The Role of a Logo in Employer Branding

Although employer branding is much more than just a logo, it is no secret to anyone the importance of the first impression and a logo is part of that impression. Regardless of whether you are a startup or a well-developed business, your logo is part of the employer branding that helps not only to get but also to retain the best talent.

As you can see from examples of companies with famous logos, brand image contributes to recognition thanks to its visual nature. Statistics indicate that potential employees are much less likely to consider a position from a company they do not recognize. No matter how great of an employer you are, if potential employees do not know about you, you might get only applicants who lost all hope of getting a dream job.

If the logo looks outdated and carelessly put together, then candidates may think that you also have a negligent attitude to your business and employees. Thus, you should focus not only on the idea but also on the professional appearance of your logo.

A unique and memorable logo can help you direct the best candidates away from your competitors and into your business. Yet, it is worth remembering that no matter how great your logo design is, it can be associated with anything, including a negative brand image. Thus, make sure that when candidates look at your logo, they instantly think about your excellent reputation, great company culture and values, and other elements that create a positive employer brand.

Successful logo elements

Here is a list of logo qualities that make it an important element in the overall business success.


A unique logo should not contain any cliches. People should be able to distinguish it from many other logos in the market. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to create unique logos. This is due to the fact that there are hundreds of logos on the market.


One of the main signs of a magnificent logo is that it has a simple design. As a rule, all logos of global companies have a clean, strong, and attractive design. Less elements ensure that consumers can recognize the logo. In order for the brand to compete in the market, it is extremely important that its logo is unforgettable. The success of the company logo is how quickly customers will be able to recognize the company by the logo.


Often logos are printed on different surfaces, both in terms of texture and color. Thus, they should look good no matter where they are placed. In documents, the logo might also be done in black and white. An ideal logo is one that does not lose its influence even in a colorless version.

Keep in mind that even though logos are created for recognition and other reasons mentioned earlier, many brands put a greater meaning in the logo. For instance, Starbucks was originally based on the  Pike Place Market in Seattle, which historically was a port city, where coffee and other goods were delivered on ships.

For these reasons, the founders wanted the name to symbolize the amazing adventures and romance of seafaring. When creating the Starbucks logo, the founders wanted it to also have the same “sea” theme, which is why they used a two-tailed mermaid. A round emblem is also associated with friendship and communication with a cup of coffee on the side.

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