How to remove Windows 10 startup password

The Windows 10 startup password on computers can be very useful to ensure the securit, however, there are times when it can be uncomfortable and you may prefer to remove it. So, here's how to do that!

The Windows 10 startup password on computers can be very useful to ensure the security of your computer and keep all your data safe. However, there are times when it can be uncomfortable and you may prefer to remove it. In this article, we’ll help you remove/reset Windows 10 startup password, and get started with your desktop/laptop.

In this article, we will explain step by step how to remove the Windows 10 startup password, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this action and all the possibilities we have to protect our computer. First of all, if you’ve forgotten your Windows account password and you can’t log in, don’t worry, all is not lost.

To reset your password, the first thing you should do is enter ‘Login options‘ and click on ‘I have forgotten my password‘. In that tab, after verifying that you are a real person, all the options you have to recover your password will appear.

The most common is that they send a security code to your secondary address of the Microsoft account and enter it to generate a new password; Although you can also use other alternatives, such as doing it through a login application.

How to remove Windows 10 startup password

If you have already given yourself more than a scare and prefer to remove the Windows startup password to avoid problems, these are the steps you will have to perform.

If at any given time you prefer to put it back, you can do it without a problem. To do this, you just have to run the same command like the one described above and check the box ‘Users must enter their name and password to use the computer’.

  1. Click on the search box or on the magnifying glass and type the code “netplwiz” (always without the quotes “, then click on the ‘Run as administrator‘.Windows Startup netplwiz Window
  2. When the following panel appears, you must uncheck the box ‘Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.’ and click on ‘Apply‘.netplwiz reset windows password
  3. In this way, the changes will be saved and you will no longer have to enter any type of password each time you log in.
  4. To ensure that you have permission to remove this security measure, Windows will ask you to enter the key you want to remove twice. Once confirmed, you will have already removed your Windows 10 startup password.How to remove your login password from Windows 10

Pros and cons of removing your Windows password

If you have decided to remove your password, it is because you have plenty of reasons, such as that there are several close people who use the computer, that you do not have relevant information on it and you prefer to have a faster boot or simply that your memory accustoms you to playing tricks.

However, you should also bear in mind that by eliminating this option, your computer is very unprotected. Anyone can use it and, depending on the permissions and applications you have open, your email can also be accessed. It should be said that, if you want to avoid that, you also have the option of generating a 4-digit PIN like the one for your mobile.

The security benefits of Windows 10

For Microsoft, user security has been a top priority in the development of the latest operating systems and in the manufacture of new computers.

In the latest version of your operating system (Windows 10), we find a large number of tools that allow you to improve and almost protect the security of your computer. An example of this is the Windows Defender antivirus, great real-time protection against all kinds of threats, such as viruses and malware in any application you have installed.

Another of the innovations of Windows 10 in terms of security is parental control, with which you can control any device with Windows 10 and Xbox to prevent your children from misusing these machines. This option allows you to limit access to websites, control the activity time on devices and applications, or choose the games that can be viewed or purchased.

Lastly, Windows has also included a firewall that will prevent hackers and malicious software from gaining access to your device over the internet.

The best antivirus for total protection

If you want to remove your password, but you are still concerned about the security of your computer and you would like to be warned against possible computer attacks or viruses, you always have the option of acquiring the license of a good antivirus such as McAfee or Norton, which also offer you the possibility to protect your data with passwords.

More productive and connected thanks to Office

Windows 10 also allows you to work with a powerful pack of tools to optimize both personal and work tasks. We are talking about the Office suite, of which the classic Word, Excel, or PowerPoint office programs are best known, but in which there are also tools that will help you work in a connected and collaborative way no matter where you are:

  • Teams, a platform for work and communication between company teams, with the possibility of creating chats, groups, file exchange, etc.
  • Skype, the quintessential software to communicate through calls, video calls, and chat.
  • The OneDrive cloud hosting service.
  • One Note, a very useful program to take notes and collect information.

So, that’s how one can easily reset the login Windows password, and easily get started with your computer. We hope that our readers would find it helpful. If you have any questions or queries, you can drop your comments below.

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