Casino Bonuses: How-to Guide to Make the Most of Them

Nowadays, casino bonuses are more of a necessity than a choice for gamblers to use. Why? The answer is quite apparent, considering the number of free resources you get for free when utilizing bonuses. 

So today, we want to present you with the most common bonuses you can face during your online casino playing and teach you how to take advantage of them to get even bigger wins!

Welcome Bonuses 

A common promotion presented at any good online casino NZ is the welcome bonus. With its help, new players can get a solid headstart in their playing by earning additional funds and free spins. 

Casino developers usually don’t set major requirements for welcome bonuses: all you need is to make at least a $10 deposit. But before, make sure to read the terms of the bonus, so you don’t miss it.  Also, you should know that the more funds you deposit, the bigger bonus you will get.

No Deposit Bonuses

Some of the players’ favorite bonus types are no-deposit ones. And the reason for that comes from the promotion name, thus, they require no funds to be activated.

This promo is useful for all kinds of casino games NZ since you have the chance not only to try them out in demo but also win some bonus money almost instantly! 

Usually, this bonus type serves as a promotional tool for new slot types, in which case they are given to regular casino players without any requirements, or as a way to attract new players, in which case gamblers need to sign up at a casino and verify their account.

As a reward for utilizing a no-deposit bonus, you will often get a couple of free spins for a specific slot type. You should not expect to get profit from these bonuses, as they have heavy wagering requirements; better consider them as a way to discover new games.

Referral Bonuses 

If you are already playing at a certain casino, and some of your friends want to join, that might be an opportunity for you to get some free stuff. You only need to find out whether your casino has a referral program. If it does, you must obtain a unique link on the bonus page, which must be sent to your friends. Then, they need to open the link and sign up at the casino using it.

At this point, you might already be given some rewards like free spins, but referral bonuses might function differently. For example, you might be granted an additional deposit percentage of your friend’s transactions. Also, remember that referral links can often be used multiple times; if you attract more friends, you will get more rewards.

Look Out For These Bonuses When Choosing an Online Casino

Loyalty Program  

Online casinos value loyal players. And as a sign of that, they grant them loyalty bonuses. Even though each casino does it slightly differently, there are essentials they all have in common.

Thus, to move through the loyalty program, players must just play casino and make deposits. Sometimes, casino developers make it a little more interactive, introducing quests, like “make ten spins” or “win five bets.” 

The further you will go through the loyalty program, the more bonuses and unique offers you get. They start with ordinary free spins, and finish with cashback, expanded deposit/withdrawal limits, and even a chance to win gifts in real life like Apple devices.

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