Benefits of Using Starwind vSAN

Who are Starwind and what are they known for?

StarWind is a pioneer in hyper-convergence and storage virtualization, offering customizable SDS and turnkey solutions (software and hardware) to optimize baseline storage capacity utilization, provide fault tolerance, ensure IT infrastructure resiliency, and improve customer ROI. StarWind has over 150 employees and serves over 400,000 customers worldwide.

StarWind has been named a 2021 Magic Quadrant™ Niche Player for HCI Software for the fourth consecutive year – 278 verified reviews with an average score of 4.8 and 96% of recommendations confirm this.

StarWind vSAN is ranked 2nd in the Best Software Defined Storage (SDS) tools and 5th in the HCI Software rankings. PeerSpot users give StarWind Virtual SAN an average rating of 9.6 out of 10.

StarWind Virtual SAN is most often compared to VMware vSAN as it is popular in the large enterprise segment – accounting for 60% of users exploring this solution on PeerSpot. StarWind VSN customers include Baker Tilly BVI, CMS Internet, Board Harpeth Hall School, and many others.

The leading industry researchers for this solution are professionals from a computer software company, accounting for 24% of all views.

What is StarWind Virtual SAN?

For small and medium businesses (SMB), enterprise remote offices and branch offices (ROBO), cloud, and hosting providers who want to reduce virtualization costs, we recommend StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN).

It is software that eliminates any need for shared physical storage by “mirroring” internal hard drives and flash memory between hypervisor servers. With its unique features, StarWind VSAN can be deployed or integrated into any existing IT infrastructure. The product is compatible with Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere/ESXi, Linux KVM, or Xen.

With a single solution, you get a reliable, fault-tolerant storage pool, consistent application uptime, and infinite scalability with just two nodes (*no witness is required). You buy less hardware, therefore, spend less money, including on maintenance. Existing hardware is used with maximum efficiency, so money is not wasted.

Key features:

  • Enables high availability;
  • Eliminates any downtime even if 1 or more nodes fail;
  • Links the cluster into a single storage pool;
  • Overcomes HCL and has no restrictions on sockets or functions;
  • Offers flexible scalability, up and down;
  • Easy management via the web console or thick client.

StarWind Virtual SAN is for those who already have servers or are tied to a specific list of vendors to purchase. In case you need to create a new virtualization infrastructure from scratch, StarWind offers a much better way – StarWind HyperConverged Appliance. It is a turnkey solution with hardware and software based on StarWind Virtual SAN.

StarWind Virtual SAN Free may interest those who need to create and maintain a virtualization infrastructure at virtually no cost.

What are the benefits of using Starwind vSAN?

With a StarWind Virtual SAN from the only provider of all-flash hyper-converged systems, you achieve 99.9999% uptime and full fault tolerance using your existing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware.

StarWind Virtual SAN is also available as an OEM for your own solution. This enables faster time to market, better customer lifetime value, and competitive advantage. A dedicated OEM team will help you develop a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Let’s take a closer look at the main benefits of StarWind vSAN.

Maximum return on investment (ROI)

StarWind VSAN was designed with small businesses and limited IT budgets in mind. It pulls almost 100% IOPS from your existing raw storage – no insanely expensive hardware required.

Licensing is flexible and transparent, without any pitfalls or paid features. We can safely say that this is a corporate-level product with a price for small and medium-sized businesses.

Unrivaled performance in a minimalist environment

StarWind Virtual SAN provides high uptime and fault tolerance starting from two nodes. You don’t need a witness if you don’t want one.

Your IT environment won’t miss a step, even if you lose an entire node plus one single storage device, hard drive, or solid-state drive. Scale up, down, or down when and how you need it.

Economy and superior performance go hand in hand here.

Unique and enhanced user experience

StarWind allows you to manage HCI clusters through a single StarWind web interface. Our engineers can help you migrate your existing workload to StarWind at no additional cost.

By choosing ProActive Premium support, you have the ability to “look after” your infrastructure 24/7, all year round – you do whatever you want, and our engineers will identify and fix any problems and let you know.

That’s why StarWind VSAN is a carefree user experience.

All the benefits come from a thoughtful feature set of the solution, fully available with every license. The company’s developers are constantly working to improve StarWind VSAN to meet your growing needs. You can check its evolution in the release notes.

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