The Process of WordPress Development

Since a great number of all websites run on WordPress, it might be helpful to know some of the WordPress development pillars. But before plunging into the WordPress development process itself, let’s examine the benefits of using WordPress CMS.

Benefits of using WordPress CMS

First, it is comprehensive and user-friendly, which means that many people can use it without even having specific knowledge. Then, it is very flexible in terms of changing the content. In other words, if you need to alter some content block on your website, you can easily manage the issue without risking facing multiple inconsistencies and bugs. Such an approach allows tailoring the platform to your exact needs and requirements.

Another crucial advantage of WordPress CMS is mobile-friendliness. It allows creating mobile-friendly websites that would fit any format and screen size regardless of the device used. That is because the initial design is oriented on the mobile format first, and only then it extends to fit larger formats, such as laptop or tablet. Given the fact that mobile conversion rates are much higher than that of the desktop, it’s recommended that websites are designed upon the mobile-first principle. And when using WordPress CMS, you can avoid many painful issues as WordPress is already compatible with all formats, especially mobile ones. 

WordPress development process

As for the WordPress development process, it takes much time and some specific skills, which means that not every person can master it compared to WordPress CMS. If you want an excellent website, it’s better to address professional agencies that provide top-notch custom WordPress development services.

For instance, there are many WordPress development NY agencies that provide a vast spectrum of services and guarantee only high-quality results so that you will get a highly functional platform. What is more, having worked on many projects, such agencies already constructed step-by-step development plans that help them to maintain consistency during the process. There is an excellent WordPress development plan example:

Step 1: front-end template bootstrapping

This step includes converting all of the existing mockups to HTML pages. That is a vital step for large-scale projects as there are many things to process. Usually, small projects do not require using front-end template bootstrapping, as mockups can be created directly in HTML. Also, it encompasses all CSS stylings and JS logic for UX.

Even if you don’t have any ready-to-go designs, as a professional web design agency, we can help you with that and provide art direction along with the seamless UI/UX design.

Step 2: back-end and server setup

The next step is to set up the server for the website. It allows for processing and delivering web pages directly to the users when on the web. At this stage, it’s also important to cover all work regarding WordPress CMS, role management, API, database, etc.

Step 3: website back-end integration

It is the final stage of a WordPress development process that includes connecting static styled website templates with back-end data, making everything function seamlessly.

Step 4: quality assurance

Next, it’s vital to ensure everything works properly, and all the needs are met successfully. Quality assurance is the answer. During this stage, it’s paramount to iterate the product thoroughly in order to find the bugs (if any) and eliminate them immediately to avoid inconsistencies in the future.

Step 5: launch

After multiple quality assurance sessions, it’s critical to affirm all details regarding the hosting provider and domain name with the client. When everything is clarified, it’s time to transfer the website to the chosen hosting platform and apply the desired domain name.

Step 6: maintenance

Some may think that a website launch is the final aim of the WordPress development process, but things are different. The work doesn’t stop after the website goes live. It’s also crucial to provide support and help the client with everything concerning the platform’s functionality – from server log monitoring to regular WordPress updates.

Wrapping up

All in all, WordPress development is fruitful only when done properly and consistently. Although being a difficult process, it may help you to grow conversions and increase traffic. In other words, if done correctly, it may become leverage to your online performance. And to make that all happen, it’s better to address skilled WordPress development NY companies. When dealing with competent web design agencies, you can expect tested decisions that produce only high-quality long-term results.

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