JPT MOPA Laser SURE Reliability Project Passed the Acceptance

JPT has maintained its positioning as “laser light source +,” conducted extensive research on fundamental laser light source technology, focused on resolving issues with crucial laser materials and components, and demonstrated a dedication to laser technology and products by working closely with businesses that serve as benchmarks.

This company’s self-made MOPA pulsed fiber laser helps close the technology gap in this market by making it the first company in China to reach mass production and sales. Currently, JPT MOPA laser sales are the highest in the world, breaking the dominance of foreign manufacturers and claiming the top spot for MOPA pulsed fiber lasers throughout the globe.

“MOPA Laser SURE Reliability Evaluation Cooperation Project”

“After accumulating scientific knowledge and growing its company for more than 10 years, JPT has developed a sizable market share and a well-known brand. However, as the market’s demands for laser technology become more varied, we can’t stop and must continue to upgrade the facilities and machinery of the production line, increase R&D spending to hasten technology updates, and continuously raise product reliability levels to ensure that we are meeting the market’s demands.”

Liu Jian, the founder and general manager of JPT, said in Shenzhen in September 2021. He remarked this when the Weimin Reliability System Engineering Research Institute established, as one of the governing bodies. He swiftly agreed to the “MOPA Laser SURE Reliability Evaluation Cooperation Project” with Weimin Research Institute in December of that year.

His objective was to use the reliability theory to assess the SURE dependability of typical MOPA laser goods employing the expert team under the direction of Professor Kang Rui. The technical approach is being researched and used to ensure that JPT goods are of the highest quality and technology. Other laser product lines also use it.

Shenzhen JPT Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., accepted the project on August 9, and Wang Ze, Executive Vice President Xu Xun, Technical Directors Li Ruobiao, Wang Haowei, and Zhang Dong traveled to the firm to receive the news. Seven people from JPT were there, including the technical leaders of the pertinent divisions and Liu Jian, the company’s founder and general manager.

Wang Ze, the project’s leader, provided 6 reports regarding how the project came out after describing the project’s study.

Weimin Research Institute has released a reliability system engineering capacity development consultancy report in addition to the deliverables specified in the contract. This report was based on the company’s dependability work’s present condition and its existing issues, provides guidelines and advice about the company, including the capacity to construct capabilities in use scenario analysis, structural design analysis, performance margin determination, influencing factor quantification, simulation test analysis, customer return data mining, and reliability engineering.

The company then looked over the project acceptance documents and the research content from the finished project. The “MOPA Laser SURE Reliability Evaluation Cooperation Project” was approved by the company after much thought and discussion. They also agreed that the project was done well and that the many study results were correct. At the same time, the technical leaders of the organization’s relevant product lines talked about what went well and what was hard about this project. They also talked with the experts about things like data processing and simulation modeling of dependability.

Professor Kang Rui’s team was recognized by Liu Jian, who founded JPT and is now its general manager, for their reliable help. Next, JPT will cooperate with the research institute in depth, continue to carry out reliability technology demonstration application projects, cultivate reliability talent teams, and jointly establish reliability industry standards.

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