Top 6 Chrome Extensions to Help You Do More in 2020

Isn’t Google Chrome the most fabulous browser that we know of? It is fast and has a great user interface. Moreover, Chrome has some excellent features, but that’s only a start. The real strength of Chrome can be found in its extensive add-on extensions that accentuate the functionalities and the abilities of the browser.

However, there are so many extensions that it is hard to pick one that would make a massive difference to your everyday browsing experience. So, to help you with it, we have come up with 6 of the best Chrome extensions that you can use in 2020 to improve your browsing experience. 

First – LastPass

Jia, who works with a platform where you can pay for writing papers, says that for her, it is impossible to remember her password. So, an extension like LastPass is a big rescue. LastPass is a chrome extension that stores all your passwords in one place. So, whenever you click on the website or account you want to access, it will log you in automatically.

With LastPass, you can create a strong password for every site that you use, and then store it in an encrypted vault. It will also fill in the login or the web forms for you. With LastPass, all you have to do is remember a master password, and LastPass will remember the rest for you. Unlike most other password managers, with LastPass, you don’t have to save all the usernames and passwords in one go. So, as you access your account, you can feed in the passwords. This Chrome extension is just the best. 

Second – Evernote Web Clipper 

Anaida, who offers online statistics homework help, says that she loves reading, and that’s why her favorite Chrome extension is the Evernote web clipper. With this, you can clip or bookmark articles and save web pages, any important news, or blogs to read it later. So, every time you feel that you might get distracted by an interesting article while working, don’t read it right away and save it for your free time.

Now, whenever you have to save something, simply click on the elephant icon, and your article or blog will be saved. With this extension, you can either save the entire article, or a simplified version of it without any formatting or pictures. If you’ll have internet access later, you can even bookmark it. 

Third – Save to Pocket

If Evernote is not your thing, you should try Pocket. It not only has some features of Evernote, but it also suggests some additional content for you to browse. So, when you use a pocket, you can save links, web pages, files, and more in a central list.

The best thing about the Pocket extension is that it will sync all your results across every device that you own. Every time you save something in the Pocket, it will automatically suggest you some more content that could be interesting for you. For the users based in the US, the Pocket new Tab extension will allow them to see all the trending topics. There are plenty of online IT courses that one can learn and improve our skills.

Fourth – Fox Clocks

With Fox Clock, you can get a 100% customizable world clock in the status bar of your browser. It is one extension, that’s a true example of a brilliant idea that is executed brilliantly. With this extension, you can check the time in different countries towards the bottom of the browser.

So, no more keeping track of time to communicate with your friend residing in the other corner of the world. Mark, who offers online assignment help Australia, says that he uses the Fox Clock to keep a track of her girlfriend’s time who lives in India. 

Fifth – The Great Suspender

It is a fantastic Chrome extension that helps you free up the RAM space and accentuate the performance of your browser. You might already know the notorious nature of Chrome when it comes to memory hogging. Further, if you have a bunch of tags open, it can make even the most well-equipped system lag.

However, if you have The Great Suspender installed, you’ll never face such a problem. It will suspend all the tabs that are not used by you. If you want, you can whitelist some URLs or domains that you never want to suspend.

Sixth – AdBlock Plus

Last in our list is the AdBlock Plus. Pretty evident from the name, it does exactly what it signifies. With this Chrome extension, you can block the ads or cookie tracking to improve speed and ensure the privacy of your data. The AdBlock Plus is certainly the most effective and the best ad-blocker for the browser.

Kiara, who offers the best data science certification online, says that the installation of AdBlock Plus is easy, and it offers a bunch of remarkable benefits. On the extension, you can see a running count of everything that it has blocked for you. Another useful feature of it is its extreme versatility. 

So, these, according to us, are the top 6 must-have chrome extension in 2020. Must share your favorite one with us filling the below comment section. We are happier to hear from you and bring more useful content.

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