Samsung Galaxy M40: Take A Screenshot

It is the most recent smartphone from this Korean company. With a few hardware upgrades, this smartphone stands taller against the previous launches in the same series. Just like the other ones, the Galaxy M40 runs on the Android Pie operating system that empowers better performance, usability and user experience. In this guide, we detail that exact steps that you require to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M40 mobile phone.

This ability, taking a screenshot, has been among the most important feature of Android firmware. Regardless of the fact, whether you’re playing a game or browsing the Internet, you can capture screenshots anytime you want. And this won’t restrict you even when the phone is locked. Although, it might output a black or blank screen if there’s screen lock is set. Obviously, that happens because of security concerns.

To capture screenshots on Samsung Galaxy M40, we can use the common method. There’s a particular way that users have to press the hardware keys to snap screenshots on their mobile phone. The key combination varies for different phones and brands. If you’ve been in touch with Samsung phones, probably, the old method, if you know, should work.

The method (key combination) that we mention in this tutorial remains the same for Samsung smartphones that do not possess the home key. If here’s physical home key, the method would be different for that phone. Apart from this method, we can utilize third-party apps as well. There are a plethora of apps available that serve this purpose. Among them, Easy Screenshot is one of them.

Easy Screenshot is a free application that uplifts available options to take screenshots on Android devices. This app is very intuitive and can enhance your overall experience to a measurable extent. Further, there’s one more way of doing this. In Galaxy M series smartphones, there’s an Assistant menu, once activated, it puts a small icon. Tapping that Assistant icon instantly brings different accessibilities options. That makes easier to access different features and settings.

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We have described all the essential steps to enable this Assistant menu on this phone. Therefore, you can choose among these methods; hardware buttons, Assistant menu and Easy Screenshot app (or any other alternate app). Now, we should go further and learn to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy M40 using the hardware keys.

Take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M40 using hardware keys

  1. Get to this page/open app/game or screen that you want to screenshot.
  2. When you’re all set up, press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.
  3. You should hear the shutter should. That means screenshot has been taken.
  4. Screenshot can be accessed instantly through notification panel.

You must ensure that to press these two buttons at the same time. Or else, nothing would happen like that. Either the Volume functions would react or the Power menu would appear.

By default, screenshots are saved within the internal memory. Somewhere in this path; Internal Memory/Picture/Screenshots. This path may be different. Access these snaps through the Gallery application or browse them through file manager application. There’s one thing that you must certain of. We cannot change this default path.

So, that’s the most common method to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M40 and other mobile phones from Samsung that don’t have the home button. This method is widely used by Android users. Through practice it two or three times, you should be able to take screenshots flawlessly. Supplementary, there more ways too that you can try.

Screenshot Samsung Galaxy M40 using Assistant Menu

This feature is used to be a premium one, fabricated on high-end smartphones only. The Assistant Menu brings many features and options under one hood. Once this feature is enabled, a floating menu icon appears just like the below one:

Screenshot Samsung Galaxy M40 using Assistant Menu

It also serves access to keys including Power button, Volume, and bottom navigation keys. It seems similar to the control panel that we usually find on iPhones. Whether it is identical or not, there’s one thing that we are pretty sure of. This Assistant menu is really helpful. To enable this menu on your phone, just follow the below steps:

  1. Open Settings’ menu on your phone.
  2. Tap on Accessibility.
  3. Then, tap on Dexterity and Interaction.
  4. Toggle the Assistant Menu option.

Assistant Menu icon should appear instantly over the display screen. Now, you can use it to take screenshots on your phone anytime you want. That icon floats to every screen. When you want to capture, just tap on the Assistant menu and tap on the ‘Screenshot’ icon. That’s it.

While those above two methods are sufficient, if want more about this ability, there are plenty of applications.

Take screenshots using Screenshot Easy Application

Take screenshots using Screenshot Easy Application

Though there are plenty of such applications, there are many reasons that make Screenshot Easy a better option. Begin with, this app is completely free to use and doesn’t put any kind of a watermark. And most importantly, it doesn’t restrict users in any manner or put any kind of limit.

Using this application, we can take screenshots in different ways. Like it can put an overlay icon, screenshot button over the notification panel, add shake to capture ability, use camera button for that purpose and a few more. In simple words, if you’re already bored with two ways we mentioned above, you must have this application installed on your phone right away.

You can download this application from Google Play store. Just open the Play Store and search for this app and get started taking screenshots on your phone. This app works on almost all Android mobile phones. So, you can use this same app on other devices too.

Here are tutorial ends that covers these three methods to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy M40 smartphone. If you have an any better method, do share with us. We would love to make this guide even better. And if there’s an issue or problem that bothers you, don’t hesitate in writing to us. We’ll do our best in helping you with an appropriate answer.

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