What Are Axie Infinity Scholarships? {Best free Alternatives}

How can I get a scholarship in Axie Infinity?

So far, the only viable alternative to play this title without investing a lot of money is to get one of the Axie Infinity scholarships. We know that being selected is not an easy task, that the process can be complex and that you have any doubts about it, so we will explain how Axie Infinity scholarships work. It may not be as difficult as it first appears if you understand it, for example, just as it is easy to use custom essays writing rather than writing them all day long and wasting a lot of energy and time.

The scholarship programme for Axie Infinity has become one of the most talked-about and sought after topics of the year, as it allows interested users to start playing and earning cryptocurrencies, without investing their own money in the purchase of Axies. This excessive demand is due to the fact that in recent months the price of these creatures has risen to such an extent that at least $2100 USD is required to purchase the initial equipment. Additionally, the high demand caused by the popularity of the video game has made it much more difficult to qualify for a scholarship and this dynamic has led to a number of irregularities.

Now, we will show you how to play Axie Infinity without investing money through the use of scholarships, reviewing essential aspects such as: what this dynamic consists of, how the distribution of rewards works, average monthly earnings and tips that will help you in the process of getting a scholarship in Axie Infinity.

Axie infinity: Basic tutorial to learn how to fight and win SLP

Axie Infinity: What is it and how does it work?

Designed by Vietnamese startup Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity combines elements present in other titles such as CryptoKitties and Pokémon; in that it is possible to collect game characters in the form of non-fungible tokens, battle them for rewards and strategise based on their special abilities. This video game, developed on the Ethereum blockchain, follows the guidelines of the play-to-earn genre, which allows users to earn digital assets by successfully performing certain actions within the platform.

The game is based on creatures called Axies, which are ERC-721 NFTs with unique characteristics that can be bred, trained, reproduced, sold and rented to earn various sources of income within the video game ecosystem. Additionally, users can purchase tokenised plots with a size of 64 blocks in Lunacia; in which they can farm items, mine resources, harvest or raise their Axies teams and earn more rewards. In other words, it is possible to perform activities similar to those found in titles such as Pet Society or FarmVille; but with the possibility of obtaining cryptocurrencies.

As for its native tokens, in Axie Infinity we can find the AXS (Axie Infinity Shard) and the SLP (Small Love Potion); both being standard ERC-20 tokens that we can easily exchange as cryptocurrencies. AXS is mostly used to purchase or trade items within the platform, while SLP can be obtained by winning fights against other players, hatching eggs, farming or selling Axies.

Axie Infinity Grants: What are they?

To start playing Axie Infinity, each player must have a team of three Axies, the creatures in charge of facing the challenges within the platform. However, acquisition can be difficult for many players, requiring a total investment of approximately 0.61 ETH for a team with average skills, which currently amounts to about $700 USD each, or a total of $2100.

As the initial investment to acquire the first Axies team grew, the developers enabled an alternative that allowed owners to rent or lease their creatures to other players for them to use to battle and earn cryptocurrencies, creating the first Axie Infinity grants. The scholarships gave low-income gamers the chance to start their adventure on the platform, fostering the growth of the community and attracting more potential players to the title.

However, becoming a scholarship holder is not just a matter of applying, it is necessary to comply with a series of conditions, for example, it is not possible to host two Axie Infinity accounts on the same computer, as it is considered a fraudulent action, the portal has the authority to block the scholarship holder’s account, the owner’s Axies and keep the reward that was pending to be collected. This means that by violating the rules of the game and the scholarship programme, the scholarship holder will be immediately banned without the possibility to claim or receive the reward earned.

Upon agreeing to become an intern, the gamer must agree to a set of terms and conditions with the owner of the Axies in order to establish the basis of their working relationship. Typically, the parties should discuss the number of days per week the gamer will work to establish an average SLP earned per month, the percentage of total reward each party will get, and any other issues of interest they feel are necessary for a healthy interaction.

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How scholarships work in Axie Infinity

How scholarships work in Axie Infinity

The way the scholarships work is simple and we can understand how it works from the outset, which makes the process considerably easier for the scholarship recipient. To begin with, the owner of the Axies will assign a team of three creatures to another game account they own; which will be loaned to the scholarship holder so they can access the game and earn SLP through arena mode and adventure mode.

However, all the rewards earned by the scholarship holder will be automatically stored in the account provided by the owner, and the owner will be responsible for distributing the earnings obtained by the scholarship holder according to the percentage previously established. Generally, the account holder sends the corresponding part to the grantee’s Ronin digital wallet address, although some people choose other payment mechanisms according to their preferences.

On the other hand, a new way of earning money with Axie Infinity has emerged in recent months, revolving around scholarships, as many players have started to purchase Axies to offer these possibilities to other users. In this way, owners went from generating income through adventure mode and arena mode to offering scholarships; assigning them to interested parties and earning passive income through the rewards earned by the scholarship holder.

Thus, the account holder is in charge of hatching eggs and raising them to build up their team, while the scholarship holders use the creatures to earn SLP. Therefore, as long as the scholarship is active, the owner will receive a percentage of the daily reward earned, while at the end they will get their Axies back and can give them to another player who is interested in playing Axie Infinity.

Reward distribution: How scholarships work on Axie Infinity

In August this year, the Axie Infinity platform announced that it would be cutting the amount of tokens players could generate per day, in order to balance out earnings and encourage a more balanced market. Thus, a maximum of 50 SLP was set for fights performed in Adventure Mode and Arena Mode, while it is possible to earn another 25 SLP in the daily challenges provided by the platform.

However, the game offers other activities such as competitions and cups with which scholarship holders can obtain further rewards, which are determined according to the performance of each player. In this way, we could establish that a novice player could average around 75 SLP per day, which would amount to 2250 SLP per month. Currently, the exchange rate of the Small Love Potion is set at $0.16 USD, so monthly the scholarship holder would be generating $360 USD which will be divided according to the percentage established by the parties.

In the end, the amount of real money that is possible to earn with Axie Infinity will be determined by several factors such as: the percentage of distribution agreed with the owner, the price of the token on the exchanges at the time of making the changes, and the amount of cups that the player owns and that will provide greater opportunities to earn more SLP.

Activities: What to do once you have a scholarship?

Players have multiple options available to them to make the most of their scholarships, thus increasing their chances of earning more rewards. Upon receiving a team of three Axies, the scholarship holder can immediately start playing in the different game modes available on the platform, which are:

Adventure Mode. Players will have to go through several levels battling against the enemies that appear, so it is considered the main story of the game. With each level passed, they will earn SLP and the Axies will gain experience, which will allow them to level up and become stronger to face greater challenges.

Arena Mode. Gamers will engage in combat against other players; the victor will be the winner of the SLP distributed. All Axies will be level 1, so the winner will be dictated by the management of energy points, creature characteristics and abilities they possess.

On the other hand, players who own between 3 and 9 creatures will have twenty attempts to play in both Adventure Mode and Arena Mode, according to the number of energy points the Axies have. Once these points are depleted, they can continue to battle against other opponents, but they will not gain SLP or experience until the gauge regenerates.

Getting a scholarship in Axie Infinity: Tips for getting selected

The growing popularity of the video game and the possibility of acquiring scholarships has led to an inordinate demand for scholarship applications.

Many of the scholarship lists are overflowing with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world who want to start earning tokens by doing battle. We know that the process can be arduous and complicated, so here are a few tips to help you through the selection process and once you are a formal grantee:

When applying for scholarships, make sure to fill out forms from reputable sites or owners. In other words, if the account holder chooses not to honour the reward sharing agreement, the grantee will have no means or place to complain. Transparency and trust will therefore be fundamental pillars of your working relationship with the Axies owner.

Getting a scholarship in Axie Infinity: Tips for getting selected

Before accepting a grant, they need to discuss the terms of the agreement with the owner, as they need to assess whether the percentage of the reward distribution is really lucrative for them.

It is necessary to have accounts in digital wallets such as Ronin and MetaMask, the official wallets used by Axie Infinity.

As with any blockchain transaction, you need to follow all the protocols to ensure its security. For example, log in to the gaming platform using the correct link, access the wallets from trusted devices and do not share login information with anyone.

The only data to share from your Ronin wallet is the address to which the rewards will be transferred. At no time will the owner of the Axies, or anyone else for that matter, ask you for your password or seed words, as using this information they can dispose of your funds.

The high demand has caused the owners to receive an unimaginable amount of emails, messages and mentions from users who wish to be selected as grantees. Although at first glance it may seem that sending a lot of messages may translate as interest, the reality is that for a manager it will be annoying. To prevent this from happening, but still remain present in the recruiter’s mind, it is more accurate to send a resume that states why they are the best choice.

Most applicants tend to send impersonal and generic messages to apply for scholarships, to make a better impression, address the message to the person who will read it, in a way that shows your genuine side and your desire to succeed in the game.

Axie Infinity has a large community of users on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Discord, which are perfect scenarios to start interacting with owners, recruiters or interns.

One of the main causes of rejection is the lack of knowledge, it is completely reasonable not to have experience playing, but at the very least they should know how the game mechanics work. Usually, owners prefer to give scholarships to players who have a solid understanding of the game ecosystem, such as skill management, the best team formations, how to use the cards, and so on.

Any opportunity to become a scholarship holder is excellent, so it is advisable to express your desire to be part of the Axie Infinity community to everyone involved, as there is a chance that tomorrow one of your acquaintances will want to provide a scholarship and you could be the one chosen.

It is necessary to choose the right digital wallet to store your earned rewards, although there are many, the main thing is to choose one that is secure and compatible with ERC-20 tokens. Currently, the most used by Axie Infinity scholars and owners are: Ronin, MetaMask, Triste Wallet and Coinomi, all of which offer excellent benefits to their users.

Contributing in a beneficial way to the community can greatly increase their chances of being selected as a grantee, as they will demonstrate interest through their contributions. To do this, they can use their special talents or skills to make a difference, as every effort will be well received. If they have web development skills, they can create a tool to help players; if they have writing skills, they can provide guides or blog posts; while graphic designers can provide logos or flyers of various kinds.

Depending on their knowledge of the video game and previous experience with titles such as Pokémon or Final Fantasy, they may be able to collect all the SLPs given per day within 2 hours. As they become more familiar with the environment and battle system, the time can be reduced to between an hour and an hour and a half.

Due to the platform’s regulations, it is only possible to host one Axie Infinity account on one mobile device, otherwise, you may receive a permanent account ban. It is, therefore, best to forget about dual apps and focus on cross-platform play.

Axie Infinity scholarships are perfect alternatives for players who do not yet have the necessary start-up capital to be able to purchase their first Axies equipment; as well as for those who are looking for how to play Axie Infinity without investing money. With this option, scholarship holders will have the opportunity to start earning cryptocurrencies immediately, as once they have access to their Axies gaming account, they will be able to start fighting to win SLP.

However, getting a scholarship in Axie Infinity is not an easy task; since the high demand for them has saturated all the waiting lists. In fact, in the last few months, scholarship draws have become popular; they seek to benefit random users without taking into consideration how long they have been waiting. However, most private owners conduct rigorous selection processes to choose players based on their skills, in order to select those who will provide the most benefits and are the most professional. For these reasons, it is imperative that you apply the tips provided in the previous section if you wish to be selected for an Axie Infinity scholarship.

You know how scholarships work at Axie Infinity, now you just need to be selected as a scholarship recipient to start earning SLP’s. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and make the most of it!

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