Methods to Repair Inaccessible or Corrupted MOV Video Files

MOV is one of the most popular video formats which are currently being used worldwide to access files of different types, such as audio, video, and text for subtitles. Developed by Apple Inc., MOV files offer several amazing features which make it easy for users to play them on both Mac and Windows devices. To play MOV files on Windows, you need to install QuickTime player on your device. Even you can try running MOV files in other alternatives, such as VLC media player. 

But sometimes, you may encounter that these MOV video files get corrupted or became inaccessible on your device. In such cases, you need to apply proper methods to repair MOV files. Here, in this article, we will discuss various MOV repair methods along with tips by which you can prevent your MOV files from getting corrupted in the future. 

Common Reasons for Corrupted MOV Files

Before you learn methods to repair a video file of MOV or any other format, try to find the exact reason why these files turn corrupt. There are many reasons for such corruption issues. Some of them are:

  • Sudden System Shutdown: When your system abruptly or improperly shutdown it damages the structures of MOV files which makes them corrupted or inaccessible. 
  • Incompatible Video Player: There are certain video players which are incompatible with MOV files. If you try playing your videos in such a media player, you may get error messages.
  • File Transfer Interruptions: Any problem while transferring MOV files from one device to another or sudden power failure can corrupt them.
  • Bad Sectors on a Drive: If you try playing MOV files saved on a storage device with bad sectors or a physically damaged storage medium, it corrupts or damages your video files. 
  • Virus or Malware attacks: Malicious software such as viruses or ransomware are also the main cause of the corruption of your MOV or any other video files.

Quick MOV Repair Fixes To Repair Corrupt MOV Files

Like any other video file format, you can apply proper MOV file repair methods to repair video files that are corrupted or broken. Let’s discuss each of these methods in detail:

Method 01: Use VLC Player to Repair Corrupt MOV Video Files

Windows in-built VLC media player is the easiest way to repair a video file that is inaccessible or corrupted. There are several ways by which a VLC player can help you to repair your damaged video files, transcoding being the most common one. You can transcode the corrupted MOV/MP4 video file to repair them using the following steps:

  • Launch VLC Media Player and Click Media from the menu bar.
  • Now, click the Add button to upload the MOV file that you need to repair and click “Convert/ Save”.

  • From the Settings window, select the preferred codecs from the drop-down list and tap “Create”.
  • Select the location where you want to save your file and click “Start”.
  • Then, navigate to “Preference” and select the “Always Fix” option next to the “damaged or incomplete AVI file” section, then click the “Save” button.

  • Once you are done with the above steps, close the VLC app and then try playing your corrupt .MOV file on VLC. 

Method 02: Increase Cache Value in VLC Player

Sometimes, increasing the cache value of your corrupted MOV file may help you to repair them. To repair MOV files by increasing their cache value in the VLC player, you need to apply the following steps:

  • Open VLC Player, go to Tools and click Preferences.
  • Now, select Show Settings and then tap the All button.

  • After that, select Input/Codec and click the Advanced button from the right navigation pane. 

  • Change the values next to File caching (ms) from 300 to 1000 or above.

  • At last, click the Save button and restart the VLC player ad check if your video plays normally.

Method 03: Use Video Repair Tool to Repair Corrupt MOV Files

If you fail to repair MOV files using the above methods, you should try using a video repair software to repair them. Stellar Repair for Video tool can instantly repair your videos corrupted or damaged due to any reason. Some amazing features that make this tool best for your MOV video file repair are:

  • The software has user-friendly interface which allows both tech-savvy and beginners to repair videos in a few simple clicks.
  • Support repairing several video formats, such as MOV, MP4, MKV, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, etc.
  • It can repair corrupted video files saved on any storage device, including internal and external hard drives, SSDs, SD cards, USBs, etc.
  • Allow you to preview the repaired files before saving them on your device.

Follow the below-given steps to know how to repair inaccessible or corrupted MOV video files using the Stellar Repair for Video tool:

  • Download and launch the Stellar Repair for Video software on your system. Click Add File button and upload the corrupted video file that you need to repair.

  • Click the Repair button to start the MOV repair process. 

  • After successfully completing the repair process, preview the repaired MOV video file and save them at a safe location.

Wrapping Up:

MOV video files can be corrupted due to many reasons, but don’t worry as there are various MOV repair methods available that you can apply to make them playable again. If you ever encountered such issues while playing MOV video files on your device, try the aforementioned steps to repair them. If the manual methods fail to fix your corrupted video, try using the Stellar Repair for Video tool. This all-in-one software can repair your corrupted, broken, and damaged videos in 3 simple clicks. Must give this software a try!

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