How to take screenshot on LG Stylo 4

Taking screenshots on LG Stylo 4 is much easier than we thought. This smartphone packs some really top-notch hardware specification making it a worthy contented in the race of affordable smartphone. This smartphone has a 6.2″ display screen with 1080×2160 resolution that is something you won’t find among affordable smartphone. If you’re new to this smartphone or Android OS, its worth knowing how you can quickly take a screenshot on LG Stylo 4 to capture the display screen. That you share with your friends, edit them or preserve them for some purpose.

This smartphone offers you different ways to capture the screen. Either you can use the physical buttons or an inbuilt app that does this task pretty well. Know this functionality can help you in multiple ways. First of you, you’re about to learn more about your device, and secondly, this thing would improve the productivity of your phone. You can easily take the screenshots and share them right away. Either that could be some sort of error, web page, or anything that is important of you. And I’m pretty sure that you’re going to use this feature very frequently. It will take no time to get used of these different methods of taking screenshots on LG Q Stylo 4.

Being a low budget smartphone, this smartphone is not limited in the terms of features. Most importantly, this smartphone runs on the latest Android Oreo 8.1 firmware. That gives you the access to latest Android features and new implementations. After you capture the screen, by default a temporary pop appears on the screen. Through that, you can share that captured screenshot, edit it right away or delete it so you can perform a retake. No matter what you do, but it is important to know to capture the screenshots on LG Q Stylo 4 smartphone. Must see our guide on unlocking the bootloader on LG phones.

There is no need to use the third-party applications to do this task. Just like other LG’s smartphones, this smartphone has this ability. There are two different ways to capture the screenshots; either use the physical buttons or use the an application that comes injected within the LG’s UI theme. We will learn these methods. You Just need to follow the steps that we mention in this tutorial. By end of this tutorial, you’ll get the needed knowledge to do this task on your phone. And take screenshot on your phone. Now, we should start with our first method.

Take screenshot on LG Q Stylo 4

How to take screenshot on LG Stylo 4 using the physical buttons

Being most common, this method is suitable for most the conditions. Unless you’re unable to use the physical buttons, this method always works. And it is almost common among all LG phones.

The following instructions will take you through the required steps:

  1. Get to the screen/app/game/location or web page that you want to capture.
  2. Now, press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the very same time. Your actions should be quick.
  3. If you perform the above step correctly, you’ll hear a shutter sound. That means screenshot has been taken successfully.
  4. An overlay screen will appear for a short time. You can use the available options; edit, share or delete.

Also, it appears in the notification area as well.

That’s it, you’ve successfully captured the screenshot on LG Q Stylo 4 smartphone. You can easily master this technique just performing it once or twice.

Probably, this technique should remain the same over the time and won’t change in future updates. So this way, you can use the physical buttons and take a screenshot on your phone.

If you’re more tend to use the an in the built app, then you should keep reading this tutorial. Next, we’ll use the inbuilt app that serves the same purpose and add ease to this operation.

LG Q Stylo 4: Capture+ Feature

Take screenshot using inbuilt application/feature

The most of the LG smartphones are powered with in inbuilt feature that is present on the notification panel —Capture+ application.

This application makes this process seamlessly easier and effortless. You just need to tap on an icon to capture the screen. And after that, it instantly provides tools to apply some custom actions on that screenshot.

Of course, that’s a pretty good method. This will reduce your efforts. You don’t have to use both of your handsets or two fingers, with just a tap on you can do the same.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Just get to screen that you want to capture.
  2. Now, pull down the notification bar.
  3. Then, tap on Capture+ icon.
  4. Relax, that this app will capture your current screen. After that, it will instantly display options you can use to customize or share that screenshot.

Isn’t that great that you do such things on your phone? I guess, the answer would be ‘yes’. This functionality should improve your experience with your phone.

These are the two methods we have mention in the starting of this tutorial. That’s how you can take a screenshot on your LG Q Stylo 4. We hope that our readers would find this tutorial helpful. If you do, leave your comments below. Soon, we’ll bring more stuff for this smartphone. So stay connected with us


  1. Luv my LG Stylo 4!!! My daughter luvs it too she mentioned switching from her phone for this one I was speechless for the 1st time in awhile…lbs

  2. You can also take a screenshot with one finger double tap then hold fingerprint sensor and it takes the screen shot very useful and painless

    1. Well I figured out how to do screenshots. Now to figure out how to put my SD card memory card into my phone I’ve got to figure that one out yet?
      I I want to thank you by the way it’s been simple so far!

      1. On the left side of your phone towards the bottom is a piece that you remove with a special key (that should have came with your phone). You insert the key in the tiny hole and push and your tray will pop out.

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