How to Take Screenshots on Chromebook

Google Chromebook is a new era laptop that is owned and powered by Google. Nowadays, the whole definition of laptops is changing. In this tech gen, we witness and observe a lot of innovation all over the world. Google Chromebook is designed to work faster and easier, and it is running on Chrome OS. It is running on cloud storage with inbuilt support of Google and covered with multi-layer of security. It is almost the same as other OS but faster than others. Today we are know how to take screenshots in Google Chromebook.

Capture a screenshot on Google Chromebook is a bit different from the Windows and Mac OS. You can do it by a simple process and with the help of combinations of keys on the keyboard. You don’t have to install any third-party app as the Chromebook has an inbuilt feature to take all types of screenshots, whether full screen or partial snaps.

#1 Screenshots By Keyboard on Chromebook

In Google Chromebook, you can take screenshots with the help of keyboard shortcuts. To take the full-screen screenshot, press the ctrl+ show windows key combination simultaneously.

The show windows key is similar to the F5 button on a standard keyboard and looks like a rectangular icon with two horizontal lines on the Topline of the Chromebook keyboard. The combination works similarly to the Print SCR button. It will capture an instant screenshot of the current window.

Screenshots By Keyboard on Chromebook

The screenshot image is saved on the system. To fetch the file, you have to open the Files app and then click on the downloads folder. In this section, you will find the file screenshot. Also, you can paste the screenshot on any photo editing app, Attach to mail, or any other media app which supports images.

To do this task, take a screenshot and then click on copy to clipboard and then paste it wherever you want. Moreover, if you’re going to save it on the Google Drive cloud storage, drag and drop or move the file to Google drive.

#2 Window Screenshots on Chromebook

To take a screenshot of the window, press alt+ctrl and Show windows key together. After that, select the window you want to take a screenshot of and then press Enter, or you may use the mouse to capture the screen.

#3 Partial ScreenShot

Window Screenshots on Chromebook

Suppose you want to take any specific area screenshot, press Shift+ ctrl, and the show windows key combination. The screen of your Chromebook will dim automatically, and you can select your desired area to take a screenshot. It is the same as the snipping tool feature in windows 10. Using this feature, you don’t have to crop the picture for use. It will select the area chosen by you and save the file in the download folder.

#4 Take a Screenshot in Tablet Mode

You can use the Chromebook in tablet mode by folding the Chromebook 360 degrees. To take a screenshot on tablet mode, you have to press the Power button and one of the Volume rockers, similar to taking screenshots on the smartphone. However, it only takes the whole window screenshot. There is no option to take a partial screenshot in this mode.

#5 Take Screenshot Using Stylus

Google Chromebook also has stylus features, just like the Samsung Note series. You can take screenshots using the stylus in both full-screen and partial screenshots. For this, you have to press the button on the stylus to open the menu.

The menu will appear in the right-hand corner, then select the Capture Screen to take a full-screen screenshot. However, if you want to take a partial screenshot, press the stylus button and then tab on Capture Region, then drag to the screen, select the area, and then release the stylus. It will automatically capture the screenshot.

#6 Take Screenshot Via Chrome Extention

In general, Google Chrome is famous for its variety of extensions that may help us use maximum features. You can also add a screenshot extension on your Chromebook to capture the screen like the Nimbus extension. This extension has a feature to take all types of screenshots under one roof. Also, you can record the screen by using the Nimbus extension.

#7 Take Screenshot Using External Keyboard.

Like all laptops, you can also use an external keyboard on Google Chromebook. By pressing ctrl+F5, it will capture the full screen. And for the window screenshot, you have to press ctrl+alt+F5 for an instant screenshot. For a partial screenshot, press ctrl+Shift+F5. It will again give you to select the desired area to capture as a screenshot.

Bottom Line

So, here all the methods to take screenshots in Google Chromebook. While most of the user is comfortable to inbuilt option provide by Chromebook. We hope you like the information about the screenshot in Chromebook. However, if you have any questions regarding any issue in Chromebook, let us know in the comment box we will provide a fix for that also. For more technical information, please visit Techshali regularly.

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