That’s how the reverse picture search is useful at the basic level. Marketers and internet business owners use it for their business purposes as well.

How to do Reverse Image Search?

Now you know what is it and why it is useful, the real question comes and that is “how to do it?”.

Well, we will be using google reverse image search directly and indirectly.

BUT, there is a limitation of Google reverse image search that it can’t be done on mobile. So, why not use a method which works everywhere?

We’ll be telling you one method to do reverse image engineering and that method works on all devices, laptops, desktop,s mobile, and tablets also.

Let’s see how one can search by image using this method.

Note that this method works for every device, be it smartphones, computers or tablets. Still, we will be listing some alternatives for you, in case this one doesn’t work for you.

There is a tool called Reverse Photos, we’ll be using it, let’s see how it works.

  1. Visit reverse photos website here.
  2. Here you will see a heading “Search by image” and below that there is an “Upload Picture” button.
  3. Click on that button and select the picture you want to do the reverse image search with.
  4. The tool will fetch the image and within a couple of seconds you will see a message like “Image Uploaded” and below that there will be a button saying “Show Matches”.
  5. Click on “Show Matches” and it will take you to Google showing all the information and similar images to the one you uploaded.

The reason it took you to Google is it uses Google reverse image search to find similar images.

Now you must be thinking why not use the Google reverse image search then directly? That’s a genuine question and the answer is:

You Can.

You can use google reverse photos directly by visiting Google image search, but only if you are on your computer, if you are on your mobile phone then you won’t be able to use it.

In that case, reverse photos come and let you search by image on mobile.

More Tools to Search By Image

Like, we said, we’ll be providing you some alternatives also, in case the previous one doesn’t work.

1. Google Reverse Image Search

Well, this is the first and the best place to go if you are on the computer. Most of the tools use Google to find similar images, after all, Google is the largest search engine.

To use it simply visit google images, you will see a camera icon within the search bar, click on it, upload the picture and let it do the reverse image search for you.

That’s how you use it.

But, as we said, it has a limitation that it can’t be used on mobile phones. Once Google provides the same feature for mobiles, there would be no need for any other tool to search an image by image.

Must check:


This one is slightly different from and more useful for internet business owners, as they can see what sites are using their images.

The working is the same, you visit the website, click on the upload icon, select the image and it will perform the image search for you.

The different thing is, it doesn’t take you to Google, rather it displays the results on its own website.

You will see a list of all the similar images with information like the website link that is using the image, the image dimensions, image file name, the path of the image, last time when it was crawled.

For internet marketers, this one is better more than Google’s reverse image search.

3. Karmadecay

A website for those who want to find a similar image only on Reddit.

For those, who don’t know about Reddit, it’s one of the biggest social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion websites with tons of information.

If you are a Reddit user and need an image search engine for Reddit only, then Karmadecay is the site you should use.


These are the only 4 tools that we rely on for doing the reverse image search on mobile, desktop, and tablets.

Though you can find many more websites like this we stick to them (as long as they are working). Now go and perform reverse picture search using these image search engines.

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