HivePress — A Free WordPress Plugin To Create Directory And Listing Websites

HivePress is a free WordPress directory plugin, perfect for beginners who want to create a local small business directory. It enables you to build any kind of website directory and listing. HivePress is a highly customisable, extensible, and easy-to-use plugin that enables you to build any type of website directory and listing. Whether it is a business directory, job board, real estate, classified ads, or any major function of a promotional website.

The post type is pre-defined as “list” and fortunately, the term “list” is generic enough to accommodate various types of catalogue segments, so there is no need to change it. The included themes look great, and can even monetise your catalogue through paid listings. The core of HivePress handles the main basic functions, such as list data management, and list search and filtering. 

HivePress will be a great free directory plugin for WordPress users that can challenge the current giants and achieve a foothold in this market. 

Features of Hivepress 

  1. Contains free themes that are fully compatible with HivePress and its extensions.  
  2. 7 free extensions are installed directly from the dashboard with one click.  
  3. Favourites allow users to maintain a list of favourite notifications.  
  4. Messages feature allow users to send private messages.  
  5. Location search and view ads by location.  
  6. Comments allow users to rate and comment on ads.  
  7. Authentication activates Facebook or google login.  
  8. Paid advertising guides users to add and display ads.  

What are the uses of Hivepress?  

  1. It is a simple and flexible plug-in that provides many options.  
  2. Can be used to create multiple types of unique directories and list sites.  
  3. HivePress is a great resource for creating real estate listings, job boards, corporate directories, and other types of promotional websites.  
  4. It manages its post types, categories, and fields. Post types and categories are pre-defined in the plugin. List categories work in the same way as traditional post categories.  
  5. It allows you to add images to the interface to represent different categories. Information management attributes for a specific list.  
  6. The ability to edit the user interface, placeholders, and field types is some standard settings for each attribute. You can effectively manage each attribute.  
  7. Attributes can be used as sorting choices, deciding how search options should be displayed, and determining whether specific attributes should be used as search choices. 


  • 1. This is a completely free WordPress directory plugin
  • 2. It’s a plugin, not a theme (some people like to separate the plugin feature from the theme layout) 
  • 3. It’s pretty easy to set up and use the content search feature with a location search.  
  • 4. Free active developer and community support are provided through the HivePress website forum. 


  • 1. Although HivePress is free, the best extensions are paid.  
  • 2. There is no multi-site option package.  
  • 3. There is no powerful catalogue with many built-in functions.  

Why Hivepress is Different?  

Although you don’t need to be a developer to use ListingHive effectively, it comes with REST API endpoints for connecting to third-party applications, API Hooks for defining custom logic, and CSS or HTML methods for full customization. 

Most importantly, it’s easy to make money with your new ListingHive directory website. You can sell ad space and integrate your site with Google AdSense, charge users for submitting ads through paid ad extensions, and allow ad owners to list their ads in your directory for a fee. Best of all, ListingHive and all of its extensions are completely free. 

How does Hivepress Support you?  

  1. Developers generally provide free support on the HivePress community forum.  
  2. Provide custom code snippets whenever possible and often answer questions quickly. 

In recent years, the demand for on-demand services has increased and will continue to grow. Anyone can take this opportunity to create their service marketplace. If you want to make things easier, you don’t have to build your website from scratch.

The resources provided by HivePress can get your service website up and running right out of the box.  HivePress is a powerful tool that is easy to implement and use.

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