How to Rip a DVD on Mac?

At present, most of the people are having set of DVD collections and they are willing to enjoy it on iOS devices. It is one of the best and feasible ways to add DVD movies to the iTunes library to sync to Mac.

In a technology world, you might own some DVD and make digital copies of it that you might access on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac. Some of the DVD might come without any kinds of the digital copy protection which means you might easily rip it contents for your Mac.

In order to rip a DVD on Mac, your Mac system must install a reliable DVD ripping tool (recommended below). Also, you must have free space on it because dvd is quite big and it holds between 700MB to 9.4GB of files. The other thing; you must DVD/optical drive.

Best Software to Rip a DVD on Mac – MacX DVD Ripper Pro

DVD is the amazing one but it might get damaged, scratched and not usable at all. Now, you no need worry because you can copy or rip any dvd in the original quality on your Mac.

In a modern world, several companies are providing software especially for Macintosh which offers more for your buck. With the help of DVD ripping software on Mac, you can easily convert/copy/rip dvd into any format to the computer hard disk.

According to the studies says that MacX ripper is admired and powerful software to rip any dvd on iPhone. If you are seeking for similar software to your Mac then you can take advantage on the OS X DVD ripping application. It is having the capability to rip DVD to any format that you need at fast speed with high quality. Read more info here.

Ripping dvd is not considered as hard task but it is simple and straightforward. You must insert DVD and choose the output format. This type of the software might make Mac DVD ripping hassle free and fun. It comes with unique features such as:

  • Excellent Mac ripper that can rip copy-protected or encrypted DVDs
  • Support almost all kinds of the homemade or commercial DVDs
  • Easily edit video like subtitles, merge movies and crop out black bars
  • Adjust settings like contrast, brightness, saturation and hue before ripping DVD
  • It comes with more than 100 different output file formats and quality is guarantee
  • Allows you to rip selected chapters or whole DVD, ISO Image, etc.

Fortunately, MacX might allow you to rip any DVD on Macbook Pro to Apple specific MOV, HEVC and MP4 which is compact and playable on iPod, iPhone and Apple TV. Copy feature might provide you handy DVD backup solution with the intact audio or video quality in few minutes.

The software might produce a single MPEG2 file so you might store it on your external hard drive Mac, USB, or NAS. It is having fantastic features of cloning DVD to ISO image, backing up DVD to MKV, and original data structure.

So, through our investigation we found that the MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the best paid Mac dvd ripper in the market now.  If you are looking for free alternative, do continue read the following section.

Free Ripper Alternative – Handbrake for Mac

As we know, Handbrake is the open source and free video transcoder program and it might allow you to convert video files into any format. It was developed by Eric titer Petit and maintained by active community.

Handbrake makes easier to rip videos from the dvd to data storage device. This kind of the program is using third party libraries like libvpx, FFmpeg, and x265.

According to the studies says that it is the multi-platform program which allow videos to play on any device. It makes copies of video files by converting into the suitable codecs and appropriate formats. There are lots of reasons to choose this tool such as,

  • Open source and free
  • Covert video from many formats with good quality output
  • It support multi-platform (Mac, Windows and Linux)
  • Supports wide selection of the input and output file formats

There are some limitations on Handbrake software such as unable to rip the copy-protected discs and the ripping process is a bit slow compare to the paid alternatives.


If you are willing to rip DVD on Mac then you must pick the perfect tool and software. Some of the tools is really useful to make mobile friendly and web compatible versions of your DVD videos. Just download and install DVD ripping software on your Mac and try to start digitizing your DVD collection.

If you are following some tips then you can easily rip on DVD as per your wish. Read the expert reviews to choose the best application and how to use it perfectly.

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