What are Crypto Hunters? (Cryptocurrency Hunters)

Crypto hunters are people or businesses that search for lost or stolen cryptocurrencies. They can even help you recover your lost password and private key. Do you want to know what are Crypto hunters or Cryptocurrency Hunters? We have this detailed guide to know who are Cryptocurrency Hunters, how they work and can help you get your lost or stolen Cryptocurrencies back.

Recovering your lost and stolen cryptocurrencies with Crypto Hunters

Crypto hunters work for both cryptocurrency investors and government agencies in search of cryptocurrencies that have been misdirected, inaccessible, or inaccessible.

These are individuals or a group of them (it may be a whole company) who are experts in recovering and cracking digital wallets. For that, they use very powerful computers to crack private keys.

And if that doesn’t work, they have some mental tricks like hypnosis to extract the necessary information from the people who own the wallet. Of course, all these activities are done on people who want to recover their cryptos, it is not illegal at all.

The services they offer online are aimed at looking for basic details, such as the last private key you remember and other possible individual details you might have used to create your private key (birth dates, pet names, etc.).

Thus, crypto hunters use software created by them to try to create hundreds or thousands of possible combinations and thus break the security of the wallets.

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Different types of crypto hunters

An example of these hunters includes companies that use techniques quite similar to hackers who steal bitcoins. They generate millions of passwords that they try in a wallet until they find the right one. This works both when recovering a password and when there is a corrupt wallet.

Other services they offer are to search and access passwords found in text files. In this case, it charges a basic traffic fee, usually has a fairly high success rate and takes a few days.

But so far we have talked about people who are computer literate and knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies, but there is also a less conventional group that can be very helpful.

We are talking about crypto hypnotists, who use mind tricks to recover passwords that are hidden in people’s unconscious. They use hypnosis as a method to discover what they may have used to generate it.

If you have forgotten your password to enter the wallet, they can search for certain information that will help you recover it.

Another of their many services is to search for traces left by thieves and fraudsters when they have taken your cryptocurrencies. In this case, they need to work with the country’s authorities in order to recover the funds. Here, what they are looking for is to block those wallets so that they cannot spend the coins.

Unfortunately, these types of services have limitations, as thieves have become very clever at this task and use services that erase their fingerprints so that the funds are not tracked. Unless they use an exchange to extract fiat money, sometimes there is not much to do.

How much does it cost to hire a crypto hunter?

Depending on the service they provide is the fee charged. Although it is usually a percentage of the total coins that are recovered, even up to 20% of the funds. In any case, prices vary and depend on the percentage of success they have.

They can even charge for work done since a service like this can take months, which greatly increases its cost.

In the case of hypnotists, the fees are usually fixed regardless of success, plus some percentage of the total funds recovered. They may also charge per session or per hour of service.


The most common scenario when someone loses their cryptocurrencies is forgetting to access your wallet. In order for us to access our funds, we need our unique private key, which is a long string of alphanumeric characters (What are private keys?).

Because cryptocurrencies run on a decentralized blockchain, there is no way for anyone to claim our stolen or lost funds. There is no support page or anything to turn to.

It is up to the individual to take the necessary steps to keep their funds safe and also access them. Many people forget their private passwords and that is a problem, making the funds inaccessible.

Another risk that exists for cryptocurrency holders is thieves, hackers, and scammers who are always looking for new ingenious ways to get their hands on cryptocurrencies.

At least there are services to fall back on as a last resort. However, as a word of advice, don’t count on them as a sure thing and relax when it comes to taking precautionary measures. Their success rate is not that high and we should only think about using them when we no longer have an alternative.

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