Seven things to keep in mind before buying a used iPhone 11

Buying a second-hand product or an item is always a risk. The person needs to be very specific and evaluated in terms of the quality, features, functioning, and condition of the used items before repurchasing. Especially in case of buying a used iPhone 11, where the cost involved is quite hefty.

There is no harm in purchasing a second-hand iPhone if examined properly and chosen after a rigorous evaluation. Second-hand iPhone should be bought only after getting assurance of a certified platform. It protects the buyer from the clutch of fraud and saves the potential amount of money from getting wasted.

On the contrary, buying a second-hand iPhone 11 is not a wrong choice if the source is known to the buyer, for example, relatives, family members, friends, or someone in the acquaintance circle. Because not everyone is well versed with all technical aspects of the iPhone 11, there could probably be some defect, malfunctioning, or technical issues inside, concealed behind the outer structure.   

Seven things to keep in mind before buying a used iPhone 11

It is advised to consider certain factors and critical points before finalizing buying a used iPhone 11. Let’s explore and understand these seven factors that are exclusively necessary to enter into any contract or purchase of an old iPhone 11. 

1. Consider Your Carrier

iPhones need carriers for better communication and smooth functioning, such as Wireless Communications Service, WCS, band. Moreover, every iPhone can use different carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. So, beware of the Carrier that is chosen along with the used iPhone 11. Sometimes, an excellent second-hand iPhone at a very reasonable price but unable to arrange the right Carrier is no literal gain to the buyer in the real sense.   

2. Ensure that the Seller is Legitimate

Another factor that you need to check is open to the city of the iPhone 11. Check its IMEI (unique identification number) at GSMA; if it tells whether the phone is stolen or registered as lost, do not buy that. The seller may be offering an unauthentic, no reliable, or illegal iPhone 11. So, if you have lost your iPhone, do register at GSMA and get it blocked; similarly, check before buying a secondhand one.

3. Confirm that the iPhone can be activated with the available Carrier

Before buying a used iPhone 11, confirm its IMEI number. It helps to verify whether the so purchased iPhone will match with the Carrier’s version available like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Moreover, it also aids in activating your iPhone 11 with the existing IMEI number. 

4. Do Some Quality Control

The interior of the used iPhone 11 cannot be seen, but some tangible aspects can be checked and compared before buying it. The physical items may include smoothed and clean buttons and a sensitive touch screen. It should have a functional headphone jack and speakers with good quality of sound. 

5. Inspect It for Water Damage

Every iPhone has a Unique Identification Number, unique to every iPhone issued until now and available on Apple’s website. It’s effortless to search for the IMEI number. The steps are pretty straight-forward  like listed below- 

  • Click on the Settings icon on the phone; then, it will navigate the operator to the General option. Then finally click on About. In that section itself; scroll down till the point you reach out to an option named IMEI. There is the IMEI number saved in the iPhone 11.
  • Once that point is reached, the complete directions to check out any liquid intrusion into the device are mentioned. There is a liquid detector present at every Apple product end. When any liquid enters the machine, it indicates or shows some signs. 
  • Afterward, the repair work is done in that liquid indicator reduces its efficiency of locating. In this way, the New buyer can figure out how many times the phone underwent recovery from any liquid damage. 

6. Test the Battery

One of the significant aspects of buying a pre-owned iPhone 11 is checking its battery. In general, the iPhone battery exhausts at first. So look for the longevity of the battery and charging capacity of the iPhone. As all the functions are working parallelly, the phone needs a frequent charging schedule. On average, one iPhone with a 4G network takes almost eight hours to get dead. However, the duration may vary from iPhone to iPhone depending upon its model, utilization per day, or battery life.  

7. Check the Warranty

iPhones are covered under one year’s warranty period, so pay attention to this aspect of a warranty before buying a used iPhone 11. All that is needed to be done is check out its IMEI or the serial number. IMEI number helps to figure out every detail about the iPhone since the day it is manufactured, how many times serviced, which parts are changed, what damages are being made, and whether the phone is still in the authentic person’s hands or is an unauthorized possession. 

If a person sells a product within years of warranty, that is a Win-Win situation for a buyer. Because anybody would want to buy the latest model at a cheaper price if the phone is in good condition and with all internal parts functional as a new one. A less used iPhone can be used for an extended period if sold within a year. 


iPhones pay back in terms of money if one is the first and purchaser of them. However, when buying a pre-owned iPhone, consider the above-stated factors such as the battery’s life, the outer structure and condition, liquidity check, and warranty period. The amount makes a hole in the pocket when it goes out, so do physically evaluate and examine before making the final deal of repurchasing a pre-owned iPhone. Do pay attention to the IMEI number; it is considered the Treasure box to figure out everything about the used iPhone 11 and make a wise and calculative choice.

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