How to set a password in TeamViewer for meetings?

Read this step by step guide to find out how to set a TeamViewer password for your meetings. You can also activate protection settings in TeamViewer as well.

In addition to sharing information, you can be absolutely sure that only the people you want will access the room thanks to the option of creating a password and saving it in any web browser.

Today you will learn how to set a fixed password for each of the meetings you want to create. In addition to privacy, this will bring you the benefit of personalising the meeting, which will create a more pleasant atmosphere between each of the participants, where trust becomes essential. This way, everything will gradually flow as desired.  Also, there are tools that allow users to record live meetings. That can help us find details more thoughtfully.

How does the protection of settings from your computer work in TeamViewer?

TeamViewer’s privacy policies are quite extensive, there are more than 50 settings policies available on this platform. In terms of setting protection, these are based on the choice of the right users to establish a real connection with each client and options to protect the connection of each device. 

In setting protection you have the option of Access control, which is ideal for the type of incoming or outgoing connection in the software. From here you can define the type of level that each of the participants will have. Even from this panel, you can have full access to the client. However authentication is the most secure protection of this network, always make sure that each password contains the recommended level of complexity to ensure 100% reliable security. 

The Random Password After Each system is able to determine a random password after the start of each session. This is to prevent intruders at meetings, as anyone who knows the initial password can enter the room at any time. Don’t forget to keep TeamViewer constantly updated to ensure the protection of your computer settings. 

Create a password to access meeting settings

To create a fixed password you need to access the top panel of the TeamViewer menu. Click on the extras option, a sub-menu will immediately pop up, where you should select the options section. A new window will immediately open on the screen. In that window, you will see a list of options in the left pane, click on security.

On the right-hand side, you will see several categories, click on the line that says random password > password security. In the box that appears on the side, click on the disabled option. This is to prevent random passwords from appearing again in our meetings.  

Now to proceed to set a password you must select the advanced option. You will see a text and below it, a button that says show advanced options, click there. More options will be displayed, scroll down until you reach the personal password block. Just below that section, you will see two blank boxes where you should type in your password and then confirm it in the next box. 

Remember that the password you set must be at least 8 characters long. Once you have finished the process, click on accept, this way your new password is already configured within the platform. 

TeamViewer meeting settings

Limit access to the settings at your convenience.

In each of the meetings, set a role according to the type and level of user. Depending on this, you can become an organiser or a presenter. And thus have at your disposal the settings to control each of the professional audio and video settings, as well as screen sharing.

All these settings will always depend on your requirements, and the needs and objectives you want to meet in the room with each of the participants. 

Complete and unchangeable customisation for your meetings

Teamviewer ensures that only users with administrative rights can change the configuration settings. Of course, if this is not determined within the meeting, any of the participants can make changes. This can in some way or another affect the progress of each of the clients in the room, 

These, believe it or not, are the settings that have the biggest impact on TeamViewer. The status of each user depends on these settings. Activating the right settings will allow you to customise your experience within the platform. In addition, the workflow will be much more extensive and each of these settings will be based on the needs of each client. You will also be able to receive a notification in case of detecting commercial use of the account.

How to activate protection settings in TeamViewer?

With the activation of the protection of the setting, you can protect your TeamViewer account. You will also have two-factor authentication at your fingertips, which provides you with an additional security code to control user and computer access. 

You need to log in to your TeamViewer account, then in the panel at the top of the screen, select the edit profile option. Proceed to click on the activate link right on the tab that says general. Similarly, select the two-factor authentication option and follow each of the steps shown on the screen. To have these settings saved, click on the save option right in the dialogue box that appears in your profile settings to proceed with the activation. 

This will in one way or another guarantee not only the personalisation of your meeting but also the security of each of the users. This way you will have a much more orderly and fruitful room for each of your meetings. 

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